Karen's Adrenal Tea adrenal tea recipe recipes tea Feb 18, 2021


Here's the recipe, I'll post the health benefits for you in just minute!
Karen’s Adrenal Tea
1.3 oz Rehmannia (Shu Di Huang)
1/3 cup /.4 oz Pau d Arco
¼ cup / .4 oz Licorice Root
¼ cup / .2 oz Cat’s Claw
Few Slices / .1 -.2 oz Reishi (Mushroom of immortality)
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EVENTS And Great Smoothie Recipes green recipes smoothies Dec 09, 2020

MONIQUE: Retried Vegas Police Office, Life Coach and Leadership Facilitator, Motivator

To me, smoothies are meant to be nutritious, satisfying, and to create expression. I encourage you (the smoothie maker) to make the necessary adjustments in the ingredients and/or quantities to give...

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