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Our Top Six Protocols

acid reflux bone health common cold headache headaches heart health indigestion irregular heart beats muscle cramping muscle pain



Introducing the Discussion and Participants

Karen introduces herself and the concept of their medicine cabinet used to assist people on their property. She previews they will share top six protocols people commonly need help with. Amy agrees it's a useful discussion.

00:02:14 Headache Causes and Solutions

Karen outlines the top headache triggers as dairy, MSG and dehydration. She emphasizes MSG hidden in foods under names like natural flavors. Key solutions include oregano oil, olive leaf and staying mineralized. Amy elaborates on the anatomy and inflammation factors behind headaches.

00:13:38 Improving Bone Health

Karen discusses weakened bones from excess acid, dairy and inadequate minerals. She recommends bone formulas, collagen, vitamin D, horsetail, and examining thyroid function. Amy covers the role of cortisol, adrenaline and stress in depleting minerals from bones

00:23:59 Avoiding and Recovering From Colds

Karen emphasizes getting sufficient minerals to avoid getting sick. Key solutions include oregano oil, olive leaf and vitamin C. Amy explains the immune response and differentiates between innate and adaptive systems. Karen adds D3 can help shorten colds.

00:33:51 Irregular Heartbeats & Muscle Cramping

For conditions like arrhythmias, Karen suggests CoQ10 to support energy production, magnesium to relax heart muscle, hawthorn berry to strengthen tissue, apple cider vinegar, and exercise. Amy relates it to muscle cramps from low minerals and nerve signaling issues.

00:41:35 Relieving Indigestion

For indigestion, Karen recommends HCL acid, DGL licorice, enzymes like papaya and ginger. Amy covers causes like food sensitivities, microbiome issues and leaky gut. Solutions include slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, aloe vera and enzymes.

00:52:16 Easing Muscle Pain

Karen stresses releasing muscle trigger points, stretching fascia through yoga, and taking minerals. She demonstrates a foot massage tool for self-treatment. Amy suggests myofascial and cranial sacral therapies to relieve issues like sciatica by opening nerve communication pathways.






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