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Top Sleep Tips from 3 Health Experts (for anyone who enjoys sleep or funny animal pictures)

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☀️ Hello there, Sunshine! ☀️

How was your sleep last night on a scale of 1-10? 

(1 is as restless as the neighbor's barking dog, and 10 is a bear in hibernation)

Does your partner snore

Do you toss and turn?

Were you completely out like this dog Skip?

 Do you hold yoga poses even in your sleep like this animal version of Hope Zvara?

Today we are sharing SLEEP TIPS from 3 health experts:

Dr. Mike Bennett (Certified Sleep and Pain Expert)

HHP Karen Urbanek

TNC Jennilyn Griffiths

*You may recognize sleep expert Dr. Bennett from one of our recent Facebook Live videos, as we shot many videos with him for our upcoming Human Body Master Course which will be officially launching September 2nd.*

Our beta testers are in the program now and exploring!  This program is for people who want the relief, convenience, and excitement of finding tried and tested health solutions from our most-trusted professional friends in one place.  Can't wait to share more in weeks to come...

Dr. Bennett explains why a collapsed airway = poor sleep = major health issues, and what we can do about it...

Dr. Bennett teaches us that because some people's jaw under-developed in childhood, there is not enough room in their mouth for their tongue to stay in proper position while they sleep. This results in their tongue collapsing into their airway and causing repeated suffocation while laying down (cue the jolting while snoring). This prevents a person from ever being able to stay in REM sleep, which can lead to ADD/ADHD, bed-wetting, anxiety, depression, heart disease, digestion issues, and many other problems.

But fear not: there is a solution! Locations that offer Vivos appliances will create a personalized mouth-piece for you that will help your jaw (or your partner's jaw) form properly and pull the tongue back into place. Within months people see phenomenal results. Watch the short interview here and check with your dentist to see if they offer it yet! (If not, Dr. Bennett recommends they check out to see how they can provide the service.)

HHP Karen Urbanek shares 1 hour of audio filled with sleep facts and tips for how to get some good "Zssss"

(Listen to this while driving, working in the kitchen, etc., here's the link...)

 One of my favorite tips from her audio was to make sure the temperature of your bedroom is COOL... we sleep far better in cooled temperatures. The body has a hard time sleeping when we are too hot!  I also found it interesting to learn specifically what times our body CAN heal, and why adhering to our circadian rhythm can make ALL the difference in our body's healing.  

TNC Jenny shares "3 Simple Tips for Better Sleep"...

Jenny became a TNC years ago and currently works at a health clinic and arranges Fitness Summits. She LOVES LIFE and is full of vibrant energy for anyone who needs an extra boost of love! She shares:

The quality of your sleep influences everything -- your mood, your weight, your immune system, how fast you age, and it helps to prevent chronic disease.

When you sleep, your body repairs cells, cleans out toxic waste, and completes neurogenesis which is the making of new neurons in the brain. 

Sleep is so crucial to the body that in studies done in rats, the rats were sleep deprived for just 3 weeks before they died. Every system in our body relies on sleep to take time to repair itself, and it is unable to do so when we are sleep-deprived.

We are going to dive into the most restorative stage of sleep, deep sleep. Deep sleep is where the body repairs DNA. Here are 3 tips on improving your deep sleep immediately.

1. Unplug all electronics at night and put your phone in airplane mode.

WiFi signals and cellular signals negatively affect sleep cycles. They will diminish your deep sleep significantly. The electrical impulses that result from plugged-in electronics also interfere with deep sleep, so unplug all of them at night, and if you can, keep your TV in the living room. Your bedroom should be associated with sleep only and not television. It is helpful for your brain to separate sleep from entertainment. 

(In other words... don't be like this cat...)

2. Invest in blackout curtains!

Your body sleeps best in completely dark environments. Any amount of light can disturb sleep cycles. Even if your eyes are closed, your mitochondria in your cells are light-sensitive and will sense any light and give signals to your body that’s its daytime. Do your body a favor and make your room dark like a bat cave! Blackout curtains are inexpensive on amazon!

3. Stick to the same bedtime schedule every day!

The more you can stay on a regular schedule, your body’s circadian rhythm gets synced and will support deep sleep. Aim to fall asleep before 11pm, as you get the best deep sleep from 11pm-2am!

There you have it! Try these 3 tips out and watch your sleep and health improve!


Note from the editor: I (Amy) started following these tips from Karen and Jenny after I put this together a few days ago, and I started sleeping better immediately! I really needed this post this week, so thank you Karen and Jenny!  I thankfully don't have a jaw or snoring problem but I now recommend Vivos to anyone I meet who does.

 I hope you can find something useful in here that will help you and your family get the restful, rejuvenating sleep you need! 

Have a great week everyone and much love from our home to yours! 

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