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10 Steps to a Healthier You! SOLUTIONS instead of RESOLUTIONS!

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🥳 FUN FACT:188.9 million adults will make a New Year's Resolution! And a CRAZY 77% of those resolutions are health related.
Think about that.
The word SOLUTION is in the word resolution, dedicate this year to find your health SOLUTION.
The solution to your sleep issues, your body aches, your lack of energy, your environmental health concerns, your FEAR of what's to come....find the solution! You shouldn't have to live with questions about your own body - it's you and your body against the world 🙂
At Holistic Health Educators you won't have to look very far for YOUR solution. It's what we do, it's what we live, and it's what we deliver to our community on a daily basis.
Take a look at our 10 Steps to a Healthier YOU Program - we developed this program for everyone who 'owns' a human body, at any level of health education!
You'll follow the 10 pillars of health, learn WHY these are areas of your health that need attention, implement simple changes, develop strong habits through applied learning, and have FUN doing it! Our live weekly community check-ins are for support and Q&A as an added resource.

Drinking Water 
✔ Movement
✔ Nutrition
✔ Digestive Health
✔ Brain Health
✔ Breathing
✔ Sound Sleep
✔ EMFs and Electricity
✔ Emotional Health
✔ Detoxify Your Body

This program breaks down the components of living in a healthy realm, what you can do immediately to change your health trajectory, and shows you how easy it is to change your mindset surrounding your health.
You can watch some of the free videos on our site to see EXACTLY how entertaining we are 🙂
We offer GROUP PRICING for this program because accountability works!

Get your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors together and take the challenge - you'll learn exactly how to grab a hold of your health, create a healthier lifestyle & environment, and feel more confident in your health journey!
Just check the details here, we are happy to answer any questions!
Join our Free Community Calls & BODcasts LIVE!

You can join in the conversation, ask questions or just listen - either way you'll learn new things about holistic health, your body, and how much we LOVE your guts!