Certified Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC)

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Certified TNC: Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor

at Holistic Health Educators


 Become a Certified Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor. Make waves that change the world.

For those looking to deeply understand the human body, help others heal naturally, and play an active role in the healthcare revolution, our program is unmatched in the industry.

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The world needs your passion.

As the healthcare field faces unforeseen challenges, 

the need for natural solutions has never been greater.  

The opportunities for success as a holistic healthcare professional are better than ever right now.  Stand out from the crowd with this additional commitment to your education.

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What is a TNC?

As a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor, you will guide clients through a lifestyle transformation as you teach them to the science behind natural healing, construct integrative healing protocols with them, connect them to resources they did not know existed, and assist them emotionally and intellectually through their journey.  Educating and supporting your clients in the application of healing modalities, diet and nutrition, frequencies, psychology, and high-impact behavior modifications will be the cornerstone of your practice.

This course is well suited for professionals in the medical field, as well as education expansion for our Holistic Health Coach graduates! 

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"There truly are no words to express what the TNC program did for me in my life!! It took me on a journey where new ways of seeing the world, my health and my body were discovered!! It gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to truly help myself and others along the path of healing!! When we give our bodies what they need from the inside out, our body becomes the true physician and healer!! It all starts from the cells on out đź’— Enjoy the journey!"

- Melissa Jackson, LMT, RYT, TNC

"We have two practitioners that are graduates of the TNC program. Their knowledge and understanding is phenomenal. I’ve been practicing... for many years, and yet I have not been exposed to a lot of the techniques that Karen incorporates in this training. If you’re looking for something that incorporates many different techniques in an efficient manner, and provides you the information you need to improve your own health, the health of a loved one or as a healer, the health of a client or patient... I highly recommend the TNC program."

- Doctor Evan Brady

"I’ve always been into health, always looking for the best way to treat your body. The TNC course really enticed me - everything from knowing what symptoms really are and where they came from, what to do when you get sick and how to avoid sickness altogether. This course has really empowered me. You can know what’s wrong with your body, you can know how to eat right, you can teach others and help them learn for themselves. I think everyone should take this course."

-Jennilyn Griffiths, HHC, TNC, Personal Trainer, World Traveler

holistic education, holistic health, health certification, holistic lifestyle

No one else teaches what we teach, how we teach it.

We deliver the most comprehensive application-oriented holistic education available. We individually support each one of our students through the certification journey and beyond through weekly live calls, check-ins, and personal guidance. Our students become part of our family of holistic educators, and the value each individual student brings is recognized and celebrated.

Becoming a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor brings you into a community of hundreds of health professionals that have joined together to share the best of their knowledge and practices.  This is an ego-free zone: we are here to share our industry secrets with each other, so that we can help the world adopt a more effective form of healthcare.

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24/7 access to learning

Learn at your own pace, plan your own certification timeline, and follow your path to success on your terms! We offer a suggested timeline as well.

Organized Course Binder

All the important information is also available to you in a printable format. Make notes, jot down questions and ideas, and build your personal reference library.

Weekly Learning Community 

A dedicated team member guides students through TNC requirements with weekly study groups, check-ins, and new material presentations.



It is our goal to have the student understand the science behind the following techniques enough to recommend an appropriate therapeutic course of action for their clients.  We overview the following therapies: 

• Acupressure
• Acupuncture
• Aromatherapy / Essential Oils
• Art Therapy
• Atlas Orthogonal
• Auriculotherapy
• Autogenic Training
• Ayurvedic Medicine
• B.E.S.T.
• Biofeedback Technology
• Brain Balance
• Chakra Balancing
• Chelation
• Chinese Medicine
• Chiropractic
• Chocolate Therapy
• Chromotherapy / Color Therapy
• Colonic Irrigation / Colonics / Hydrotherapy
• Craniosacral/Cranial Osteopathy
• Cupping / Medi-cupping
• Dance / Movement Therapy
• Dentistry - Holistic / Biological
• Dowsing / Divining
• Ear Candling / Coning
• Emotion Code
• Fasting
• Feng Shui
• Flower Essences
• Foot Zoning
• Gemstone Therapy
• Gratitude
• Healing Touch
• Herbs / Herbalism
• Homeopathy
• Hydrotherapy
• Hypnotherapy
• Ionic Foot Bath Detoxing
• Iridology
• Karma / Karma Clearing
• Kinesiology
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Magnetotherapy
• Massage
• Meditation
• Medicinal Mushroom Therapy
• Personal Training
• Psych-K
• Radionics
• Reflexology
• Reiki
• Rife Machine
• Rolfing
• Self-Affirmation
• Shiatsu
• Sound Therapy
• Space Clearing
• Sun Therapy – Vitamin D
• Sweat! Sauna It Out!
• Tachyon Energy
• Tapping / The Emotional Freedom Technique / EFT
• Thermotherapy–The Biomat
• Tibetan Medicine
• Tuning Forks
• Vaccination
• Vision Board
• Water
• Yoga, and more.


