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Karen and Hope: Tips for eating healthier sweets!

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What did the girl say when the dentist asked her what type of filling she'd like?  

"Chocolate filling, please!"

Now in our minds, THAT would be the perfect dental visit! 🦷

If you crave sweets, during this highly entertaining video post you will enjoy learning some of the “whys” and tips for eating healthier sweets! Of course, Hope and Karen have soooooo much fun together that even if you do NOT crave sweets, you will love this video!  

How do you know if you may be addicted to sugar?

Following are a few signs of that glorious sugar addiction:

  • Snacking all day
  • Craving something sweet during or after a meal
  • Craving coffee or alcohol
  • Always stressed or feeling “wired”
  • You crave carbohydrates early in the morning or late at night
  • When you try to eliminate sweets, your cravings get worse!

Guess what!  It is not YOU who is craving the sugars!  Enjoy watching and learning just who in you may be doing the craving!



hey everybody we are here doing a sweet video 
you're so sweet you're so stinky you're just me

no getting serious now some of you are out there 
and you're craving something sweet you get like

angry if you don't get something sweet you want it 
now what does that mean like so sweet can mean a

variety of different things and we wanted to show 
you not only why are you craving sweets but then

0:00:24.160- 0:00:30.000
what you can do about it i've been there i'm with 
you so you're telling me i don't have to eat ben

and jerry's all the time tell me more this has to 
do with the tongue now right quick an announcement

for this this is a news break announcement if 
you actually are overweight it changes your

taste buds and so what happens is it can dull the 
taste buds literally scientifically and then we

crave more things that are salty or more things 
that are sweet so there can be some reasons we're

actually craving some sweets right off the bat and 
i wasn't going to talk about those until later but

these become your best friends if you're craving 
sweets because quite often it's just an insulin

resistant issue right we have two we have insulin 
resistance and so zinc and magnesium and chromium

and and cinnamon these are all things that you 
can start taking a little bit more and you'll find

that a lot of your cravings for sweets actually 
diminishes so using cinnamon on top of the apple

using cinnamon in your morning drink i put 
cinnamon in everything this is my baking spice

mix because i like everything that's in my baking 
spice but this is a wonderful thing to be adding

so if you're going to do a granola because you're 
getting really craving sweets do your granola go

ahead and use some cinnamon on it after you make 
yourself some coconut milk so again there's a lot

of reasons that people actually do you know how 
many hands or she puts your hands in everything

in my house and i'm not even kidding like even 
have you have you seen karen's candy yet oh

so when you're craving something sweet yes there's 
a reason because you might be craving sweet the

other reasons can be candida overgrowth of candida 
overgrowth of parasites cancer those all crave

sugars and so we get kind of sugary we get that 
little craving like you have a nice big meal and

then you want just a pancake or just a cookie and 
that usually means that we want to go ahead and

get that that table tilted so what you're saying 
like this is like mind-blowing what you're saying

is that i have candida or cancer or anything and 
i'm craving sugar i'm actually feeding it yeah

it's actually feeding it to like grow bigger and 
stay in my body yes because normal human beings

don't crave sugar we just don't crave food when 
we're eating a normally balanced diet we might

not even eat until one or two because we're doing 
intermittent fasting we're just not craving food

because we're detoxifying in the morning so when 
we when we always have these cravings for sugar

it can be because you don't have maybe enough 
protein in the body so a lack of protein will make

you crave sugars um even well actually a lack of 
protein can make you even crave salts and so when

you're craving something the things to look look 
for are am i balanced in my macro nutrients right

do i have enough calcium and magnesium and you 
know do i do i have enough electrolytes do i

have enough trace minerals iodine because if you 
don't have enough iodine you might be craving salt

and so whenever you're craving something you want 
to sit back and go whoa why am i craving you know

so if i'm craving salt and that's in our next 
video then i might be deficient in this right now

we're talking about sweets and candida and cancer 
and parasites are one of those things that they're

alive in your body and man they're hungry so hope 
i'm really hungry right and so about making sure

you get tested for that and if you check out my 
candida handout if you're one of our students

easy tests you can do you can take a oh i have 
one here for somebody else but you can take a

glass that's clear and first thing in the morning 
spitting it right i'm not spitting on this because

this is for something later but anyhow but you 
can go ahead and spit in that glass of water

and you'll see that that phlegm that mucus should 
be sitting on the top if it starts to string down

then we know that we probably have a candida 
overgrowth all of you have candida so don't be

freaking out everyone has candida it's there for 
a reason it helps you it prevents diabetes right

because candida comes up eats all the extra sugar 
but what's really important is that when we have

a candida overgrowth we want to stop that because 
too much candida can lead to brain fog and toenail

fungus and vaginal yeast infections and all 
the array of i talked about candida extensively

and so we want to like get that out of there 
so that might be a reason you're craving sweets

we just don't want you we don't we're hoping 
to encourage you i can't say we don't want you

that sounds mean we are trying to encourage you 
to like find something like this to snack on so

