Each Week: 1 Topic, 1 Quiz, 1 Challenge

Instead of trying to implement EVERY healthy habit you've ever heard of all at once (#overwhelming!), let us help you break this up into a step by step process. Entertaining and easy to follow, program is your one-stop for creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family!


Let's take a peek inside:

Examine your water sources, contaminants in everyday water sources, how hydration affects your body, what should you add to filtered water to help you nervous system, are just a few of the topics covered in this step.  Plus a fun challenge to get you back on track with your hydration!
How movement affects each system of the body, movement vs. exercise, the importance of movement in relation to the lymphatic system, 3 moves you should be doing every single day, and more! This challenge helps you re-evaluate movement in your day - and helps you with habits to incorporate into your everyday!
Sleep deprivation can actually harm many of your body's systems! You'll learn 21st century sleep disruptors, how to optimize your sleeping environment, a checklist for sleep hygiene, what to do about insomnia or sleep deprivation, and of course - a sleep challenge to incorporate what you've learned!
Learn all about the organs in the digestive systems and what their functions are, how to keep your organs away from surgery or removal, overcoming constipation, the microbiome, SIBO, acid reflux, leaky gut, allergy and intolerance issues and more! The challenge will have you paying attention where you may not always pay attention ;)
This monster section is jam packed! Healthy vs Unhealthy Fats and how each affects brain health, "Superfood Kitchen Tour!", anti-nutrients and the causes of leaky gut and other gastrointestinal issues, proteins/amino acids and how to get protein outside the animal kingdom, if need be. There's a "What we eat in a day" video in there as well. This is just a few of the topics covered, and the challenge surrounding meal hygiene will pull it all together for you!
An in depth look at the chemistry of the brain, excess or deficiencies in: dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and glutamate and other important chemicals, treating PTSD, the endocannabinoid system, neurolinguistics programming, neuroplasticity, rewiring your brain for the better, and so much more!  The brain challenge will introduce you to the correlation between healthy fats and a healthy brain!
This step is all about something you may not think about a lot - but it is so important! Learn about nose breathing and why it matters. Learn the breathing practices ancient tribes used for centuries that gave them optimal teeth, wide jaws, proper digestion, and better longevity. Discover which breathing styles affect athletic performance, sleep, and overall health. You'll also receive breathing tips and practices to include throughout the week. 
 EMF's & ELECTRICITY: Frequencies are EVERYWHERE! We'll teach you what they are and what they actually do! Learn the frequencies that harm us and the ones that heal us, TDSN: mitigating EMF damage, make your home safer, connecting to the earth for your health and more! This challenge will reinforce the importance of grounding.
This step may improve your entire home! You'll learn how other people's frequencies affect you, what environmental influences affect vibrational frequency, the beauty of dynamic emotions and Amy's "emotional pie" chart, 5 ways to improve the emotional health in your home, different forms of therapy (EFT, Emotion Code, counseling, Psych K, journaling, walking, and others), and more. This challenge is an eye opening look at the frequencies around you!
and our Grand Finale! Detoxification. We dissect the myths about detoxification, how to make it a daily and life-long process, learn how toxins affect each system and why it's important to detox in proper order, learn how daily detoxification improves the function of the systems, Our FAVORITE practices that promote detoxification (on top of having regular bowel movements!- #1), dry skin brushing, sauna-ing, fasting, movement, different cleanses, and so on! This challenge will have you trying something new!

10 Easy Steps to Become A Healthier You! 

The cost of healthcare IS rising, but YOU can take preventative action for yourself and your family! 
Knowledge is power.

➠ Focused on your health but overwhelmed by internet searches?

➠ Not sure where to start to improve how you feel, get to a healthy weight and prevent feeling sick and run down? 

➠ Hoping for your family to be on a better track towards optimal health?

➠ Worried that the ever-changing digital world is impacting your children's health negatively? 

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