Beginning with a foundational course on Nutrient Metabolism, Gut Health, and Digestion, students progress to learn about the numerous pros and cons of diets from around the world. Food preparation techniques such as dehydrating, fermentation, sprouting, juicing, blending, proper meat preparation, raw food prep and others will be taught. Students will learn of a wide variety of eating patterns and diets practiced around the world such as:

• 80-10-10
• The Atkins Diet
• Agriculturist Diet
• Asian Diet
• Ayurveda
• Biggest Loser Diet
• Blood Type Diet
• Candida Diet
• Chinese Nutritional Theory Diet
• Dash Diet, Elimination Diet
• Feingold Diet For ADD
• Fruitarian
• HCG Diet
• Hunter-Gatherer Diet
• Jenny Craig Diet
• Kosher
• The Liver Cleansing And Healthy Liver And Bowel Diets
• Macrobiotic Diet
• Mayo Clinic Diet

• Mediterranean Diet
• Ornish Diet
• Paleo Diet
• Protein Metabolic Typing Diet
• The Protein Power Lifeplan Diet
• Rave Diet
• Raw/Living Food Diet
• South Beach Diet
• Standard American Diet (SAD)
• Susan Powers' Stop The Insanity Diet
• TLC Diet
• Vegan/Vegetarian Diet
• Volumetrics Diet
• Weight Watchers
• Weston Price Diet
• Syndrome X By Dr. Cabot
• The X Factor Diet
• The Zone Diet, and others.


Whole food vitamins, isolates, and synthetic forms of vitamins will be reviewed. Minerals and their sources will be revealed (you may be surprised), and you will learn what to look for and will better understand supplementation for you and your clients. We will also cover reading labels on food and supplements, so you know what is being ingested. Numerous graphs and charts (minerals, proteins, herbs, vitamins, and spices) will be reviewed and are part of the TNC reference binder you will receive at the five-day classroom training. 


The frequencies of food, color, light, people, words and plants have a huge impact on our lives each day. We will discuss the power of these frequencies, and how you can use them to alter cells and life! Cancer and all chronic dis-ease are based in low frequencies. Presentations on frequencies will be given with handouts that will help you teach this to your clients. All vibrant health is derived from higher frequencies. Discover how to raise your frequency and those around you! 


Distilled, osmosis, filtered, alkaline, spring, well, and city water: understanding water can be overwhelming! We will explain all forms of water, what the health aspects are of drinking different waters, and how water is vital for the electrical circuits of the body. Can water carry frequency? Yes! We will teach you how to enhance your water and fill it with healing frequencies. 


During this segment of the course, we will cover many well-known and new forms of detoxification including but not limited to: Colonics, enemas, heavy metal, lower bowel, skin, saunas, massage, infrared, emotional, cellular, tooth, environmental and household detox! Detoxification is our favorite topic to teach, and using the numerous natural therapies and food, each cell in your body can be “reborn” creating a new you! As detoxification can bring serious side effects, the importance of safe detoxing is of utmost importance. We will educate you on what signs to watch for and how to ease the discomfort that may come to your clients during the stages of detoxification. With proper information, the symptoms and discomfort can be very minimal, creating a successful outcome.

Why Holistic Health Educators?

We deliver an entire community of learners and educators right to you. You become part of our system of active learning where you learn concepts, practice applying them, and ask questions in real time. 

Our graduates have unparalleled understanding of the best options available to their clients, and feel confidently rooted in an understanding of human biology and the science behind healing.

Our interest is in your development and your ability to transform the lives of people you share information with. We invest in you and we support you - long after your certification is complete.