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Our Family Secrets To Staying Healthy 

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A dozen years ago or so, I attended a meeting of executives. I was to give a presentation on food to this fine group of well suited men, and a few women, at a very long stately board meeting table. Just prior to the meeting I excused myself and went for a brief walk in the hallway.

“What in the world am I doing here? I am out of my arena; these are people I have so little if anything in common with, besides our blood pH!” I pulled myself together remembering that they had asked me to come, and were more than polite to me when I came, and heck, I should just picture them in their fancy underwear right? Mom always told me that......

They asked my opinion on a few matters they were covering before my presentation. Slightly hesitant, but honest as always, I commented happily when appropriate. Then, the moment I was anticipating had arrived. I proceeded to give an energetic and perhaps entertaining short presentation. After the meeting, the president came over and pulled me aside and asked one simple question “Karen, where do you get all your energy?” to which without hesitation I replied “President, I eat it!”

That conversation is where the name Karen’s Energy came from. If you want energy, you need to eat it!

That being said, people ask me frequently what I ate today, or what I do to stay healthy. In this time of great sickness and illness among so many millions of families, I thought it a good time to share what we do in our family. Take it or leave it, but here is what we find keeps our family out of the doctors’ offices and clinics, and in great healthy shape!

Water: We drink water – lots of water! The adults in the home drink one quart of room temperature or warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it upon rising. By noon we have most likely drunken another quart. The children drink a glass of water before school, and then when they get home. Water is sent for lunch time too. We drink distilled water with trace minerals added. Distilled water acts like a magnet to pull toxins out of the cells, The liquid trace minerals enhances our minerals consumption while at the same time binding with any toxins that may be present in the water (if bottled in plastic, from the tap or even purified).

Other good water is RO water, spring water, and if you ever want to see what comes out of your water, just bring a gallon to any of our locations and we will distill it for you!

Food: We eat organic living produce until noon. Green drinks, fruit shakes, fresh fruit or veggies, that makes up our morning fuel. We eat superfoods in there as well, adding hemp seed, maca, gojiberries, bee pollen, Karen’s Green Energy – Blue Energy – Berry Energy or Citrus Energy to our shakes or drinks.

Perhaps once a week I will break out and make some yummy gluten free waffles or pancakes, but that is not every day. Cereal, if you can believe it, never enters our home! No Box Tops here I am afraid! We make raw grawnola that we all love in the afternoons on a cold day, but that’s it! (We top it with fresh, frozen or freeze dried raspberries and blueberries…YUM! Fresh almond milk for the milk…..) We have monster salads for lunch (and sometimes dinner), delicious homemade salad dressings as the topper. We avoid adding too much oil to our diets, just enough from avocados, nuts and seeds, and our dressings do not have much oil, but they sure have TASTE!

Dinner is an array of things, mostly veggies and then a bean, rice noodle here and there, or quinoa. Quinoa being our family favorite!

Supplements: I take magnesium each morning and night. In most studies done, more than 75% of Americans are terribly magnesium deficient. Along with Mag I take Zinc and some vitamin D3 in the fall and winter months, and B12 and iodine a few times a week if needed.

Because we eat a lot of raw sauerkraut, we do not take many probiotics, but I for one LOVE coconut yogurt – the raw living yogurt we sell as CoCoYo, and i make kombucha weekly. If we did not our probiotics, then I would add living probiotics from Megafood each day. Roger enjoys minerals as well as more nuts and seeds, even adding pecans and nut mix to his morning drinks. 

We always have on hand if someone starts to feel sick: Oil of oregano drops, herbal immune tinctures, OnGuard or other essential oils to diffuse, cayenne tincture and colloidal silver.

NOTE: We sell only Megafood whole food supplements for our vitamins, because they test very well and they are FOOD! Most supplements are rocks and synthetics – which is not OK in my book. That is why we only have one form of Vitamin C, B12, D3 ,Blood Builder etc at our store. Who needs all those choices? We make is simple, and if we won’t use it for our family or with our staff, we sure won’t sell it to you! 

Exercise: Yup, that is it! Having raised a rather large crew of children, one thing we did not have much of was extra time to run to a gym. That being said, we needed to exercise at home when we found time so I fell in LOVE with…..get ready for this……RICHARD! Yes, Richard Simmons is still my man (second to Roger of course.) I have done the Beach Body exercise program, and have other DVD’s and tapes as well, but I still just love a good aerobic workout with Richard! Almost every morning I do yoga tool. I LOVE YOGA! Other members of the family enjoy the YMCA and gymnastics. We all enjoy biking in good weather, and hiking the trails.

DETOX: Last but never least is the detox element. Our cells are constantly creating spitting images of themselves. They MUST have a healthy environment to maintain their integrity. Cell detoxification is crucial for anyone living! I personally love the sauna. I enjoy 45 minutes at 135-145 degrees a few times a week. Skin brushing is enjoyed by all of us girls. Roger works physically hard every day so his body is always detoxing by sweating. 

Along with exercise and eating right, the body needs to maintain a healthy environment for our cells, and this environmental atmosphere can either make us ill or keep us well! Our family uses a Biofeedback Scan to detect any imbalances in the cell. We follow a protocol a few times a year to detox and walla! We feel great!

Smaller Size Children: We use tinctures for our younger children. They get regular doses of Kid E Mins daily (2 Droppers morning and night), and a couple droppers of Kid’s Immutrition a few days a week to build the immune system. They also take some B12 and Vitamin D3 as well. Our children eat a pretty healthy high pH diet, which alone helps keep them healthy. Again, make sure your vitamins are 100% whole food. Upwards of 95% of inventory in some vitamin “health” stores are synthetic or rocks! Or, to make matters worse – isolates. That means in the lab they “isolated” a compound from the whole fruit, herb or flower and just manufacture that one compound separately from the synergy of the whole food. 

This was a longer email, but I woke up this morning and felt to share with all of you, and your beautiful families, a little of what we do in our lives each day. Fun!

My daughter just brought me a fresh organic Clementine and its flavors are bouncing around in my mouth.

Let fruit become a mainstay in your home. Frozen organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mango's, pineapples and blackberries are in our freezer in 5# bags every day. We sell these at both locations for YOU to have at home too! Let the kids make smoothies. Turn them into popsicles and fruit roll ups and let the children eat fruit all day every day. Heck, many times our children take nothing but fruit to school for snack and their lunches! Listen with your cells to the callings for fresh living foods.

They will nourish, strengthen, and cleanse each precious cell, making your body a fortress against illness and dis-ease.

Enjoy a wonderful week and eat that produce! Your cells will thank you!


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