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Discover For Yourself How Positive Attitudes, Vibrant Energy, Amazing Health, And Great Libido Comes From The Cellsโ€™ Context!

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Our daughter Rose informed me she wanted to sew a quilt.  

Being only 11, she needed to learn how to operate the sewing machine first.  I told her I would teach her how to sew with the sewing machine the following day. The next morning I woke early to find Rose snuggled on our couch reading.  She popped off the couch and exclaimed “I finished!  I read the owner’s manual and I am ready to sew!”

If only learning how these human bodies work was as easy as reading a manual!  Not that reading a sewing machine manual is easy…..but really? Figure out how to whip up a healthy body in a single morning snuggled up on the couch? Do you think it’s possible?

The answer is…..YES!  IT IS POSSIBLE!

There are many societies and industries claiming our bodies are more complex than we could ever possibly understand.  There are endless studies done each day, assigning 27 letter words with fancy claims and names that make our bodies seem too hard to figure out. Yet, the answer to if we could ever understand the body in a morning on the couch remains – yes. You could read a book (or a few) and figure out the secrets to amazing health.

It’s science, but it’s not rocket science. 

Our bodies are not that hard to understand when you take a bird’s eye look.  We have some pretty incredible systems that all flow perfectly together, working in harmony to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells while cleaning up debris left behind.  Building these systems cell by cell determines the health of the system. Healthy cells duplicate – one mother cell passes all of her knowledge and purpose to her two daughter cells, then they in return do the same thing passing their information and knowledge and purpose to their daughter cells.  Thus one healthy cell creates two healthy cells, and one sick cell creates and divides into two sick cells.  Pretty simple from a bird’s eye view.  And considering we are made of 70-100 trillion cells, the health of our cells is pretty important! 

As this is not a science newsletter, we will move forward.  I for one LOVE cells and can write about them forever, but let’s get down to making a healthy cell environment so you can live with abundant energy right away! It’s a CELL THING!

First, I need to make something very clear…..


May I repeat…..


This is called the context principle.  The context of the cells’ environment determines its overall health! If we can harness this great thought and lasso the ingredients we need to create this environment, healthy cells are ours forever! Creating a healthy cell environment becomes the number one chapter – the MAIN chapter in overall heath.  Our systems all have their own chapters – The Great Immune chapter, the Living Lymphatic Sewage System chapter, the Complex Circulatory Delivery System chapter and so on, but the greatest chapter is the Eco-Your-Cell Environment chapter. 

If YOU desire better health, if YOU desire greater cell integrity, if YOU desire better libido, better organ function and balanced hormones – then this chapter is for you! And, this chapter in your overall health is the central, middle and final chapter of this article. 


1) the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences; surroundings; milieu.

2) the air, water, minerals, organisms, and all other external factors surrounding and affecting a given organism at any time.  

Well that about sums it up! Short chapter eh? 

 AHHHH! The CONDITIONS, AIR, WATER, MINERALS, EXTERNAL FACTORS, INFLUENCES AND ORGANISMS around and in each cell MATTERS! May I hit my magic Staples button here……”Well That Was Easy!”

How do we create a healthy liver? How do we create a healthy heart? How do we create a healthy immune system? How do we build healthy organs, glands and systems? Easy! One cell at a time. 

Following are points to fantastic cell health:  

A) Living Foods – Foods that are alive and not cooked, packaged or heated, but rather fresh, sprouted or fermented. Living foods are loaded with phytonutrients, bio photons, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids! And may I add, they taste GREAT!

B) Plant Proteins – All proteins on earth come from plants. Proteins are simply amino acids linked together, like letter of the alphabet creating the words on this page. The letters are amino acids and the words proteins.  If you want more proteins, eat those foods rich in amino acids = PLANTS. Eating fresh produce is the protein power punch to your day! (and a quick yes for those wondering if I am aware of oxalates, histamines and so forth - but for most humans, plants are the #1 source of protein and life! Please check out my blogs on histamines and oxalates, and how a compromised GUT is what is actually the issue! Lets get that healed!)

