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Relationships Are EVERYTHING!


In this Monday Night Madness call, Karen & Amy discuss an upcoming relationship workshop by John titled 'The Way to a Man's Heart / The Way to a Woman's Heart' on Friday and 'The 9 Agreements' on Saturday. John explained the key concepts he teaches related to understanding gender differences, communication techniques, and universal principles for healthy relationships. Karen and Amy shared personal stories and insights on common relationship challenges and personal growth through difficult experiences. They emphasized the value of investing in tools to improve self-awareness and communication in relationships.

Regarding The Relationships Retreat/Workshop:

If YOU would like to feel more empowered in your relationships, more confident in your communication, and more peace in your heart...

Join us this Friday evening & all day Saturday (February 23-24) with John and Narelle Cannan. We are so happy to be brining in our favorite communication and relationship experts in to provide this 2-day workshop for our HHE community. John and Narelle have not only been very close friends for over a decade, but have provided impactful and life-changing wisdom to us, our family, and countless of our students and clients!

On Friday, you're going to learn about how to become aware of your partner's needs and ways to strengthen communication.

And on Saturday, you'll attend the 9 Agreements Workshop, which will assist you in unraveling layers of protectiveness that are keeping you from the vibrant life you were born for.

This is an interactive workshop that will change all of your relationships! This retreat is for couples AND for singles!

For couples - this means learning how to deeply relate to your partner, navigate through misunderstandings, and turn disappointments into opportunities connection.

For singles - it means becoming open to a relationship vs. feeling protective, disheartened, avoidant or afraid.

"I couldn't calculate how many hours, days, and potentially years of heartache John's and Narelle's teachings have saved me throughout my life so far. They have truly empowered me in my relationships (work, romantic, and familial), and helped me develop my favorite and potentially strongest skillset: communication.

"I LOVE being able to speak my mind during times of conflict in a way that deepens my connection with the people involved, instead of causing separation. I want to get this training in front of everyone. This puts the power back in your court. All while putting love back into the world." -Amy Sprouse

This workshop is backed with a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If special payment accommodations need to be made, please reach out!

In-Person Single: $79

In-Person Couple: $150

Zoom Ticket: $49 (The event will be recorded and available for replay, although it is highly encouraged to attend live!)

Join us this Friday evening & all day Saturday (February 23-24) HERE:

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You can join in the conversation, ask questions or just listen - either way you'll learn new things about holistic health, your body, and how much we LOVE your guts!