AO Body Scanner - Mind Blowing Biometric Technology In The Palm Of Your Hand 🤯

Are you ready for some blow your mind health assessment technology that fits in the palm of your hand?

This breakthrough in health care is changing lives every day worldwide, and now it can change your life in just minutes every day!

NOT KIDDING!  I’ve seen it over and over and over!


Discover what amino acids you may be missing, what vitamins or minerals you may be low in, and what hormones or neurotransmitters may be off in SECONDS.

Scan and...

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OXALATES: Do we REALLY need to stop eating spinach?


By Karen Urbanek, HHP, Course-Creator, Author


If you've heard of oxalate-sensitivity, you've probably heard that spinach, kale, & oxalate-containing foods are the enemy! 

Does that mean they should be eliminated from a healthy diet??

My goodness no -- at least not for long! While certain articles and "experts" may tell you they should be avoided for good if you have an oxalate sensitivity, there are some points they may not be sharing about the main cause of...

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Let's talk HISTAMINE: Mental fatigue, "allergy" or digestive cramping? Could be related to THIS organic compound

By Karen Urbanek, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner  


Probably 40% of my clients deal with what they consider "food allergies." 

But what research and my experience suggest... is that for several of them, their condition may actually be a histamine intolerance! 

Could your allergies be a histamine intolerance?

Could your health issues be triggered by a build-up of histamines?

Could the planet be saved by quercetin and DAO?

Yes, yes, and maybe ... it may...

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The Carb Debate: What to tell your friends when they ask about CARBS

By Amy Sprouse


Your friend on the left is trying the Keto Diet.

Your friend on the right says they might become a Fruitarian.

You’ve seen dozens of online articles and research explaining how reducing carb intake leads to weight loss. 

Yet many populations throughout the world base their diet on rice and noodles and have a very healthy BMI.

So what’s the bottom line with carbs?

In the midst of today’s food environment, where so many low-quality carbs...

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Hello! This is Karen’s daughter Amy, and I’m passionate about exercise and the physical care side of treating our bodies. Eating right is important, but some parts of the body simply REQUIRE particular movement and attention to function properly.  

Growing up, physical movement for me looked like lightsaber battles on the grass, playing horse with my little sisters, or pick-up football, frisbee, and kickball games on patch of...

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GET IN THE SUN! It does a body GREAT!

Excerpts from the Sun Chapter in my new book! COMING SOON!

by Karen Urbanek

I was counseling a woman who had come in for help with her 15-year-old daughter. Her daughter had terrible bowels and could not eat anything without getting sick. She had no energy, had been pulled from school, and sat inside on the computer and TV. She had once been active on sports teams and had many friends, but now, she was miserable.

She had been labeled by the doctors with the typical diagnoses of...

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H. Pylori: Tips to Eliminate One Pesky Bacteria!


H. Pylori - How to Eliminate the Great Infector!

It seems that dis-ease comes in waves, and as of late – H. pylori infections are mounting. Thus, this article!  Whether it came into your body through undercooked chicken, raw eggs, using someone else’s cups or utensils, kissing that special someone, eating from someone else’s plate, the counter top, or simply from food or drink you consumed that was contaminated, the spread of this infection and the...

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FUNNY: Can't-Miss Golden Milk Video backed by Mic-Drop Research


“Let food be thy medicine….”


Is there a better example of food providing medicinal benefits than Karen’s “Golden Milk” recipe made of fresh almond butter, fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and honey?!  

Superfoods get their name from the fact that their chemical components have a medicinal effect on the body.

Hear Karen rave about the ingredients in golden milk in the video above. (You’ll get...

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What's behind the Coronavirus: Facts & Recommendations

You’ve probably heard both ends of the spectrum by now…

One friend says, "The coronavirus is super over-hyped, everyone is over-reacting, and the normal flu kills thousands more people a year than this does. People need to calm down!"

Meanwhile your other friend is stock-piling supplies at home like the apocalypse is around the corner, and shares every statistician’s online post that says this virus will infect half of the global population.

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COVID19 Viral Prep Kit and Boosting ANY Immune System!


 The Viral Prep Kit 

We Believe Homeopathy is the #1 Defense, and Provides the Best Education for Your Immune System in a Bacterial or Viral Outbreak

          Homeopathic formulas have been safely used globally for over 200 years in treating and preventing all types of disease and illness, including serious viral and bacterial issues.  Our Viral Prep Kit, along with hundreds of other homeopathic remedies, are still used today...

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