Do you have the training and support you need to fulfill your life's calling?

Do you have the training and support you need to fulfill your life's calling?

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Through an interactive online platform, you'll learn and apply the best of breakthroughs in digestive health, mental health, preventative medicine, and behavior change. 


You'll stand out with a professional certification that signifies your passion, knowledge, and dedication to the field. 



You'll gain confidence in your use of sound business practices, coaching techniques, and effective client protocols.  


A Community Like None Other

Video Overviews

What does a Holistic Health Coach Certification cover? 

Learn about the HHC program in this 8 minute video. 


Make it a Dual-Certification and earn your Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Certification too. 

Two courses - entirely different curriculum - entirely unmatched results.

Learn more about the TNC program in this 5 minute video.


Holistic Health Coach Certification


Payment Plans Available

  • Holistic Health 10 Step Program (Water, Movement, Nutrition, Digestive Health, Brain Health, Sleep, EMFs, Breathing, Emotional Health, Detoxification)
  • Health Coaching Core: Behavior Change Techniques, Mindset, Business-Building, and Legalities Training
  • Human Body Master Guide (A-Z Healing Guide on 225+ Health Concerns)
  • Weekly Live Calls¬†with fellow students & graduates
  • Lifetime Access to Courses
  • Printable PDFs to use with clients and self
  • 1-on-1 Check-ins¬†

Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Certification


Payment Plans Available

  • All Resources¬†in the HHC (minus Health Coaching Core), PLUS:
  • 120 Modalities of Healing From Around the World (an A-Z course on healing methods used globally)
  • Advanced Nutrition (Chemical metabolism of macro and micronutrients; gut health and metabolic disease solutions; overview of 50 diets and our top recommendations)
  • TNC Live Replay¬†(Anatomy¬†& Physiology; Quantum Physics; Holistic Dentistry; Hormone Health; Integrative Medicine)
  • 500 Page Binder¬†filled with graphs, charts, images, and resources with life-long value

Dual HHC/TNC Certification


Payment Plans Available

  • Includes¬†All HHC Certification and TNC Certification Courses and Resources
  • Dual-Certified¬†Status upon completion
  • Mentorship -¬†an¬†optional add-on ($2000) for $9800 total
  • Public Speaking & Presenting Training¬†
  • Personalized Lab Testing at the start of the¬†program for personal health improvement)
  • More comprehensive and practical health¬†education than a traditional 4+ year degree ($50,000+ Value)
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After suffering with different health issues for years I felt it was time to get educated on the functions of the body and provide the proper nutrition, digestive enzymes, and amino acids (and so much more) that supports my body's functions. I started as a TNC years ago and now I am a HHC. The education I receive from HHE is ongoing and has been so critical in helping me gain good health. Now I coach others on their path of holistic healing. Knowing how my body works and how to take care of it has given me a better quality of life. Thank you Karen and Amy for giving me my life back.

-Jeanette, Reiki Master, Utah, USA

I am thrilled to have found your HHC program! The information I am getting about how bodies function is invaluable and empowering. The love that you have for the human body and the joy with which you teach care for it is infectious! I’m catching the bug and taking care of my own body is becoming something I do from love, rather than the chore it often has been in the past. Because of this, I am discovering a new level of intimacy with my body that is making behavior changes easier. Health truly is an inside job.

-Amy, Gemologist, New Mexico, USA

It's broadened my knowledge to the point where I can best help my clients. Being able to have the certifications… make(s) a big difference on people being able to take me seriously. You can have all the knowledge but if you don’t complete the training, people aren’t going to see the initials after your name or take you as serious. It gives you that level of knowledge and the credibility to be able to connect the dots so that when you have patients who have wonky things that don’t make sense, you can actually put it together. 

-Kelsey, Registered Nurse, IV Specialist, Iowa, USA

Having come from a background not health and fitness related, other than dabbling for myself, I was feeling a little stuck trying to think of how to approach teaching others the incredible things I’ve been learning. HHE helped me to have the tools to reach out and help those that I will be blessed to come in contact with. 

The instructors are high energy and full of relevant knowledge with relatable experiences and explanations. It is well worth the time and money to bring anyone’s health into alignment with an elevated more rewarding lifestyle.

-Colain, Legal Assistant & Health Coach, Utah, USA

I love education and I wanted to start my business and be able to communicate with others about their health. The learning experience has been excellent. I have learned from numerous different backgrounds… Cell health, nutrition, digestion, a lot of things that I thought I was familiar with I found a great deal that I had no idea about. Sleep and gut activity, etc.  So if you want to go to a place that has a lot of knowledge and they are more than happy to share information with you, and have community, this is an excellent place to do all of that. It’s just an awesome experience. 

-Naraya, Federal Employee, Integrative Healer, California, USA


Instructors are very knowledgeable, energetic, happy, motivating and empowering. It simplifies this big concept of "health" into 10 steps, giving guidance and direction to participants. Curriculum provides LOTS of education, more so than other programs. I LOVE how the challenges can range from simple, beginner, to a bit harder even health-savvy individuals.  Challenges allow the participant to put their knowledge into action, which brings change to healthy behavior and habits. This program, when followed, creates a more healthy and happy life for yourself.

-Emilee, Health Coach, USA

Gain the training, credibility, and confidence you crave to turn your passion into a rewarding and profitable career. 


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