It has been such an honor to meet and present on the same stage as Dr. Morré and his wife Dr. Dorothy Morré!

Their contributions to the world in research of the ENOX proteins and creation of their amazing Capsol-T and Oncoblot testing is valued everywhere by millions.

In writing this article, I scoped the web and found the most interesting thing! Almost everyone selling Capsol-T was using my original work! It sure was fun to note! Following is an updated article in its entirety, that I wrote many years ago when we first started selling Capsol-T.

REALLY BAD NEWS: Over 27,000 people will die from cancer TODAY and at least 6,000 Americans will be told they have cancer. It is no surprise that approximately 1 in every 3 individuals is living with cancer as their constant companion.

REALLY GOOD NEWS! Laboratory results show that in an early intervention trial, CAPSOL-T® eliminated early cancer markers in 94% of subjects testing positive for cancer cells! (1)

“This research is the most amazing research I’ve seen in the last 30-40 years!” One of the Doctors who attended a CAPSOL-T presentation, referencing CAPSOL-T® and the ONCOblot. Test

What is CAPSOL-T®?

According to D. J. Morré, CAPSOL-T® consists of food grade decaffeinated green tea concentrate and food grade capsicum powder in an optimum ratio giving an approximately 100-fold synergy compared to green tea alone. One 350 mg capsule of CAPSOL-T® has been shown in laboratory studies to be equivalent to drinking 16 cups of green tea but without the liquid and without the caffeine (2). 

Proteins: Our Building Blocks for LIFE

 ENOX Proteins

Your body is a protein machine, manufacturing hundreds of thousands of proteins. They are involved in virtually all cell functions. Each protein within the body has a specific function. Examples of different proteins are: Antibodies, Contractile Proteins, Enzymes, Hormonal Proteins, Structural Proteins, and Transport Proteins. On each cell of your body there are

ENOX proteins.

There are both ENOX1 and ENOX2 proteins.

ENOX1 (aka cNOX) proteins are not dangerous. These cells are regulated and wait for signals in order to grow.

ENOX2 (aka tNOX) proteins are found on every cancer cell in the body. If a cell has the presence of ENOX2 proteins, the cell can be labeled as cancerous. Cancer cells grow completely unregulated, invading and spreading without regulation..

Laboratory Research – Killing Cancer Cells

Laboratory findings show that the overactive tumor associated ENOX2 protein can be blocked by quinone site inhibitors. CAPSOL-T® is formulated with two known quinone site inhibitors: Catechins such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) from green tea and a companion substance from chili peppers. Agents that block ENOX2 (tNOX) interfere with the ability of cancer cells to enlarge to the size required for cell division. Cells that do not reach the size required for division undergo apoptosis or programmed cell death. 

Thus, if we can block the ENOX2 protein with CAPSOL-T®, cancer cells cannot grow large enough to divide!

Extensive laboratory research under the direction of Dr. Dorothy Morré at Purdue University have shown that the constituents of the decaffeinated green tea and capsicum mixture in CAPSOL-T® inhibit the growth and division of cancer cells without affecting growth of non-cancer (normal) cells. Dr. Morré was a member of the Purdue-UAB. In collaboration with the University of Alabama-Birmingham, the universities promoted interdisciplinary botanical research for the prevention of age-related diseases. The National Institute of Health donated to the college's’ study of compounds in botanicals used to reduce the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cognitive function and age-related diseases.

The CAPSOL-T® Discovery

A December 1998 presentation by Doctors D. James Morré, Ph.D., distinguished professor of medicinal chemistry at Purdue, and his wife Dr. Dorothy M. Morré, Ph.D., professor of foods and nutrition at Purdue University to the American Cell Biology Conference (3) outlined the discovery, identification and investigation of the tumor associated protein tNOX (ENOX2), the molecular target for CAPSOL-T®. 

The discovery of tNOX (ENOX2) was an important advancement in understanding how cancer cells are able to grow and divide unchecked. tNOX (ENOX2) is uniquely associated with all forms of cancer but is absent from normal cells.

World Health Organization statistics note a much lower cancer death rate in countries with a diet high in consumption of chili peppers, especially Mexico and Thailand. Research has shown that a group of compounds referred as “vanilloids” has important anti-cancer benefits. Capsaicin, the pungent (hot) principle of chili peppers, is one well-studied example of a cancer-fighting vanilloid. In CAPSOL-T®, the pepper source has been selected to maximize cancer-fighting ingredients other than vanilloids or capsaicin to avoid discomfort due to pungency (hotness) but without loss of anticancer properties. 

The Health History of Green Tea

Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years in Asia where it is thought to promote good health and still remainsone of the most popular beverages in China and Japan. All tea is the leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant. The three maintypes of tea are black, green and oolong.

