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Karen and Hope: Getting healthy salt into your diet!

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 Did you hear about the guy who was addicted to eating salt?

Don't worry, he was cured.

HA!  Seriously!

If you are craving salts, there is a reason!  The number one reason would be a lack of minerals, or an imbalance of minerals.  There are many ways to enjoy healthy salt and obtain a healthy mineral balance, and this video shares many of them!

We each need healthy salt in our diets and using the best salts can help improve our health, our skin, sleep, weight loss goals, heart health, it will also keep us hydrated and SOOOOOO much more!

Bring on the Himalayan salt! (well, within reason….)

In our home we have salt lamps, take salt baths, use salt infusers, and I recommend salt inhalers to many of my clients.  Is it no wonder I promote healthy salt?

Replace the junk iodized table salt with Redmonds Real Salt, Arctic salt, sea salt, or Himalayan (my fav) and feel the difference!


If you look at your salt label and see the expiration date was six months past, you may just think:

Guess I waited too long to use the 250million year old Himalayan salt!

Have a great day!





0:00:00.720- 0:00:03.040
are you feeling salty karen a little salty

0:00:04.240- 0:00:09.280
i'm feeling a little crunchy right now oh no we're 
not talking about sit-ups right now whoops my bad

0:00:10.240- 0:00:14.880
everything's about sit-ups isn't it it is that's 
right so we're talking about salty and crunchy

0:00:14.880- 0:00:19.360
foods that's is and so if you are craving 
something salty or craving something crunchy

0:00:19.360- 0:00:24.560
this is just an idea panel really quick to let you 
know why you might be craving something salty or

0:00:24.560- 0:00:31.200
crunchy so this is like basically the 
video alternative to doritos cheetos

0:00:31.760- 0:00:39.840
um fritos why do they all end with oh oh i don't 
know i don't know oh well here's your alternative

0:00:39.840- 0:00:44.240
karen tell us what we're working on okay so when 
you're creeping salt number one reason people are

0:00:44.240- 0:00:49.040
craving salt is because they need minerals period 
so you've heard the word electrolytes can't say

0:00:49.040- 0:00:53.280
on that word all that is is macro minerals right 
so we need minerals there's macro minerals trace

0:00:53.280- 0:00:57.440
minerals macrominerals are the minerals that are 
most abundant in your life trace minerals are

0:00:57.440- 0:01:01.360
those that you don't need a ton of but you still 
need them like iodine or your thyroid doesn't

0:01:01.360- 0:01:06.080
function and so when you're craving salt often 
it's because you have an electrolyte imbalance you

0:01:06.080- 0:01:11.120
have a mineral imbalance and so you want it so if 
you're craving salt there's a couple things number

0:01:11.120- 0:01:16.320
one probably eat some salt right your body's 
craving some salt and so look at okay either i

0:01:16.320- 0:01:20.720
actually need salt and so go ahead and take your 
salt or your container of salt and put a quarter

0:01:20.720- 0:01:26.880
teaspoon in your water but you'd want to use yes 
i was just gonna say but not all salt is created

0:01:26.880- 0:01:31.520
not all salted cream this is real salt um actually 
this is himalayan salt but we use himalayan salt

0:01:31.520- 0:01:36.640
we use real salt there's antica salt there's a lot 
of wonderful salts that are out there but never

0:01:36.640- 0:01:41.200
ever ever use iodized salt for anything except 
the foot bath that's what works best but anyhow

0:01:41.200- 0:01:45.680
and so you don't want to be using any of those 
salts because they actually have i won't even

0:01:45.680- 0:01:50.240
get into the salt controversy right now but i will 
tell you that real salt himalayan salt those are

0:01:50.240- 0:01:55.360
they help create the same ph in the body that the 
body already holds because it has so many minerals

0:01:55.360- 0:01:59.840
in it where you eat and iodized salt and you're 
going to be drying some of those minerals out of

0:01:59.840- 0:02:05.360
the body period and you're not you're not actually 
creating a a sparking environment and minerals are

0:02:05.360- 0:02:08.960
the sparks of life and so when people are craving 
salt often it's because they don't have enough

0:02:08.960- 0:02:12.560
minerals but it also can be because you're not 
sleeping very well so if you're like you wake up

0:02:12.560- 0:02:16.640
and you're craving something salt did you actually 
get enough sleep the night before right and so

