Tips and Tricks to Emotional Pet Care With Ana Maria

Emotional Pet Care: 
How your emotions are reflected by your pets and your pets in you!

You’ve been there, it’s happened to you.  

You walk in the door from a hard day and your pet crawls up on your lap.   They snuggle and start to purr and you didn’t say a thing. Perhaps you just wept.

The next day you come in with smiles and excitement, and your pet is circling under your feet so fast you almost trip!

How do they know?  When do they know?

Did you...

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You Were Born To Stand Out, Discover How our Daughter did Just That!

There is an awesome quote we raised our kids with and it recently came to mind as my youngest sat struggling with a homework assignment.

“Why do you try so hard to fit in if you were born to stand out?”

See, all my children have been taught to stand up for themselves and to not be afraid to stand out.

To be different.

To not go with the flow simply because it’s easier.

Amy would take an entire cucumber or red pepper to school and munch on it in science class. At first, she...

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Is Your Non-GMO Food Holding A Little Known GMO Secret?

Recently we had an EMPOWERED Thursday call on breakfast.  During this hour, we covered a ton of useful information on what to eat and when to feel and look your best. But one side trip created a stir of excitement in those listening. And in me!

Did you know that non-GMO foods are NOT ALL non-GMO!?!

In researching, I discovered, simply because I was curious, that many of labeled non-GMO foods are, in fact, not fully that at all.

Just how is it that a label such as non-GMO can be so...

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Sleep! Energy! Muffins and New BABY!

Today we had a new BABY at the Superlife Ranch! Our miniature horse Envy just gave birth to a beautiful filly! Our family spent the day with the new mother and daughter, and marveled at the cycle of life.

Envy is in much less pain, thanks to the number one natural pain killer – ARNICA!! This homeopathy is GREAT for all life forms! We use it in our home, and I am sure many of you do too. Well, today, so did Envy!

Can't Sleep Because your BLADDER is AWAKE? Tap it to sleep! NO KIDDING!

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Steps to Forgiving

Story:In my twenties I had four small children and needed to help with the family finances.  I started a cleaning business “Special Touch.”   Our slogan was “We brighten your home, we brighten your day, and we always leave a fresh bouquet!” Needless to say, we did VERY well!  Who wouldn’t want a fresh bouquet and a spit spot home? 

At the height of business, we were cleaning new homes, remodeled homes, damaged homes,...

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HERBS! Spicy Medicine!

OK -

A quick blog on some of my FAV herbs and how I use them! ENJOY spicing up your LIFE!

ALLSPICE:Allspice is a spice that is commonly used in Caribbean recipes, and is an anti-inflammatory, and anti-gas.  It helps conditions such as rheumatism, fatigue, arthritis, and stiffness with its analgesic and muscle relaxant properties. Allspice can also be used in cereals such as oatmeal as well as a variety of Jamaican and Caribbean meals.


BASIL:Basil is an herbal carminative...

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5 Minute Videos 4U

Quick Glance at This Email’s Focus!:

  • Facebook LIVE next week answers YOUR kitchen questions!

  • Watch all 5 minute FB Videos anytime - anyday!

  • Yearly Family Update!  Many of you have watched the Superfood family for 9.5 years!

So……….can I come to YOUR Kitchen Next Week?!  

Next week I will be in the kitchen making YUMMY recipes and answering YOUR kitchen questions on Facebook LIVE!! 

Need a quick tip?  Respond to this email with what your...

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Give Yourself a DARK Journal....They WORK

Happy Wednesday! 

Realized once again…. I was not Superwoman, but human.

We all get to the breaking point.

Some people live in this state, with daily emotions running wild inside.
Others feel it building up, but never...

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  • 3 Things 4U!

  • New! Jam-Packed Mineral Series

  • Eliminating Charlie Horses FOREVER

  • FREE Audio Download! 


Tepoe again, comin’ atcha live from my laptop!  I’m fairly active on Social Media, including a couple of Holistic Living Groups and our growing business page: International Institute of Holistic Health and Education I2H2E (come find us!) and I’ve noticed influxes of posts on certain topics.  One of these...

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Organ Renewal Gave Her A BABY! - RECIPE: Raw CACAO Sauce!

  • A Miracle 7 Yr Old!

  • YUM Chocolate Sauce Recipes

  • Hiring a Techie

  • Housing for Retreat and Convention!

Today is one really special day for a young 7 year old girl.

It’s her birthday.

A celebration the doctors said would never come.

A baby the doctors said could never be created.

A day we learned Organ Renewal Not Organ Removal can work.

Please read what my sweet friend shares about today….

Enjoy a fabulous week!
Respond if you need us for anything!



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