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It was early morning when I was checking emails in my office in Draper, Utah.

As I opened an email that day and briefly read it, I exclaimed something to the effect of “why can’t people stop looking for bad? Why can’t they just find joy?!”

I bowed my head as my happy countenance started to fall……the power of an email written by someone looking to complain about something.

Then, an eyeball peeked in from the doorway……then the tall slim figure of our teenage daughter Rose slipped in and she quietly asked, “Mom? Can I give you some advice?” ….she smiled that little quirk of a smile, and started singing “the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, but I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake!  Shake it off, shake it off!!”

I laughed.   She had brightened my morning with a simple chorus from a now popular song by Taylor Swift. 

How true!  How true it is! The day was made bright again by shaking it off.

Too often we allow darkness into a room of light, oftentimes unknowingly.  Sometimes it creeps in…like the email from someone you really should respond to, because you feel it is your duty to explain your point of view…...honestly, you are right with your beliefs, yes?

After all, they are writing to you to convince you they are correct and you are wrong.  However, by responding with how you are correct only fuels a fire…one that most often burns.  Here is the solution:

Over fifteen years ago, a good friend of mine shared ten words that changed my life forever.  She said…..

“It’s not your job to convince anyone of anything.”

Wow!  It wasn’t?  I could just walk away?  Let them think what they wanted? Be free from having to convince anyone of a viewpoint? 

Before you start slipping into the tempting world of finding fault, blame, or having to stand up for all you do, consider a few tipping points to shaking it off and letting others cool down:

Interestingly, the first three tips are the same you use to fight dangerous EMF’s. Check it out:

#1          Time – how much time are you spending on a negative issue? The less time you spend near negativity, the less it affects you.If you are engulfed in negativity, you will be negative. 

#2          Distance – how much distance is there between those who are negative towards you? Are they in your inbox? Facebook posts? Instagram? That is often far too close.  You need distance to protect yourselves and your cells. 

#3          Shielding – you NEED shielding in all cases of negativity.  Happy words, a smile, songs that make you feel glad to be alive, and people that LOVE the “who” in you. 

#4          High frequency foods to lift you up.  This is REAL!  Revisit the frequency chart in my book LIVE on page 157.  The foods that are higher in frequency WILL raise your angstroms…it’s a cell thing.  

#5          Change your surrounding – the music, colors, layout of furniture – change it up! Change where the silverware goes and throw off the whole house! 

#6          Choose different friends.  Perhaps start hanging out with those who have happier outlooks.  If you keep finding yourself making friends with negative people all of your life, WAKE UP! It may be YOU! 

(Now don’t take that personally….although it was a bit straight forward. Truly look at what you can do to raise the frequency you are giving off, so those who are negative simply won't want to play….)

#7          Choose your feelings carefully.  It is easy to wake up and think about all the negativity you are facing and to feel sad. It’s easy to think of the x-spouse, the coworker, the kids at school, your boss and find feelings of negativity.  Something you need to realize is that NO ONE MAKES YOU FEEL. 

That is your choice.  Our children were raised with me reminding them “so-and-so did not make you mad, that was YOUR choice.” It drove them crazy, until they were older and figured it out. They really could change their feelings towards anyone and any situation! 

#8        What emotions are you feeding? Pondering on? Living daily?  If you feed negativity and despair, you will feel it.  If you feed positivity and forgiveness, you will become it. 

#9         DANCE!  Move the body and literally shake it OFF!

There are many other tips to share, but this is a great start to another wonderful day!

ENJOY Shaking it off!



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