We certify Holistic Health Coaches & Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors,

and provide transformational health education.

We certify Holistic Health Coaches & Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors, and provide transformational health education.

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Community is at the Heart of Holistic Health Educators

Whether you are a graduated student, or just checking out our programs, you are invited into our community with open arms!

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with the most up-to-date information on current health topics.

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We offer FREE COMMUNITY WEBINARS and we'd love to have you join us! See what we are all about and join in an entertaining and educating webinar. Whether we are recording a LIVE podcast or hosting an expert holistic practitioner, you'll enjoy the depth of our holistic information and the welcoming community feel!

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Complete with a beautiful chart, your free eBook explains how to incorporate alkaline and acidic foods for a healthy lifestyle. 

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Our students can tell you:


The HHC certification is a well rounded course. Everybody should do and know about this! The trio of Karen, Amy, and Jennilyn will make you feel welcome with their warmth, knowledge and humor. Dare to surprise yourself in making one simple change at a time for a better you. 



I am so proud to be a part of such an empowering program and team. Karen, Amy and Jenny's passion is so heart felt. They have a wealth of knowledge and take the time needed to answer questions and give support. The curriculum is easy to follow and build knowledge on. I Love that it's all online also, that makes it convenient to study anywhere I go. 



The 10 step program is a well crafted map that can lead you to vibrant health and ultimately inner freedom. This school leaves no stone unturned. Their approach is clear and packed with “life giving” information. You will learn about Hydration and Clean Water, Movement, Nutrition, Digestive Health, Brain Health, Breathing, Sound Sleep, EMF’s, Emotional Health and Detoxing. Since practicing the 10 steps my health and energy have improved greatly.


I loved loved loved it all! The instructors were amazing, (especially Amy’s little head toss😉). The course is so doable and amazing!!!! I really like being able to explain it all in both simple and yet complicated terms! I’m truly grateful for a foundation to start my knowledge sharing on! 


This is an AMAZING course. Karen, Jenny and Amy have done an awesome job sharing the information they have been blessed to learn. Through their years of experience they have come up with a simple step by step guide to a healthier lifestyle. I could not be more happy! Thanks so much for giving your time and energy to help others learn. "


I am thrilled to have found your HHC program! The information I am getting about how bodies function is invaluable and empowering. The love that you have for the human body and the joy with which you teach care for it is infectious! I’m catching the bug and taking care of my own body is becoming something I do from love, rather than the chore it often has been in the past. Because of this, I am discovering a new level of intimacy with my body that is making behavior changes easier. Health truly is an inside job. 

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