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Muscle Testing on Vacation???

muscle testing vacation
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One day last week, I had driven 14 hours on only an hour and five minutes of sleep. It was getting late, and I was more than ready for bed. I found a Motel 6 and a truck stop in Colorado and stopped in to check out the room. It was clean and the new owner was kind, I was sold. Except…

My gut told me to muscle test, so I did. I muscle tested three or four times and kept getting the same answer - I wasn’t to stay there.

I couldn’t believe it! I was exhausted! I thought to ignore the answer I had gotten and just stay. But then I thought of my clients who had overcome serious dis-ease by trusting my muscle testing, so I left…

The next town was an hour away. Amy checked out the hotels for me online, and we both felt good about one. As I entered the hotel there was a woman with a headache so severe, she couldn’t even open her eyes. She was in incredible pain. I pulled out a new peppermint roll-on essential oil I had just purchased and had her apply it on her forehead and temples. muscle testing, AO scan mobileI had my magical traveling bag with me and gave her the products she needed for her severe migraine.

It wasn’t for the hotel that I was led another hour down the road, it was for this woman who was in extreme pain and didn’t know where to go that hour of the night.


If you would like to learn how to use muscle testing to figure out what is going on within the body, what modality would be best to help, or simply to find the best hotel when traveling, our three day live training is for you!

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We will we be sharing an extensive amount of physiology, teaching about the different systems of the body, and how you can best test and discover and then treat disruptive health symptoms and dis-ease. 

Muscle testing and using pendulums will be taught every day. Each person who attends will go home better able to muscle test and douse for themselves, their friends and loved ones.

It’s ENERGY – something the world is waking up to!  We are electric, EVERYTHING is electric and therefore we can test electrical currents in and around us.  It’s an atomic thing!

Looking forward to seeing you live in person or on zoom for this fabulous training!

PS – We reserved a block of rooms so we can all stay at the same place if you are traveling! Come PARTY with all of us for three days! Who doesn’t need that!?


Happily, the hotel was fabulous! It was the best stay I had in two weeks of traveling. Extremely clean room, large and spacious areas, homemade breakfast even homemade green chili sauce, talk about a bonus stay!

I have used muscle testing with extreme success and can share stories that would blow your mind. I’ve used it in helping our family, clients, and have list-tested places to stay, things to eat, even to find dinosaur tracks on hiking trails! 


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