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What did we cover?

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Our Conference Topics Include:


βœ” LIVE SCANS and detailed interpretations performed by Karen daily

βœ” Expert speakers on the use of bio-frequency technology

βœ” Different muscle testing strategies

AO VITALS REPORT BREAKDOWN - What markers mean and what to look for in the: 

βœ” Blood Markers Section

βœ” Gastrointestinal Function Section 

βœ” Nutritional Analysis Section 

βœ” Physical Functionality Section 

βœ” Toxicities Section 


βœ” Cellular Physiology & Chromosomes 

βœ” The Nervous System & Neurotransmitters

βœ” The Endocrine System & Hormones

βœ” Nutritional & Dietary Foundations 

βœ” Digestive Health and Protocols for: Candida, SIBO, Leaky Gut, Constipation, Bloating, Acid Reflux, IBS, and H.pylori 

βœ” How to Muscle Test with Confidence

βœ” Fascia Release Techniques & the Role of Movement

βœ” Frequencies, EMF's, Emotions, & Energy Medicine 

Legalities & Business Building Topics Include:

βœ” How to phrase things in your scans and marketing to protect yourself legally

βœ” What exactly you CAN and CAN’T tell clients and potential clients

βœ” What forms/documents we suggest you use 

βœ” Strategies to 2-5 x your income 

βœ” Coaching techniques

βœ” How to help your clients feel empowered instead of overwhelmed

βœ” Organizing and leading community classes/education 

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Attending this conference/retreat was a life altering catalyst. Learning, sharing, experiencing with others from all over, with different experiences & areas of expertise, supported obtaining solid foundations from subject matter experts. 

-Naraya C., Sacramento, California

I feel I gained a solid foundation of knowledge about the human body and of tried and true protocols to start taking clients through. It was also helpful learning about legalities, starting a business, and what a health coaching session can look like. Our bodies are Amazing!

-Ella S., Provo, Utah


I seek after things that are good - things that are TRULY GOOD. I walked away with a new hope for the world and regular people. When we did the energy circle at the end I felt like we all took a piece of heaven home with us.

Thank you Karen and Amy and everyone that participated.

-Jasmine H., Cedar City, Utah

Loved everything about the retreat! Amazing speakers, food, location, movement in the morning, music at night. It does not get any better than this.

-Nadya L., Arlington, Virginia

I am more determined to help people with their health than ever before.

-Cheri H., Las Vegas, Nevada

I really felt empowered in my holistic health education and felt like I'm a part of something very important and big.

-Teddy M., Cape Town, South Africa

The HHE conference had a plethora of presentations that I found to be very engaging. I left feeling full mentally and ready to continue my journey on learning to become a Holistic Educator for myself and others.

-A. Dawson, Hampton, Virginia

After suffering with different health issues for years, I felt it was time to get educated on the functions of the body and provide the proper nutrition, digestive enzymes, and amino acids (and so much more) that supports my bodies functions. I started as a TNC years ago and now I am a HHC. The education I've receive has been so critical in helping me gain good health. Now I coach others on their path of holistic healing. Thank you Karen and Amy for giving me my life back.

-Jeanette R., Salt Lake City, Utah

The instructors were so amazing! They taught in a way that was fun and easy to understand. The curriculum was very informative and interesting. After the class I felt empowered to change my life and to help others change theirs. 

-Marilynne, Southern Utah 

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