if you're hungry you can care i call it karen's 
candy because it is so good these are these are

non-sweetened uh dried cherries and mangoes you 
don't even need many well and sometimes you're

so young you just want a sweet just a little 
something like it's not even like you're craving

it sometimes it's just like i just like the flavor 
of sweetness and i want to enjoy it i mean the

main thing i've learned from you carrie is that 
it's such a reminder that food should be enjoyed

like yes food is fuel for your body but there 
is nothing wrong with enjoying what you're

eating and we're going to show you how to enjoy 
sweet sweet and that brings a really good point

because if you in your home if a sweet was used 
as the welcoming when you went to grandma's house

you correlate having something sweet with love 
with compassion with being somewhere exciting like

and if you've gone out and you get ice cream 
because we're in wisconsin everybody eats ice

cream which isn't true in every state by the way 
and yeah so we correlate going out for a custard

with being with friends and family but when you're 
at home you start getting sad you might be craving

sweets because you want that little lodge that 
little that little nudge of love so maybe stop

and go um why am i sad and then we get in some 
of the emotional things i just wanted to show

and we did not go shopping for this video i hope 
so over at my house just let's shoot videos let's

do like four videos on on things and so i'm like 
okay so we're just like this is something that's

compared to like things that you can keep in your 
home and things that travel well so you don't have

to worry about being caught in a pickle with like 
crappy food because these are great travel foods

but these are also foods that you should just 
have in your home if anything i've learned from

having kids you have kids i have kids many of you 
have kids is if you buy it they'll eat it so if

you're buying crappy food they're going to eat it 
if you don't want them to eat it stop buying it so

this is your alternative karen tell us what we 
have yeah if it's not in the house they won't eat

it and this is actually how we sweeten we don't 
have sugars in our home the only thing i ever use

sugar for is actually when i make kombucha which 
are other videos and so these are just raisins

right these are dates if i'm gonna bake something 
i bake with date paste and so i just simply soak

dates in water and then i blend it after a few 
hours and i've got date paste and that's what i

use to sweeten things um i'll do the same thing 
with apricots these are apricots they're not

yellow like you would be used to seeing because 
there's no sulfides in it and this is just plain

apricots they taste absolutely delicious right 
um and then you've got your cranberries and these

are just organic cranberries and there's no sugar 
added to that and we just use them here and they

last a long time because it's not like we're a 
sugar addicted family so these things last and

last and last right karen's candy of course uh 
mangoes this is a big treat we actually get these

from costco they're organic and the family just 
loves mangoes and so do the family's friends when

the kids when they come over i love them these 
are actually plums and i like having plums along

because for the same thing you can actually mix 
plums and dates when you make a date paste you can

make a date plum paste which is actually fantastic 
for sweetening anything sounds like a pie in my

mouth it is pie in your mouth that's right and 
then of course you can't go wrong with raisins

if you follow recipes in my recipe book you'll see 
that i use a lot of these to sweeten things with

um we wanted to also show you so oh and there's 
like yummy treats like the you know the organic

you know apples that are so yummy and those are 
just dry those are delicious um and then one thing

that our donna amy loves to do she loves love 
love love loves if she's got a sweet tooth she

runs into our freezer uh when she's 
over and she throws a couple cherries

frozen cherries these are absolutely delicious 
they're like mothers nature's candy right so

candies is karen's candy is the dried 
cherries candy is the cherry cherries right

okay mention remember how i mentioned earlier 
sometimes when you're craving sweets you might be

missing something in the diet so we go 
back to magnesium and zinc and chromium

uh and some cinnamon but something else that 
might be missing is fats healthy fats when you

have healthy fats you don't crave things that 
are sweet uh and you might get to a point where

you're like starting you're starting to eat like 
the other day um i had i made a smoothie and i

put a whole banana in it i don't i don't i'm not 
a sweet person i'm sweet kind of but but i'm not

like i don't later crying sweets right and so 
i put a whole banana in this thing and i just

like couldn't even drink the whole things i just 
had gotten so far away from sweets that i was

i came up and ate an avocado right because it was 
just it was such an odd thing but that it takes

a while to get to that point i haven't eaten 
bananas in a very long time i don't like them

but um anyhow so one thing you can do is add 
healthier fats i'm going to show you how easy it

is just to add a healthy fat to your everyday diet 
this is just a can of coconut milk if you can buy

them in bulk like at costco you get six of them 
for eight bucks i mean it's really inexpensive

and i'm just gonna make coconut milk a lot of 
people are buying coconut milk but it's full of

chunks right emulsifiers and gargum and all sorts 
of stuff so this is just a can of organic coconut

so i have to say karen that i really recognized 
a few years ago i was craving sweets all the time

and i was eating healthy but i realized 
that i needed a lot more fats in my diet

and the second i could get more fats to my diet 
it was like my taste buds cravings everything

completely went away and i'm not like suggesting 
like i'm not on keto i don't like but i needed a

significant amount more effects than what i was 
getting and that was like a game changer for me

