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10 Steps to a Healthier You!

Each Week: 1 Topic, 1 Quiz, 1 Challenge

Instead of trying to implement EVERY healthy habit you've ever heard of all at once (#overwhelming!), let us help you break this up into a step by step process. 

Each step provides hours of entertaining educational videos (these can be listened to as audios as well), supplemental information guides and 'cheat sheets' on each topic, and a short quiz to test your understanding, and then gives you the CHALLENGE for the week.

For example, the Step 1 Challenge tasks you with starting to drink 2 quarts of filtered water by 2 pm every day. You'll have learned about drinking clean water, how water affects your body systems, why it's extremely important to drink enough water, key vitamins and minerals, and more. We include instructions and tips to make your water more refreshing (some quick recipes are included!) so you can successfully complete the challenge.

The program includes weekly LIVE Q&A sessions and an interactive private Facebook group where we can see how others are implementing the challenges. 

Sound like a wheel of fortune? We think so! Every challenger who completes the program is eligible to receive the "Challenge Complete" reward. 

10 Steps to a Healthier You!


Restore vitality and feel in control of your health progress in 90 DAYS by following these 10 easy steps!

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10 Steps Towards
Holistic Health 

A Client-Tested & Science-Backed Guideline to Create Lasting Healthy Habits and Prevent Disease

Learn the Top Health Practices from the World's Healthiest Populations

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Behavior change becomes easy when knowledge changes mindset, and mindset changes behavior


Hear from Jenny, Amy & Karen about what you'll learn in the Holistic Health 10-Step Program! 

Testimonials 💬


Jennilyn helped me change my exercise, lose weight and build up my strength and endurance like you would expect from a trainer…..but it has also been so much more. In just a few months I’ve changed around nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress, energy, mental clarity, daily activity level, meditation, visualization, supplements, grounding….and we have so much more still to cover! I also dropped 35 lbs and went from size 40 in pants to size 32!


After losing weight and having a baby, I gaining 70lb, I slipped into some darkness with post partum depression and anxiety, I lost my well power, loss my confidence, lost my way, I knew I loved how I was before I gained the 70lb, and wanted to feel that way again, I started looking into keto thinking this was the best option for me and it was the fastest way to get back were I was. since I wasn't healthy anymore I started having medical issues/ back pain, I had to get my back pain taken care of, I went to a cryotherapy to help with the inflammation that I had in my back. That is were I meant the fabulous Jennilyn, this girl is absolutely amazing! so knowledgeable about everything willing to learn new thing I just love her passion, and how she kick ass with everything she does, she is my goal! when I started talking to her about me wanting to try keto she told me how passionate of keto she was, so on point that she could help I have been working with her ever since, she has helped me getting into keto, being more active, more knowledgeable, teaching me all the benefit about diet and intermitting fasting that I need I know. I work out with her two days a week and we kick ass as a team she makes me strong, I'm so glad I have found her and excited to see what happened next.


Wow, I have been blown away by the depth of Amy’s understanding of the human body's function.  I’ve taken the opportunity to benefit from her tips and advice…and I certainly do experience the positive effects thereof. My favorite and most meaningful moment for me was her message about how some people get told that according to tests there is nothing wrong with them yet they'll feel critically ill. This was a treasure to me because I had grown up in an environment where a lot of people were victims of such unfortunate mysteries. Amy went on to share about their close association with hundreds of specialist doctors from all fields of practices who have come together to provide solutions to all known human body ailments. Furthermore Amy shares the great benefits of just understanding how our human body functions and to learn to listen to it. Because of such information Amy shares, I now have better chances of doing something to improve my own health and definitely share these things with many people around me who desperately need it.


The training and knowledge I have received from Karen’s courses has changed my world forever! I truly now believe our bodies have the power to heal themselves if given the correct ingredients and correct knowledge.  I have gained a simple understanding and confidence in a world that is so confused and searching!  It is easier to identify and see incorrect procedures and methods that are causing so many health challenges now than ever.  Now I have very powerful tools and techniques that will help me live a healthier life and get my health back on track when I get off.  I love what this education has done for me and my family!  It has truly changed our world for the better!  


I regularly attend a gym, train for athletic events, work hard, and have a family that keeps me equally as busy.  I am physically strong, and have plenty of endurance, but was drinking about 30 to 40 ounces of soda each day at a minimum. I would eat anything that came along, packed with sugar or fat or salt, I didn't care because I thought I needed calories to keep my body going, In my mind I thought any calorie was a burst of energy I needed to digest and burn. With all that I was accomplishing, I wondered what else I could do? My energy level was pretty high, I felt happy! Could I have more energy?

I started learning Karen’s teachings and had the world of cell health opened to me! I learned that the energy I was burning wasn't healthy for my body, (which was why I would get sick every few months and crash with a worn down body) I took a true inventory of the way I felt and how different foods were affecting my body and emotions. I realized that I wasn't sleeping well at night unless I was completely exhausted. I stopped eating sugar, I stopped drinking soda, I added one full meal of fresh fruits and veggies into my diet each day and I began to drink water more often while refusing all sugar based drinks. My personal discovery after only a few weeks was that my strength conditioning up-keep at the gym was easier, I immediately began sleeping better at night, and in fact I am able to just lay down and fall asleep without working myself or reading myself into exhaustion. My energy level is consistent now, I feel strong and energetic all day without the craving or need to grab an energy drink. When I miss a week at the gym and return back I find my lung capacity and muscle strength right where I left it! My cells are maintaining their stamina, and strength because I am fueling my body with real energy from raw foods and healthier food choices and it is changing my life.  I am not just living healthier, I am getting stronger, and more efficient in every aspect of my life! I am doing it with the information I gain as I continue to study and learn more and more about all the ways I can change my life. A huge thanks to Karen and her team as they continue to change my life through educating me about Health!


Amy and Karen are absolutely phenomenal health coaches. I have been learning from them over the last 8 years and in that time they have completely transformed the way I view and understand my body, my nutrition and my relationship with myself and the world around me. Their knowledge is astounding and my mind is blown LITERALLY every time I talk to them and they help me understand things in a way that makes so much sense to me so it sticks with me! Amy has taught me to love and celebrate my body for all of the amazing things it does each day and I have a better relationship with myself because of it. The other thing that makes them so phenomenal is you can feel that they really care about you. You will become a part of their family and it truly is one of the greatest families to be a part of. I cannot recommend them enough!!!



10 Transformational Steps to Become Holistically You: Take control!

➠ Focused on your health but overwhelmed by internet searches?

Not sure where to start to improve how you feel, get to a healthy weight and prevent feeling sick and run down? 

➠ Hoping for your family to be on a better track towards optimal health?

➠ Worried that the ever-changing digital world is impacting your children's health negatively? 

The cost of healthcare IS rising, but YOU can take preventative action for yourself and your family!
Knowledge is power.

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10 Steps Towards Holistic Health 

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