Meet a few of the graduates from our programs!  Many are accepting new clients and still sending in their bios and pictures. Check back often to meet more AMAZING professionals! 

Our Graduates: Excited to Help You!

Each of our graduates brings their personality, life experiences, strengths and passion to the table of health and wellness. They are not medical doctors, rather they are educated in holistic approaches to helping the body heal naturally and reverse the cause of dis-ease. Please view disclaimer below and enjoy the journey!

Emily Togaga'e TNC

Hello! My name is Emily Togaga’e, and I am one of Karen’s daughters! After graduating as a TNC in 2014, I pursued further education as a computational physicist. I’m currently a student with my Bachelors of Science degree in sight for Christmas 2018. As a TNC, I specialize in pregnancy care, teaching you to “muscle test” for your own needs, and emotional turmoil therapy particularly changing to a healthier mindset.

My strengths include teaching for your understanding, pulling science into explanations, and truly caring for you. A typical consult with me looks like this: 1) A 20 minute phone call where you talk and I listen. 2) A break (45 minutes to a full day) 3) I’ll call you back, we will discuss, and I’ll email you a list of things we talked about, and suggestions of things for you to do!

I look forward to helping you in anyway I can!  And about me: My greatest joy is spending time (playing games, working out, cooking, hiking) with my awesome Polynesian husband and two year old daughter! (our second is on the way!) Please contact me at [email protected]

Chloe Murdoch TNC

Chloe teaches how to heal the body naturally by uniting nutrition, movement, and the psychology of soul to cultivate self-love so that one can live life unstuck from destructive habitual patterns.

She loves working with anyone, but her main focus is on women dealing with weight issues, eating disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain/inflammation, acne, addictions, stagnation in life, toxicity, emotional imbalances and mental/ physical fatigue.

No matter what you are going through, she will love to help guide you back to that place of completeness; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Book Chloe for a zoom session or in person, or join her on a healing retreat in Costa Rica! Her retreats offer various modalities to assist the body in coming to a balanced state.

Chloe runs her business "Flow With Chlo" online and can be found at, emailed at [email protected] or called at (805) 284-6732.

Natalie Summerhays TNC 

My name is Natalie Summerhays. I am an active mother of three living in Sandy, Utah. I love weight lifting, mountain biking, hiking and spending time in nature.

I also love to learn and have been immersing myself in the study of energy and the human body for the past several years. I am an advocate of helping the body heal itself, which led me to become a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor. 

I am also a Quantum Touch Practitioner, which is my main area of expertise. Quantum Touch is a holistic healing modality that helps the body heal from pain, stress, anxiety and even negative, trapped emotions through the use of aromatherapy, sound therapy and deep relaxation.

For more information and to schedule your Quantum Touch session list me at  Energetic-Essence.Com

Jamie Krzykowski, PhD, LAT, CISSN, TNC

I have enjoyed being an athletic trainer for the past 20 years working in various settings such as colleges, high schools, youth sports, clinics as well as a regional trauma center in Seattle.  During that time I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working with diverse populations of people and injuries.  I have also worked as a faculty member in Athletic Training, Kinesiology and Exercise Science during 18 of those 20 years. My special interests include exercise as medicine and nutrition as medicine. I’ve been privileged to work with a variety of individuals and groups such as high school and college athletes, women’s groups, youth, families and corporate organizations, to educate regarding nutrition and fitness. Together, we’ve developed useful plans to alter dietary habits and lifestyle choices aimed at improving health and overall well-being.  

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Mark, and our 3 girls.  We love outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, camping, playing sports and picnicking. 

My business is Dr. K’s Wellness. Book a zoom meeting by contacting me at [email protected] or 262-349-6738.

Jennifer A. Debelak TNC, Wellness Coach, Reiki Master Teacher

The world of Natural Health is SO exciting I can hardly contain myself here!! If you looking for someone to guide you through the myriad of healing modalities that could help you begin your wellness journey...LOOK NO FURTHER, sweet soul, you have found your person! 

I have a Bachelors degree in Health and Wellness as well as a certification as a Health Coach from the American Council on Exercise. I am a practicing TNC, certified by the Association of Natural of Health. I am also a practicing Reiki Master Teacher, specializing in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression through therapeutic touch. I am a Meditation Facilitator, leading young adults through Guided Meditation. Did I mention I am also an Independent Essential Oil Distributor? I LOVE ESSENTIAL OILS! Best of all, I am a mom of three teenagers!!

My business is Jennifer's Wellness Consulting, LLC. Set up a meeting with me by contacting me at [email protected] or 262-227-9762. I look forward to the possibility of meeting you and working together to optimize your health!

Shari Peterson, TNC, Foodie, and MOM!

My name is Shari Peterson, and I have studied different aspects of health over the last 30 years.

As I have watched family, friends, and my own health change over the years, I've become an advocate in taking true healthcare back into the hands of the individual.

A healing journey can be overwhelming, but it is possibe, very possible. The beginning is always today.

You may struggle with where to begin and need some direction, my philosophy is to keep it simple and build from there.

I am a Certified Therpeutic Nutritional Counselor with a passion to help those who truly want to begin their healing journey.

You may contact me at the below e-mail.
[email protected]

Matt Otteson, TNC

Matt has been passionate about all things health for over a decade now. After suffering from extreme adverse affects from prescription medications at a young age, he found solice and truth from the raw food diet. This inspired a new outlook towards personal healthcare and a changed lifestyle. Matt is now a certified TNC and specializes in health coaching, food education, EMF education/protection, medicinal mushrooms and fermentation creations. Oh, and have you tried his kale chips?! They will convert you to a new way of eating with only one bite.

Contact information:

Matt- (385) 321-4092

[email protected]

Hannah (801) 906-1531

[email protected]


Hannah Otteson, TNC

Hannah has been on the journey to health for 5 years now and has healed her body of mineral deficencies, infertility, poor food absorption/digestion, and chronic infections. Her now husband, Matt, turned her towards the light side: fresh, organic, living raw foods and her life was changed forever. She has worked in health food stores and clinics and was a raw food chef at SLC's local raw-vegan restaurant. Hannah is committed to changing the world through concious eating and sustainable living. As a certified TNC she specializes in energy work,food prep & education, health coaching, herbal remedies and zero-waste living.

Together, Matt and Hannah offer a wide array of healing modalities. We customize plans for all of our clients-as there is no "one size fits all" button for health and healing. Let us change your life for the better, help you meet your goals and help you to live the best life ever!

Chelsey Huntsman TNC, LMT, Yoga, NMR

Aloha! I am dedicated to helping women align the natural rhythm of their body and soul, bringing them back to a state of health and happiness. I work with women who struggle with body image issues, eating disorders, hormone imbalances, weight, anxiety, and self love. We focus on therapeutic nutrition, mindful movement, and deep inner soul work. I am a firm believer that healing begins inside. As we fully love, respect and take care of ourselves, we can radiate that love out into the world.   focus on creating a unique healing experience for each client to support them in transformation. Neutral Muscular Release Therapy Available on Oahu, HI, I am a certified Yoga instructor, and offer Therapeutic Nutritional Counseling - Online group courses and also one on one sessions through Zoom. 

1 Hour Consultation is free Contact me at 435-262-7030 or [email protected]


Sandra Hansen, TNC, Reiki Master, Body Code Specialist

Sandra Hansen combines energy work as a Certified Body Code Practitioner with her service in Therapeutic Nutritional Counseling. She is a Reiki II practitioner and has products from Lumiceuticals to send harmonic light and chakra wand sessions.  You may contact her through her site HERE. All of Sandra's services are available remotely.  

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