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Breast & Thyroid Health: Keeping them Healthy, Happy, and Cancer Free!

breast iodine lymphatic system thermal imaging thyroid

Learn lifesaving dis-ease prevention tips in the class by Karen, regarding your amazing (and greatly needed) thyroid, and to maintain terrific breast health! For a healthy happy thyroid and breasts, we will cover: FLUORIDE• HALOGENS • EMF’S • IODINE CONSUMPTION • THERMAL THERAPY • LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE • ESSENTIAL OILS • LYMPH NODES (KEEP THOSE!) • EMOTIONS • AND FOODS THAT HELP! Enjoy a fast-paced scientific approach to regaining your thyroid and breast health!



00:02:14 Breast Cancer Causes and Staging

Outlines main reasons breast cancer develops including gene mutations, sugar consumption, acidic environment, EMF exposure, lack of oxygen. Notes cancer staging and how fear drives decisions.

00:22:25 Lymphatic System and Waste Removal

Explains lymph system divisions in the body for removing waste. Movement and massage help lymph fluid flow. Tight clothing can restrict flow causing lumps.

00:26:06 Iodine Deficiency and Halogens

100% of those with breast cancer are iodine deficient. Iodine is key for thyroid function and T4 production. Fluorine, chlorine and bromine compete with iodine absorption.

00:28:03 Thermal Imaging and Alternative Testing

Thermal imaging can detect breast cancer years earlier than mammograms which increase cancer risk. Root canal connections are visible.

00:30:13 Essential Oils and Natural Protocols

Research shows essential oils break up cancer cells. Describes carrier oils, top anti-cancer picks like frankincense, and capsule T medication successes.

00:32:24 Great Breast Health Tips

Dry skin brushing, sugar avoidance, selenium, vitamin D, CoQ10, thermotherapy mats. Emotions like grief or guilt drive disease.

00:37:25 Thyroid Function and Iodine

Thyroid produces T4 converted to T3 for metabolism. Iodine and tyrosine amino acid needed to manufacture T4. Low thyroid function mirrors unhealthy lifestyle.

Action Items

  • 00:13:57 Get pH balancing ebook and implement alkaline diet
  • 00:31:02 Use essential oils with carrier oil on breasts monthly
  • 00:25:08 Eliminate underwire bras constricting lymph flow
  • 00:28:42 Have thermal imaging test done instead of mammogram
  • 00:52:45 Research emotional causes like mother wounds
  • 00:26:33 Take nascent iodine and selenium for breast and thyroid health
  • 00:23:43 Dry skin brush and stretch daily to move lymph fluid







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