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The world needs your message.

As the demand for improved healthcare field continues to rise, the public's interest in natural solutions is larger than ever!

It may be time to enhance your resume with a powerful certification. Stand out from the crowd with this additional commitment to your education, signifying your dedication and edge in the field.

Gain Credibility 

Certified coaches are more confident and have more credibility. Back up your passion for holistic health and educating others with a Professional Certification and show your clients your commitment to your educational growth as an educator.

10 Steps Towards Holistic Health 

Customizable curriculum built exclusively for our students to learn, then use to teach their clients! Build your own coaching material off of an established, proven process, adding custom touches to your client's needs. 

Join an International Family

Certified Holistic Health Educators are found around the world! You'll learn how other countries use holistic health in daily practice, and gain exclusive information from the input of our worldwide community.

Why Holistic Health Educators?

We deliver an entire community of learners and educators right to you. You become part of our system of active learning - where you learn applied knowledge and ask questions in real time. 

Our graduates have unparalleled understanding of the best options available to their clients, and feel confidently rooted in an understanding of human biology and the science behind healing.

Our interest is in your development and your ability to transform the lives of people you share information with, we invest in you and we support you - long after your certification is complete.

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