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Tour of Karen's At-Home "Medicine Cabinet": Essential Oils, Herbs, Homeopathy, & More

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Introduction and Medicine Cabinet Tour

Karen introduces the goal of showing her medicine cabinets and kitchen to display the variety of natural remedies she has accumulated and uses for herself, family and clients. They tour several cabinets organized by remedy type like supplements and herbs, essential oils, homeopathics. She pulls out various products as examples but notes she doesn't use all of them regularly herself.

00:05:13 Importance of Lifestyle First

Amy emphasizes utilizing lifestyle factors like movement, sleep, sunlight and fasting before supplements to produce helpful chemicals naturally. She explains how the body has innate self-healing abilities, including making its own antibiotics. Karen agrees and shows some mobility devices for lymphatic flow when exercise is limited.

00:08:36 Essential Oils Overview

Karen shows her essential oil collection, noting oils have extensive medical uses, unlike the common perception of just nice scents. She pulls out cinnamon bark oil as an example benefitting diabetes. Amy covers safety tips like using toothpicks for dilution and testing individual reactions.

00:40:36 Superfoods Cabinet Tour

They tour Karen's organized superfoods cabinet holding various powders and dried herbs. Amy lists beneficial staples like chia, maca, pumpkin seed protein and spirulina while advising starting simple. Karen shows her medicinal mushroom blend and emphasizes plants like holy basil for hormonal balance.

00:47:54 Refrigerator Remedies

Karen displays the refrigerator holding oft-used items like olive leaf tincture to take at first signs of illness. She highlights products from Dr. Christopher and an herbalist for lung health, sharing an anecdote of herbs calming a relative's pneumonia cough when pharmaceuticals failed.

00:56:17 Takeaways on Variety and Testing

Noting the extensive variety of remedies shown, Amy clarifies the goal is providing options not expecting people to use everything. Karen explains having choices to muscle test for individual reactions, with appropriate doses sometimes differing from labels. She keeps alternatives available when companies change.

Action Items

  • 00:34:06 Download app for homeopathy guidebook
  • 00:38:07 Make list of 10 items to have in natural medicine and first aid cabinets
  • 00:12:08 Research 5 companies with testing data on essential oil purity
  • 00:43:20 Try eliminating 1 less-optimal food and adding 1 beneficial superfood each week
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