 C) Plant Minerals – all minerals on earth come from the ground. Repeat that out loud with me now, “All minerals on earth come from the ground.” YES!  There can be hundreds of minerals in one rock.  The plant sends roots down to break apart the rocks, then those roots suck up the minerals and delivers them to the rest of the plant while bio-transmutating them into usable minerals our body can utilize when we eat the plant! Simple!  Stop eating rocks (99% of what you purchase in a health food store or pharmacy is a ground up cheap rock) and eat your plants! (Well, not all of the plants you have are edible, let’s stick to produce for the sake of this article…) 

D) NON GMO Food – GO ORGANIC!  Genetically modified foods have been proven over and over and over to be harmful to the cells of animals and humans. GMO foods are not allowed in our home, store or licensed kitchens, nor in many countries throughout the world either! Please research this TODAY – for the sake of your cells health - eat organic foods! (Please and thank you) 

E) Distilled or Pure Water – The city water is chalk full of hundreds of toxic contaminates, including fluoride and your neighbors pharmaceuticals (no kidding).  We highly recommend a good distiller to remove all of that trash.  NO – if you drink distilled water the minerals that makeup your bones and tissues will NOT be magically sucked out – rather the minerals that are rocks from those overpriced rock bottle minerals we purchase are finally removed from the body! Check out our distilled Talya water for a real water trip! 

F) Fresh Oxygen – Breathe! Enjoy Yoga! Pranic Breathing! All of the air you breathe in is processed and circulates through the body to each cell – use essential oils in diffusers, take deeper breaths, meditate, and just breathe for great cell health!  (Take a deep breath now! Inhale, exhale….Start today!)

G) Exercise – NOTE: exercise is not a four letter word, it is a word you should do often! Exercise IS the pump of your lymphatic system, the only pump it has so pump it up! Move those toxins out of those cells! Richard Simmons here I come!

H) Sauna and Detoxing – we at Karen’s Energy are HUGE into detoxing the cells.   If you are not on a detox program, please consider stopping in or giving us a call. The sauna is a favorite and the detox programs make a major difference. 

 I) LIMIT WI-FI and EMF Exposure!  Use texting, keep the phone away from the head (those gadgets for phones will NEVER block the high frequencies, or your phone would not work! 95% of the gadgets we have tested I would not recommend), no laptops for kids or tablets in their laps or phones by their non-developed brain barriers!, turn off the router in your home when you are not using it or simply go back to Ethernet cable (we did, no WI –FI in our five buildings….), never keep a phone in your bedroom when sleeping (unless it is off and on the other side of the room) and please ground that body of yours! Stand outside, hug a tree, stand on stainless steel or aluminum foil, use a BioMat – just ground! 

 J) Positive Attitude, Positive YOU!  – Your thoughts ARE frequency – they become your reality.  If you were told you have cancer, then you think you are cancer and that you have it – STOP! You can kill off cancer cells by the thousands by thinking of how healthy you are!  Make some changes and raise the frequency of your thoughts to those of a positive nature. Forgive others for making mistakes or not living up to your expectations; love others for who they are, what they are trying to do, and what they offer to life; be kind to all those you see and meet; serve anyone and everyone each day with words, actions, or just a smile; be patient with others as they are patient with you; and finally my favorite English word ever – allow, allow others to be exactly who they are without judgment towards them for anything.  Now these are high frequencies that kill off cancer cells! Couple that with a new diet, detoxing of the cells and lymphatic excitement and viola!– you are a new healthier person!

Is it really that easy? Can you really just make a few changes and see a difference? Of course! We see it every day!  Your body does not know how to be sick – it knows how to be healthy!  It is designed to regenerate, rebuild, fix up, reignite, reattach, rework, multiply and create health from within.  Our bodies have amazing parts that all work together building each other up and supporting each other gland to gland, organ to organ in this amazing, synergistic, lipid based bag of cells called the HUMAN BODY.

When Rose snuggled into the couch and began to read the owner’s manual on the sewing machine, she wanted to learn how it worked.  She was determined to create something beautiful using the machine sitting in front of her.  She needed to provide beautiful raw materials to make something beautiful.  She needed determination and patience, willingness to screw up and start over again, and above all, she needed an understanding of how the machine operated.  

May you endeavor to seek out those books, articles and classes that educate you on how your AMAZING body works, so you can live with energy and never be sick again! Discover you CAN LIVE WITH ENERGY and THRIVE Without Fear, Sickness or Dis-Ease!


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