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Become a Certified Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor

The healthcare field is exploding and the need for natural solutions has never been more prominent!

The opportunities for success as a healthcare professional are better than ever right now! It's time to enhance your resume with a powerful certification. Stand out from the crowd with this additional commitment to your education that signifies your dedication to the field.

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Become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. 

If you are looking to deeply understand the human body, heal naturally, and make a large impact on the world, start right here!

There are no other certification programs that deliver the personal learning experience like our Certified Holistic Health Coach Program. Each student receives individualized support, guidance, a lifelong connection to our community, and lifetime access to updates in the ever changing world of holistic health care.

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Remedies for Over 250 Health Concerns

Ask a question in our 24/7 Q&A Portal!

An A-Z Holistic Encyclopedia of every part of the body; from the brain to the heart and lungs to the joints and muscles, taking you on an educational tour of your body from head to toe. Supported by the science of human physiology, all the body structures are made easy to understand. Both the anatomy—how the body looks—and the physiology—how the body works—are visualized and explained with clear, engaging interviews and video lessons, and the astonishing facts and figures revealed will keep you hooked on your human body and its ability to thrive and heal!

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A Challenge Style Program that's fun for an individual or with friends & family!

10 Steps Towards a Healthier YOU!

Instead of trying to implement EVERY healthy habit you've ever heard of all at once (#overwhelming!), let us help you break this up into a step by step process. Entertaining and easy to follow, program is your one-stop for creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family!

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AO Scan - Basic Program

Join free and get access to videos & handouts explaining how to set up and use your new mobile unit. Join in the live calls, and get access to all previous calls with Karen and her team.

You'll also get access to all weekly recordings of the in-house meetings held at the AO Headquarters.

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AO Scan Mobile - Accelerated Program

An advanced class for the AO Scan Mobile. Receive access to printable charts, handouts, and valuable resources to go along with your scanner. You'll also have access to a video library containing "How-to" instruction on reading, understanding, and interpreting scans. You can also participate in live calls for real-time Q&A.

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BECOME EMPOWERED: Learn How to Heal Your Body! 

A Jam-Packed-With-Health-Material-Class! Full of humor, EMPOWERED outlines the functions of the organs, glands, tissues and systems of the human body & what YOU can do to live DIS-EASE free! Grab two notebooks, your healthy snacks & get ready to be blown away!

Become Empowered

Raise the Frequency of EVERYONE Around You! 

How can you feel better, have a more positive outlook and become more patient with those around you in a gloomy atmosphere? CHANGE THE FREQUENCY of the room! This is by far one of Karen's favorite presentations and a must-know, entertaining study of frequencies. 

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Understanding Weight Loss & Detoxifying for a Healthy LIFE!

Join Karen for 90 minutes and learn how to say good-bye to weight issues, hello to vibrant health, how to detox that AWESOME BODY and how to live being the very best YOU! Download this amazing audio and enjoy decades of tips and experience helping people lose weight!

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Karen's 4-Hour Kitchen Transformation: A New You!

Ready for some taste bud RENEWAL!? Karen shows how to create your own delicious spices, nut milks, healthy smoothies, delicious entrees, mouthwatering desserts and yummy juices as well as "cook" up a storm for your family and friends! Over 100 kazillion taste buds approved!

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The Real Causes of Cavities and What to do!

FREE! Each tooth is connected to specific organs, glands, tissues, muscles, bones, or other parts of the body.  Keeping our teeth in great shape helps the rest of our body stay fit. And, when a tooth has gone haywire, follow the tooth chart to the organs and you find the root cause!

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Better Health? IT'S A CELL THING

FREE! Enjoy an entertaining glimpse into the miracle of YOU! Your human cells have the ability to transform in petri dishes, at the bank, while enjoying a musical, playing soccer, skydiving and anywhere all because of CELL CONTEXT. Learn how cells work and how to live dis-ease free! 

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