Health Living For Parents & Caregivers

A comprehensive resource for those who care for others - including monthly live Q&A calls!

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Support that comes from experience!

Raising 7 children, 3 stepchildren, 1 adopted, and 1 bonus child = EXPERIENCE! With one of our children suffering for years and bedridden with an undiagnosed dis-ease, the parent and caregiver in me just needed to create this course! From relationships to daily health, we have experienced much, and I can’t wait to share!

Empower yourself with the resources for answers!

I am excited to share with you an easy but in-depth understanding of the body and all its systems so you know how it works, charts and handouts on health topics that can influence and elevate your health, healthy and tasty recipes for kids of all ages, and diets and remedies to help sick children or those you care for!

Holistic solutions for acute care and long term health! 

In this ULTIMATE pack I share 20 of my favorite modalities of healing you can do immediately to help. You will also enjoy full access to the Human Body Master Guide (HBMG) - from coughs, digestive pain, and teenage anxiety to "how-to" kitchen demos, this course bundle delivers unmatched educational videos. 

Monthly live Q&A  

MY FAVORITE PART of any of our programs is the LIVE CALLS! Yes, you get up to date health information in the HBMG on hundreds of health concerns, but if you have other health questions you have two times a month you can ask an expert for FREE! And if you just want support or to enjoy community time, join us the last Thursday of the month!

Inspiration from Karen 🎥 


Health Living For Parents & Caregivers


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  • Cell Talk With Karen & Amy
  • Systems of the Body
  • Empowered Series
  • The Human Body Master Guide
  • 20 Ways of Healing with a Pharmacy
  • Parenting Tips From Mama K
  • Caregiver Tips From Karen
  • Karen's Live 4-Day Training
  • Diet, Nutrition, and Supplements for Life
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It's like a Netflix account for what matters more to you than anything ❤️ 

(even more than your kids sleeping through nap time!)

"Had I known then what I know now, I would have been able to help my grandmother before she died too young of colon cancer. I would have shortened our daughter Lilly’s 5-year and hundreds of thousands of out-of-pocket dollars illness journey to only months. It would have alleviated the steroids needed for asthma when the twins were young. I would have known how to test and eliminate allergies when the kids’ young friends needed help. I would have understood food and the magical influence it has on our bodies to never get sick earlier. I would have THRIVED even more as a young mother!

I truly created this course for YOU. My fellow mothers and caregivers worldwide who are looking for answers and an uplifting community.

You found what I dreamed of for years. Knowledge, support, love, and community.

You found your people."

- Karen Urbanek, HHE Founder, TNC Creator, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, and MOM

Parenting Tips!

If you think 11 children is a lot... you should hear how many other teenagers and adults have come to call this woman Mama K! 

In this section of the program, Karen shares her top tips and philosophies on parenting.

Caregiver Tips!

Support for caregivers is often overlooked - but not here! Karen gets vulnerable and shares how to find inner strength, what practicing self care looks like, how to overcome guilt, how to make medical care decisions and manage the funds to pay for care while doing one of the hardest jobs on earth.

Need a sneak peek?
Watch the mini course "LET'S TALK CELL TALK" with Karen and her daughter Amy!

Why Holistic Health Educators?

We deliver an entire community of educators and learners right to you. You become part of our system of active learning - where you apply new knowledge and concepts, and can ask questions in real time. 

Our graduates have unparalleled understanding of the best options available to their clients, and feel confidently rooted in an understanding of human biology and the science behind healing. 

Whether your interest is personal or professional, our interest is in your development and ability to transform the lives of people you share information with. We invest in you and we support you - long after your education is complete.

Let's Talk About The Education Available For You!