Meet the Board

Captivating. Motivating. Determined. Selfless.  
Just the kind of charisma you want in any a meeting with this group, no-one is ever board!

Meet Karen Urbanek - President

Karen’s passion for life, excitement for health, and love of people come together to make her a dynamic and motivating educator.  Once you hear her speak, you will hear her zeal and expression in your mind as you read her book, cook-book, blogs or emails!

In 2008, Karen's family opened Nature’s Garden Health Center in the remote city of Allenton, Wi – Population 400.  People came from hours away to shop at the only non-GMO grocery store, which offered the largest selection of organic produce in the state!  Of course Karen’s jam-packed educational classes in this remote farm field area were a sign that things were going well!

Within a few years Karen’s family was busy with two wellness centers, two organic grocery stores and two cafes in WI and Utah.  By 2014 Karen’s passion for teaching led the family to close everything and focus solely on education.  Karen’s TNC course is offered worldwide, and available right here on her dream site, I2H2E, where she can introduce you to the amazing Doctors and Professionals she has met along her journey! Karen relishes in studying, their 11 children, 4 grandchildren, creating recipes, and writing!


Meet Amy Smith - Vice President

Entrepreneur at heart and mother of 4, Amy has over 25 years experience in the Health and Beauty industry.  She has a firm belief and passion for improving peoples' lives through healthy eating and nutrition as a way of life, and not just the next fad or diet.

She believes that life is an adventure, full of opportunity, and that by living in the moment, can bring the greatest rewards.

After a break from the business world to raise her 4 children, she has returned with renewed excitement and a new appreciation for natural healing!

As a TNC graduate and owner of several businesses, she loves educating her clients about the power of food and positive energy for restoring balance and healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Meet Dr. Michelle Jorgenson

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is a mom, holistic dentist, speaker, teacher and TNC. After a personal struggle with mercury toxicity, Dr. Jorgensen has become passionate about holistic dentistry and focusing on a whole-body approach to dental and overall health. Dr. Jorgensen lectures regularly to groups of alternative care providers, dental professionals and people interested in holistic health. They come to learn from Dr. Jorgensen because of her love of learning and her insatiable need to find answers to the health problems that plague our world today. She has since authored a book on Holistic Dentistry, has a biweekly podcast with experts in holistic care, and writes health and wellness articles and free special reports on the latest health trends and topics you are interested in. She has found her life mission, and wants to help people regain their health so they can squeeze every ounce of joy out of their lives possible! When not at work, Dr. Jorgensen is busy with her husband, four children and her own mini-farm, which includes a large garden and orchard, chickens, a dog or two and extra kids and animals always adding to the fun! 


Meet Dr. Essen

Dr. Essen is an accomplished Nationally Certified Naturopathic Practitioner who runs the Whole Life Clinic. He is the creator of the Holistic Healthcare Partitioner course offered worldwide and will be avaiable right here on I2H2E. Dr. Essen specializes in electrodermal screening with an emphasis on autoimmune disorders. Nutritional counseling, Aromatouch Instruction, ONDAMED therapy, Essential oils, and many other natural modalities. Using high tech and well established evaluative techniques Dr. Essen assesses and educates his patients about why they may have health issues and how to eliminate them.  He enjoys traveling, biking, and spending time with his wife and two girls and resides in Minnesota. (The girls do NOT get jealous of his love for camels...)


Meet Hope Zvara

Hope is an enthusiastic breathe of fresh air!  Breath, Body, and Belief are the pillars of Hope’s mission in Helping Others Purposefully Excel, and yes, that spells HOPE!. Hope is a  nationally recognized speaker, best selling author and lifelong yogi and core integration expert.

Her early struggle with a life threatening eating disorder and then the loss of her first child led to fully guiding others to a life worth living.

Hope specializes in functional movement mechanics, full core integration exercises, and mindfulness and yoga that are accessible to everyone.

Hope is the creator of Core Functional Fitness and runs an online movement studio.  She is also a certified meditation teacher and has taught more than 15,000 hours of classes and taken more than 5,000 hours of training'!

Hope lives with her husband, three children, and owns and operates Copper Tree Yoga Studio in Wisconsin.

EDUCATOR AND MASTER TEACHER - Helping You Take What You Do On The Mat Into Your Everyday Life!

Meet Mimi Thomas

After working 42 years in public and private education, MiMi Thomas could not stop!  Currently she is teaching art therapy at Second Chances in Southern Utah working with troubled youth. Mimi has been a presenter at numerous conferences throughout Utah.Mimi’s accomplishments include: Elementary Art Educator of the year, Art Educator of the year State of Utah, a  Consultant on Ethnomathmatics: a top 100 website for math teachers, ABC the Arts and Me." Art Teacher of the Year", Lapoint Elementary "Teacher of the Year", West Jr High  "Teacher of the Year", LDAU (Learning Disabilities Association of Utah presenter,  "Teacher of the Year" for Utah state working with learning disabled children.Mimi has had numerous health issues since birth and has been on an adventure to heal since her 20's. After trying many avenues, she realizes what we eat, what we think, moving our bodies, and avoiding negative energy are some of the most important issues affecting our health.  She has studied many alternative methods to aid in the process of healing. She wants to share with the world that we can all feel better and be in a happier place with our health and our lives. She is the mother of 5.

Meet Monique Swanson

I am passionate about leading and equipping others to break their barriers (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional) so they become the person they were created to be, and achieve their goals beyond what they believe are possible.  As a certified professional co-active coach, I currently work with clients desiring to transform their self-limiting beliefs, break free from self-sabotaging behaviors, and increase their personal effectiveness and leadership. Additional related training and experience include Leadership Coaching, Certified Facilitator for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (trained 100’s of people in principles & concepts of personal leadership); Nutritionist, with extensive experience coaching clients with emotional eating; Founder and Director “Bread of Life” Support Group (for disordered eating); Personal Fitness Trainer; retired Police Sergeant (25 years).



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