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Fertility: Where Is The Goddess Of Fertility Now?

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Introducing the Fertility Discussion

The hosts Karen and Amy introduce themselves and their backgrounds in holistic health and women's wellness. They outline the key topics to be covered related to fertility and conception issues.

00:08:58 Overview of the Menstrual Cycle

Amy provides an overview of the different hormones involved in the 28-day menstrual cycle. This includes estrogen, luteinizing hormone, progesterone and their roles in maturing and releasing the egg, preparing the uterus lining, and shedding if no fertilization occurs.

00:24:23 Lifestyle Factors Affecting Fertility

Karen discusses various lifestyle choices that can negatively impact fertility based on research, including genetically modified foods, pesticides, chemicals, dairy, alcohol, coffee, vaginal products, celiac disease and more. Sun exposure and vitamin D are highlighted as important.

00:27:55 Natural Remedies to Improve Fertility

To boost fertility, remedies suggested include raspberry leaf tea, maca root, evening primrose oil, zinc and other supplements. Proper detoxification prior to conception, beneficial vaginal bacteria balance, and EMF protection are also covered.

00:43:19 Emotional Factors and Hope for Conception

The role of emotional health and stress are discussed regarding fertility struggles. Stories of couples able to conceive after years of trying are shared to provide hope and encouragement.






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