Harvesting and processing green tea is very labor intensive. It is usually hand plucked; only the first two leaves and the bud are harvested. 

Epidemiological observations have shown that people in Japan and China (green tea drinking countries) have very low rates of cancer. In Western countries, epidemiological observations tend to confirm that a higher consumption of green tea is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. It is firmly understood and strongly believed that green tea inhibits cancer cell growth. The health benefits and anti-cancer properties of green tea have been attributed to the catechins of green tea, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), which exhibit important anti-cancer properties. EGCg may also have a role in cancer prevention.

 Drinking four cups of green tea is beneficial but ten cups or more every four hours of green tea daily is required for measurable benefit. This is a bit too many cups of green tea for the average person to consume! 

 The recommended daily dose of CAPSOL-T® prepared from decaffeinated green tea concentrate provides the green tea ingredients equivalent to 16 cups of green tea every 4 hours such that potentially therapeutic levels in the blood are maintained throughout the day.

This is important because the CAPSOL-T® must be present at the surface of cancer cells at growth-limiting concentrations for at least 12 to 72 hours in order to initiate cancer cell death by apoptosis. If the cells do not die and the CAPSOL-T levels fall, their growth may resume. 

The Data….

Preliminary Clinical Intervention Trials

According to research by D. J. Morré, CAPSOL-T® has been tested in patients and has a safety profile similar to green tea. CAPSOL-T® is manufactured under quality controlled conditions and is laboratory tested and standardized for amounts of active ingredients. 

Since CAPSOL-T® is a dietary supplement based on food grade natural materials; evaluation by the FDA is not required for its use. According to research by D. J. Morré, there have been no adverse effects associated with CAPSOL-T® use. 

CAPSOL-T® is all-natural and contains decaffeinated green tea and Capsicum powder, both of which are extremely safe. CAPSOL-T® is well tolerated and appears to be safe to use in conjunction with current cancer drug protocols, radiation treatment or other drugs in general. When decaffeinated, vitamin K is also naturally removed. 

CAPSOL-T® is not intended to replace and should not replace medications used to treat cancer. One should never discontinue treatment or medications without a doctor’s permission.


• Safe/GMP • Food grade -decaffeinated • Effective • Standardized • Synergistic

• Targeted to ENOX2 • Prohibits cancer cell growth • No effect on non-cancer cells


Presentations on CAPSOL-T® have been given to doctors across the country, and to qualified technicians. Doctors are recommending CAPSOL-T® to their patients as a dietary supplement.


CAPSOL-T® is sold in bottles containing 180 capsules for $150.00.  As no one may sell it for any lower than $150 legally, we decided to give a bottle to anyone purchasing 5 bottles! So yes, 6 bottles for the price of 5. (They never said I could not give it away!)

 The recommended dose is one capsule every four hours. It is crucial to keep CAPSOL-T® in the blood stream consistently, as the constituents in CAPSOL-T® need to be interacting with the ENOX2 proteins for 24 to 72 hours to activate cell death. If you miss here and there, or skip a day, your cells may build a resistance to CAPSOL-T®. Consumers of CAPSOL-T® find setting their alarm on their phone to ring every 4 hours is very helpful, others have designated times such as 8, 4 and 12 both am and pm to take the capsule. Studies have shown that 94% of those, with early stage cancer, using CAPSOL-T® for six months have no more cancer markers.

 We have sold Capsol T for over ten years worldwide and there have been no adverse effects associated with CAPSOL-T ® .

CAPSOL-T ® is all-natural and contains only decaffeinated green tea and Capsicum powder, both of which are used daily by many, and are very safe. CAPSOL-T ® has been used with current cancer drug protocols, radiation treatment and other drugs safely, but one should always consult with their physician before starting any natural protocol. 

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(1) 100 subjects enrolled in an early detection trial with CAPSOL-T® early intervention have revealed the following trends: • 61% of subjects presenting no clinical symptoms were negative in the ONCOblot. test. • 39 of the subjects were positive in the ONCOblot. test. • Of 39

subjects with markers testing positive for early stage cancer, 12 were identified as non-small cell lung cancer, 10 as breast cancer, 6 as lymphoma/leukemia, 1 each for ovarian, melanoma, prostate and colon, and 7 having transcript variants not yet in the database. • Of

subjects completing 6 months of CAPSOL-T® early intervention, 94% tested negative for cancer presence.

(2) (D. J. Morré and D. M. Morré: Synergistic Capsicum-tea mixtures with anticancer activity, J. of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 55:987-994, 2003)

(3) (D. J. Morré, D. M. Morré, A. Bridge, L.-Y. Wu and D. M. Morré. 2000 Preferential inhibition by (-) -epigallocatechin-3 gallate of the cell surface NAD