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The Good & Bad Of The Meat Industry


MONDAY FEB 5 - Hear from trusted ranchers firsthand as they talk about the dark side of the meat industry, and shed light on the right side of healthy happy meat! Think grass fed is always the best? You may think twice after hearing some of this! THE EXPERTS SPEAK! Join us live, Monday @ 8pm ET HERE. (Click Monday night!)

*If you'd like to order some meat, you can email them at [email protected].


Skip is an Air Force Veteran. He received his Bachelors in Ag Business from Arkansas Tech University, served as Agri Club President, was inducted into the Blue Key Honor Society, and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

While raising his young family, Skip served on the 300-member Arkansas Young Farmer and Rancher Organization’s State Committee and was the winner of the State Discussion Meet competition and top 16 at the national level.

Skip was a board member of the Searcy County Farm Bureau for 10 years and served as President of that organization. He is a former University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Agent and County Staff Chair, serving as statewide staff educator in Feral Hog Trapping and Eradication programs.

He has over 30 years of cattle ranching experience, managing a 300-500 head cow/calf, and heifer operation. Over the past three decades, he has served on multiple civic organizations including Rotary, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) district committee, the Regional Municipal Water Association, the County Fair Board, and headed the local Community and Economic Development Committee.

Skip campaigned in the 2010 election running for County Clerk, which he says he will never do such a foolish thing as run for a local county office again!

Currently Skip is a local business owner and entrepreneur and has a working 160-acre cattle operation located outside the Leslie, Arkansas metropolitan area.

He and his wife, Angela, host two radio programs, The AgPreacher and Red Letters, on KCGS Family Hope Radio. They have six adult children, four children-in-law, seven grandchildren, and try to serve their community and the Lord in every way possible. (Karen’s note: THIS MAN IS HILARIOUS BEYOND EXPLANATION! YOU WILL LAUGH THE ENTIRE TIME!!!)

Seth Griffin


Seth Griffin is a 28-year-old full time, self-employed, Arkansas-born and raised cattle farmer and rancher. Seth is about as passionate as it comes when talking about the cattle industry. He is always working and researching to increase his knowledge on cattle production and land maintenance to grow cattle in the most sustainable, natural, and consistent way possible.

Seth was born and raised in a cattle farming family and gladly spent the majority of his childhood and teenage years working cattle, feeding cattle, driving tractors, fixing fence, and soaking up all the knowledge he could from his grandpa, his dad, and his uncles. In high school, Seth was active in FFA and took as many agricultural classes as he was able.

Today, you’ll find him tending to his cattle or on the phone talking to people about his cattle, usually a combination of both!

He is married to his lifelong sweetheart, Casey, and together they have three children. Casey was also raised by a farming family. Seth and Casey have over 1,300 acres of land for their cattle herds, and they take great care to control the grounds where the bovine are born and raised. Note: all calves are nursed by their mothers until weaned.

Combining their knowledge, Seth and Casey have spent the last few years growing, feeding, and harvesting their own beef and have achieved wholesome, natural, hormone and antibiotic free, delicious meat that they want to share with the country!

Transparency in every aspect of beef production is something they will always promise to maintain, and they believe in feeding their own family and yours qualify beef!


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