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Let the Light in! Don't be Blinded by Fear and Darkness.....

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It was 5 am and dark in our room this morning while I lay thinking about the excitement in our lives when I noticed the blinds. I watched the sun rise, and because they were not closed tightly, as the sun crested the horizon there was a burst of sunlight streaming through the blinds. Our room was no longer dark. The light filled the room so suddenly that the room could not become dark again, until the light went out. 

Then, I thought of you, the thousands of people we have reached out to during our classes and presentations, while shopping at our store, or while engaging at an expo. 

Perhaps you felt or saw light stream into your world in relation to health. Perhaps after attending one of our classes, the body made more sense and you felt inspired to live a higher law, or a higher way of health. Perhaps you felt driven to make changes and became slightly on fire to live free of illness. That light, which comes in so many forms, started burning in you and you felt reborn. 

Then, after a few months, or a year, or after those around you started to murmur about your new eating habits or exercise routine, or some old habits started slipping back into your life, your light started to dim. 

At this point, some turn on flood lights, but for many, that is not so easy. They give in and go back to old habits and old friends, favorite restaurants and poor comfort foods, thus regaining their original state of ill health, or lack of energy.

I feel driven to remind you that you were born and designed to live with energy!

The common cold, flu, headache, nausea, narcolepsy, sinus trouble, cancers, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, you name it, these are symptoms. Symptoms always have a cause, and you can treat the symptom (often by pharmaceuticals) or eliminate the cause, thus eliminating the symptom.

You get to choose.

Type 2 Diabetics get off all their insulin. We see it/hear it all the time! When you learn about those great beta cells and where insulin comes from, as well as what food requires it – and then act on it you take control. Lowering the intake of foods requiring insulin, while increase health to the pancreas and Viol! No more insulin!

Cancer is not a death sentence. There are dozens of ways to heal cancer – there are dozens and dozens of ways to eliminate cancer. Cancer is simply ACIDIC CELLS – Cells damaged by acids. It’s a cell thing. Change the environment, change the cells. This is something I am passionate about, because it works!

If your light has faded, if the darkness of fear and despair has set in, it is time to step back into the light! There is always hope! Do not live in fear. Do not live feeling despair. Do not be pressured. Instead, live with choice. You have a voice! This is your health!

It doesn’t matter to me where you take classes, just get educated.

Understand where your organs are, what they do, what frequencies are and how they are found in everything and how they affect you.

Let knowledge replace your fears!

Believe. Believe in yourself and the magnificent body given to you and re-learn how to use that body for ultimate health.

May I extend a word of thanks to our amazing family and staff. Their energy, support and their own knowledge sets them apart as true beams of light! The children raised in our home live and breathe health to all they meet whether they are at elementary school, college, boot camp, on missions or babysitting in Israel!

Today is the day to start again. Today is the day to live with hope; you can live with energy and never be sick again! That is how you were designed!

To have a body as complex as ours and not understand it can only lead to ill health and suffering. Perhaps it is time to read and understand the manual.

Step back into the dawn of your day, look up and see how light can flood your life, and become recommitted to a healthier lifestyle.

We have compiled recent testimonies for our investors. I felt to share them with all of you. Perhaps they can give you hope, or help reignite the divine light of health that lies within your amazing cell walls.

To your amazing health!

Karen Urbanek

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