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Tepoe again, comin’ atcha live from my laptop!  I’m fairly active on Social Media, including a couple of Holistic Living Groups and our growing business page: International Institute of Holistic Health and Education I2H2E (come find us!) and I’ve noticed influxes of posts on certain topics.  One of these...

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Organ Renewal Gave Her A BABY! - RECIPE: Raw CACAO Sauce!

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Today is one really special day for a young 7 year old girl.

It’s her birthday.

A celebration the doctors said would never come.

A baby the doctors said could never be created.

A day we learned Organ Renewal Not Organ Removal can work.

Please read what my sweet friend shares about today….

Enjoy a fabulous week!
Respond if you need us for anything!



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Sprouting 101 + Karen's French Vanilla Rawnola

Hi Everyone! Karmen here :) You may have seen my video on sprouting on the Karen's Holistic Health Facebook page, however, I wanted to get some sprouting tips down in writing for those of you that prefer the written word over audio! I'll also share the recipe for the rawnola I was sprouting ingredients for during that video.


Sprouting is the process in which seeds germinate and put out shoots. Now you might be saying, "Karmen, why in the world would I want to do this to my food?...

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Raw Protein Rich Seed Cookies!

I took a favorite raw cookie recipe from our cafe and tweaked it to have no grain, this is it!

My son-in-law Dax and our sweet Julia (newlyweds) stopped by just after I made these YUMMY raw cookies!  Dax, a wonderful chef, exclaimed, “I love these cookies!”  As they had no name…..I just named them after him! Love you Dax! (we do have the most amazing children-in-laws ever....)

ENJOY These Protein Rich Gluten & Grain Free Cookies!

Dax Loves These Seed...

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PIZZA PIZZA RECIPES! Cauliflower Crust, Beetza Sauce, and Tomato Pizza Sauce!

Who doesn't LOVE fresh homemade pizza?  The following recipes are gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and DELICIOUS! ENJOY! (your tastebuds sure will!)

For MANY more pizza recipes we used in our cafes (ZuZu's Cafe), to try our delicious sprouted wheat pizza crust recipe, or our famous ZuZu's gluten free crust recipes, order your copy of Karen's (ZuZu) Cookbook: Living in Rawality: A Recipe book for the living and the dead! (living and dead food that...

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