GIVE! It's a Telomerase Thing!

When our children were young, they learned to give. 

They learned the great art of their favorite word (I may be exaggerating)…… sacrifice. 

If one of them was put on a “time out” for arguing or upsetting the home, the other children had the opportunity to “take” some of the “time out” time by sitting next to the one on the “time out” bench. The perhaps once-at-odds-child was now sacrificing their own time for the other....

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9 Tips To Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

Did you know….

Many people who are overweight have an underactive thyroid.  

This means that the metabolism is s-l-o-w, and foods cannot be processed quickly enough into energy so it simply stores it away – yup you guessed it – into fat cells.  

Treating the underactive thyroid can be as easy as eliminating fluoride from your drinking water, adding iodine (NOT TABLE SALT) to the diet, or eating seaweed!  

Did I just say that?  YES!  Kelp is great...

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Neurotransmitters: What's Your Internal Influence?

Let's Talk About Imbalances Within the Body For A Moment

Hormonal Imbalance?  

In today's world we have people who's appetites need suppressing, sleep initiated, weight loss induced, energy gained, or contraceptive organs ignited. People continue to use hormones (other than their own) as the answer to these imbalances of the body.  

But, is there a better way?


We were each born with a unique biochemistry.  

This biochemistry brings us great harmony in our lives when...

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Ultra-low frequency (ULF) 0-3 Hz 

(Canned/Processed Foods 0hz = No Life)

Extremely low frequency (ELF) — 3 Hz – 3 kHz  

(Earth 8Hz, Human Voice 85-255 Hz, Piano Music, Essential Oils 52-320 Hz, Most Healthy Foods)

Very low frequency (VLF) — 3 kHz – 30 kHz 

(Submarine Communication)

Low frequency (LF) — 30 kHz – 300 kHz 

Medium frequency (MF) — 300 kHz – 3 MHz

High frequency (HF) — 3MHz – 30 MHz 


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We just finished taping the most exciting detox class I have ever personally done.  The energy was great, we had loads of new information, and who doesn’t get excited when you are surrounded by the best people EVER! AHHH!

Afterwards I was sharing with our son Eric, experiences we had while videotaping at the Rock Canyon Studios with Gaynor Brunson.  Gaynor is a hoot, the studio is AWESOME, and the class went perfect.  For some reason the point of...

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Diet Soda? Read This...

This past week, I had the opportunity to meet with the heads of dietary departments for hospitals in one of our great states.  

I was invited to speak about toxins that are used within the hospital environment without thought, simply because those in power to make decisions don’t know what they don’t yet know. Yet.

An amazing woman, who also happens to work in a hospital, asked me to present scientific facts about the dangers lurking within the walls of an establishment where...

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Enjoy Summer Deet and Suntan Lotion Free!

Our skin is AMAZING!

It acts like a raincoat so we don’t melt in rain, thanks to keratin, the outer layer. This layer protects our blood vessels, nerves, tissues, organs and glands. Big job!

Our skin wards of dis-ease from unwanted fungus, germs and bacterias. Plus, it is the ultimate temperature regulator by creating sweat to cool us down when we start to overheat.

This outer layer creates vitamin D, which is needed by 10% of our gene pool.

Our skin is like an incredible switchboard!...

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5 Steps For A Healthier Heart!


My consultations for A-fib (Atrial fibrillation) and irregular heart rhythms are at an all time high.

With the rising prescription medication use, alcohol consumption, aspartame and food toxins being used in our food supply, (without regulation), and thyroid disorders, a heart doctor will never have a dull moment.

Unless you read this first!

My very favorite mineral, magnesium, is used by every organ in the body.  

Our heart, muscles, kidneys and colon are...

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11 Ways Laughter Can Improve Your Health!

We have heard that laughter is the best medicine.  

And scientifically that’s true!  

Laughter literally eases anxiety, relieves stress, relaxes your heart muscles, decreases pain, boosts immunity, lowers stress, and can even help you live longer!

I recently met with someone and talked about anger and depression. Exciting, I know.  But it really was a great meeting!  

Anger and depression are common, too common, and it’s past time we talked openly about a...

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It is so great to see plants popping out of the ground again.  I LOVE SPRING!  We get to see all new life bloom around us. Roger and I are already planting seeds in the ground this week for an early veggie harvest.

That ol’ the seasons of life metaphor hit me again this morning.

You see, spring is associated with planting; new birth; a new beginning.  

Everything we say, think, or do right now can be thought of as a seed and it will grow into...

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