it is and i don't normally add honey but 
because i'm showing this to all of you

um i will add it and we're talking about sweets 
yeah if i have grandkids coming over then i'll

throw some honey in but i normally just use 
coconut i saw a can of coconut a can of water

and then i'm using vanilla i make my own vanilla 
if you've never made your own vanilla it is the

easiest thing on the face of the planet to do 
get a jar stuff it with vanilla beans cover

it with vodka amen done that's it and then 
shake it all the time right you just keep it

you just keep in the dark corner of your car and 
just shake it and shake it but within six months

you'll have this incredible vanilla but that's 
what i do and then i just mix it and shake it

so i'll just take this hope if you 
want to talk about something sweet yeah

i think one of the things important to remember is 
that when you're craving sweets or you know you're

craving sweets is being prepared so if you travel 
i work with a lot of truck drivers and travelers

and so many people wait until they're craving 
something or until they're hungry to decide to

go and do something about it so my suggestion for 
you today would be can you pre-pack some snacks

even if you work from home karen and i both work 
from home so having things like this on hand and

readily accessible is gonna help you when you walk 
into the kitchen or if you're traveling and you're

like oh i want to stop here to get some food and 
it's like horrible and you know it's horrible for

you reach back into your backpack and pull out one 
of these pre-packaged snacks pre-packaged me you

pre-packaged that's right this is fast yes and and 
you are going to find that those cravings start

to go away and then sure if you have something 
else you're not like oh my gosh i have to eat

the whole truck stop because you're craving sweet 
salty whatever it is be prepared is the key here

excuse me we're showing you a way to do that 
today yep and and that's exactly it so you're

gonna find in hope's car she has snacks in the 
car that she's made from her own house right in

our car we have the same thing and so do you want 
some coconut milk would that help with your coffee

okay i was happy to be standing in my very tiny 
efficient kitchen and you know um one thing taste

test that you can do this is start adding these 
healthy fats to anything you want to add them to

so i have no idea why did i just put this on 
and take it off and then put it on again i do

not know but this is a granola and this granola 
we make these recipes are in a cookbook they're

super duper easy but we don't use sugar in our 
granolas we'll use a little bit of date paste

and so imagine that you're just going to go ahead 
and throw some coconut milk on there throw it

snack is completely taken care of and 
you're bringing more fats in the diet

and yeah so if you're craving something sweet 
that's awesome try to figure out why you're

craving something sweet and then change the 
sweets from the pastries and the donuts and

all the things that you're used to eating choose 
something yummy like this right where you have

all this flavor bursting in your mouth and 
healthy fats to help yourselves i know hey

i just need to say that adding i have to 
be honest with you tell me adding frozen

fruit into a granola like cereal 
bowl might drop a game of changer

i could not even begin like holy cow you need to 
go home and you need to try this immediately wow

wow i just i'm beside myself so good you know what 
else amy told me she mentioned before we shot the

video she's or to visit you someone said hey how 
do you make that chia seed pudding another really

great recipe that is very satisfying when you're i 
got a sweet tooth and it's full of healthy fat is

just what i did now adding the the can of coconut 
milk in a can of water and then literally just

throw in a couple tablespoons of chia seeds how 
simple is this right and so i'm gonna grab a spoon

okay we're gonna make some chia seed 
pudding's fruity views delicious

and so now you can add anything to this 
i'll say just put this in the fridge

but you can go ahead right now before it thickens 
because chia seeds are going to thicken they're

going to absorb the coconut milk that you have 
in your jar and they're gonna thicken so right

now you could be throwing in some of the frozen 
cherries some of the blueberries my fat i've got

my blueberries right over here because that is 
my sweet i always have blueberries in the house

frozen and fresh but i'm gonna go ahead and 
dump some blueberries in there wow and could

i even put the frozen cherries in this you can 
get them and i'm going to throw in some cinnamon

this is so simple you guys you never have to worry 
about not measuring all that stuff out people are

just get too fanatical about that and so now 
you're gonna go ahead and just let this thicken

and in a half an hour we're gonna have this 
delicious blueberry you know cinnamon chia

seed pudding which i wish you all i could come 
over and eat with me because it's so wonderful

i mean i guess could we just like wrap this 
up by saying like don't be overwhelmed like

if you have never like done anything like 
this before like pick one of the things

like if you were like i could totally do that 
with a can of coconut milk like do it until it

becomes automatic tell it's like this is how 
your family does coconut milk or if you want

to make the granola get karen's cookbook it's 
amazing or whatever it is like start having just

the mangoes laying on your kitchen counter i mean 
just something like don't make health and fitness

overwhelming i mean this is so simple and you 
guys if you could only taste it right now it is

so so good good and chia seeds are simple you 
can get chia seeds at walmart for now so you can

get cheesies anywhere so again chia seeds are one 
of the wonderful super foods and chia seeds just

they're very satisfying and so i hope we helped 
you enjoy a little sweet tooth moment here

cheers cheers that's right share it everybody 
we think you're sweet you are so sweet

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