Who's Teaching and Sharing

Over 50 practicing Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Nutritional Counselors, Chiropractors, Master Herbalists, Holistic Dentists, and a wide variety of experienced professionals teach the biggest breakthroughs in their expertise, so you don't need to keep searching for answers that have already been found!

What sets this program apart are the instructors. They have real clinics, functioning brick-and-mortar offices that have diagnostic tools and equipment. They further their education, run tests, and have worked with thousands of clients.  

They have answers that those who sit behind a desk do not.

Enjoy hundreds of videos featuring short, how-to clips and suggestions on over 225 health topics! Learn what a naturopath, chiropractor, yoga instructor, medical doctor, or pharmacist may recommend for YOUR health issue!

And if the answer you're looking for is not in the program yet, ask it during a weekly Live Q&A Call.

Yes, it's that cool.

Say goodbye to shuffling between a million unfiltered search results and visiting a dozen expensive specialists when you want a solution to your health concern.

The instant Info sections are chock full of Natural Remedies for over 225 health concerns plaguing us today. Discover foods to enjoy, foods to avoid, vitamins and recommended supplements, home remedies, essential oils, herbs, affirmations, gemology, and natural tips for health ailments you can start today!

Let's take a look inside the program


This list goes on from A-Z. You find a topic you're interested in, click on it, and hear from multiple professionals in one place.

For example, under "Digestive Issues/Gut Health" you'll find...

There are comment sections on each page, so that in addition to hearing from the professionals, we can hear from each other in a trusted community setting.

(Yes, we do want to hear how your grandma got rid of spider veins in the 1950's).


“When my best friend had a crippling cough in the third trimester of her pregnancy, I would have paid anything to know how to help her. Thankfully I had access to this course. I was able to see what herbs, nutrients, therapies, and at-home techniques might help her. I went from hopelessly watching her suffer to knowing exactly what we could do.”  -Amy S.

“My favorite part was learning about the systems of the body.... You can know everything there is to know about a condition, but until you understand the systems, you won’t see how it’s all connected.” -Jessica D, Utah


 (Example of savings for one person:)

If you add together the cost of meeting with all the professionals in the course, gaining the education they share, and scratch the surface of what this information can save someone in future health costs, it's worth well over $100,000.

With the cost of healthcare going up by $100/month on average for a family of four (not to mention other out-of-pocket health expenses), who can afford to not know more about how to heal naturally?

Young moms, budding health enthusiasts, this one's for you. 

After you're in, if you discover there is a topic you'd like more information on, you can submit a topic request as well as ask your specific question in a LIVE Q&A session with Karen, Amy, and a wide variety of featured professionals throughout the program.  That's cool, right!?

Don't wait another day to understand your human body as deeply as you can.  Hear what professionals have dedicated their lives to discovering!

We're all here to support you in this: You are the Master of Your Body!

YES! I am ready to Master MY Body! Well...at least start!

Laura H. (Las Vegas)

The Human Body Master Guide is my new family!  The program is full of knowledge I can trust and is a place I can go to find answers. I love learning and this is the place I can do it, not only today but forever. The live Q&A zoom meetings are a major benefit! It makes me feel my questions are important, my health is important, and I always leave feeling empowered and uplifted!

Sandy D.

I am amazed by the wealth of help and education in "The Human Body Master Guide!"
I recommend it to people all the time, regardless of their current knowledge and/or interest in holistic health. My family, friends, and I have benefitted from the great information several times already this past few months. 

PeggySue S.

I have changed what and when I eat. I’ve learned protocols for taking care of my and my families health. Recently my husband had an infected root canal/sinuses and we were able to take care of that (have it taken out) without traditional antibiotics, which had destroyed his gut microbiome after taking them last year for the same problem. I have learned so much about how my body functions, especially down to the cellular level! Can’t recommend it enough! It’s a great resource for your health!