Join Us For Monday Night Madness Calls!

Each Monday at 8:00pm ET, Karen and Amy go live with the HHE community to share mind-blowing facts about the human body and impart incredible tools to address sickness and disease naturally.

You're one step away from meeting a LOT of your people ūüíô

What are our values at Holistic Health Educators?

  • The human body is divinely designed like the rest of creation to heal, regenerate, and¬†come back to life
  • Everyone with a human body is entitled to understand how all of their organs, glands, and tissues function at a¬†scientific level
  • No government, medical system, group of elites, or power structure has the right to compromise our¬†health FREEDOM
  • No supplement can or ever should replace what walking in the sunlight, eating fresh and local foods, sharing laughter with community, and healing the heart can¬†do for human health
  • Emotional and spiritual health¬†are¬†vital components of true healing
  • Thousands of solutions exist outside the scope of traditional Western Medicine (although we sure appreciate conventional medicine when we need it!)
  • As individuals, we may go through challenging times that push us to our very limit. This is not a sign we are doing something wrong. Rather, we are being¬†crafted¬†for a higher purpose.
  • We are stronger TOGETHER!

Check out recent replays of our live calls on the Blog or Youtube

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