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Removing Dangerous EM and WI-FI in your home!

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Almost every week my husband Roger is in homes across Utah filtering and explaining the basics of WI-FI protection, router usage, cell phones, and filtering for the dangerous dirty electricity and transients in the walls of your home. 

The difference in those suffering with Parkinson’s, Diabetes, MS and other debilitating disease is undeniable! 

Almost everyone who has diabetes both Type 1 and 2 has found they can lower their insulin requirements after filtering their homes, some in half.  

Many others, mostly type 2, after implementing diet changes, are off their supplemented insulin in weeks all together.  

No, I am not making a claim, Yes, I am sharing with you other’s results!  If you want to know where to place the router, how to shield from the WI-FI coming through your walls, how to detect WI-FI, how to use your cell phone safely, and if you have interest in using capacitors to delete the transients running rapid in your home walls, watch my videos and research on line.

As mentioned in many publications, medical journals, and testimonials worldwide, the Stetzerizer filter we use your homes acts as a capacitor and is designed to remove harmful EM radiationin the form of high frequency voltage transients or harmonics. Commonly referred to as "dirty power," this electrical waste emanates from most of the electrical appliances, electronics, dimmer switches, fluorescent lighting and "energy efficient" compact fluorescent bulbs, computers, TVs, and almost anything apart from standard lightbulbs, and it affects YOU!

Everyone living in the homes we have filtered can feel the difference, and you will feel the difference too!  

Frequencies are absolutely the new concern on the health frontier, as we are exposed to dangerous frequencies daily.  Cancer cells grow over 1,000 faster when exposed to these harmful frequencies.   

Learn how to check your exposure and learn a great deal on frequencies at our Prevention and Overcoming Dis-ease Presentation.

Enjoy a great weekend! 



PS Check out my video “The Electrical YOU!” formore information on frequencies! 

Want to filter your own home? 

Filters are designed to be installed throughout the home in a pattern that corresponds to the distributed nature of the need. For example, installing two filters (or one Stetzerizer power strip) close to a desktop computer or a television is normally appropriate and effective. Installing filters, normally from two to six, close to the input power panel is recommended to address high frequency currents entering on the power lines. The total number of filters required depends on the size of the home, the amount of electrical equipment, and the quality of the power from the grid. Twenty filters are normally adequate for a "typical" house.

Installing an inadequate number of filters tends to result in overloaded filters, leading to an ineffective solution. The preferred installation method is to be guided by the STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter, which measure the amount of high frequency energy present.. Readings of 30 or lower indicate an acceptable environment, while readings of 50 or higher indicate a need for additional filters. Not everyone is able to achieve readings under 30.

 The best practice is to use the "20% rule." When adding a second filter to same circuit, you should see a 20% reduction in the reading on the meter. For example, if your initial reading with no filters is 750 G/S units, and then after 1 filter is installed it is reduced to 50. You should try installing a second filter to the same location (electrical circuit) and the reading should drop to 40 or below. If the reading only drops to 47 for example, it would be more effective, and cost-effective, to possibly use that filter somewhere else where it can reduce the reading by 20%.

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