0:02:16.640- 0:02:21.680
making sure that we're sleeping enough having 
a salt deficiency can be representation of um

0:02:21.680- 0:02:27.200
maybe you have a few extra pounds that we need to 
lose right because if we are if we have more extra

0:02:27.200- 0:02:33.360
weight on our body that affects our taste buds and 
so if we can decrease some of the extra weight we

0:02:33.360- 0:02:38.240
might have our taste buds will come alive i've 
told that to people for over 15 years i'm like

0:02:38.240- 0:02:41.680
you're gonna lose weight and you're gonna love 
everything like no i will never eat a tomato

0:02:41.680- 0:02:44.960
i'm like no you're gonna love tomatoes you know no 
you're gonna love this because they don't realize

0:02:44.960- 0:02:49.200
that their taste buds are completely influenced by 
how many extra pounds they might have in the body

0:02:49.200- 0:02:54.560
and so they become dull to salt that's why you 
see people who are a little extra weight always

0:02:54.560- 0:03:02.320
putting more salt on everything right so many high 
sodium diets yes geared towards obesity and people

0:03:02.320- 0:03:07.680
who don't have a lot of extra weight we're like 
oh man weight on the salt right but i i've seen

0:03:07.680- 0:03:12.240
people who get pregnant and they gain a lot more 
weight and they're putting salt on everything now

0:03:12.240- 0:03:16.880
mind you they're pregnant they need more minerals 
right so they think their body's like just salt

0:03:16.880- 0:03:21.440
it just salt it we're here to show you other ways 
to get those minerals my very favorite is celery

0:03:22.160- 0:03:28.240
so celery is that wonderful product that can help 
balance the sodium and the potassium levels of

0:03:28.240- 0:03:33.600
the body and it's crunchy so it's it provides 
salt to the body but it also gives that crunch

0:03:33.600- 0:03:37.920
so celery is one of my favorite snacks the 
kids grew up with containers like this full

0:03:37.920- 0:03:42.800
of celery soaking and carrot soaking and they 
just grab a handful and go to school so celery

0:03:42.800- 0:03:48.480
is one of those phenomenal things celery um 
because how i mentioned how it helps balance

0:03:48.480- 0:03:53.840
that sodium potassium the sodium is what allows 
water to go into the cell where potassium helps

0:03:53.840- 0:03:59.120
pull extra water out of the cell and that has 
both of them in there so good if and how and

0:03:59.120- 0:04:03.920
where else can you get salt well obviously uh you 
can get them when you're nuts and seeds these this

0:04:03.920- 0:04:08.640
naturally these are salted so pistachios that i 
i get a lightly salted pistachio because they're

0:04:08.640- 0:04:13.280
delicious and they're fun when you have that 
little salty craze um i make a sprouted pumpkin

0:04:13.280- 0:04:18.160
seed these are just some pumpkin seeds that i 
soaked overnight and then i put a teaspoon of salt

0:04:18.160- 0:04:24.000
on them and you know kind of shook them up and 
then put them in my dehydrator really easy nuts in

0:04:24.000- 0:04:29.440
and of itself because nuts are so full of fat they 
help get rid of salty cravings as well so nuts

0:04:29.440- 0:04:34.160
are really wonderful vinegar helps to get rid of 
salty cravings and then we have snacks of course

0:04:35.840- 0:04:40.960
so the snacks that are easy a lot of people are 
familiar with popcorn but there's sorghum as well

0:04:40.960- 0:04:45.600
you can sprout and sprout you can pop some soy 
gum you can sprout you know pop some popcorn

0:04:45.600- 0:04:50.720
all of them are fun we just don't do a lot of 
corn in our home this is so delicious so if you

0:04:50.720- 0:04:57.200
are feeling like popcorn is your nemesis which is 
kind of mine um i love popcorn this was like so

0:04:57.200- 0:05:02.000
light and like no seeds getting stuck in your 
teeth and it was just like the flavor was so

0:05:02.000- 0:05:06.000
good and you know what's so interesting 
eating this was like you didn't feel you

0:05:06.000- 0:05:09.840
know sometimes if you eat too much popcorn it's 
like you kind of just have that like uh feeling

0:05:10.560- 0:05:15.920
i mean i just had a handful of it last night but 
this was like so satisfying you don't need a lot

0:05:15.920- 0:05:20.000
no you don't need a lot and i know it's like 
super tiny but it's like so delicious and it

0:05:20.000- 0:05:24.160
comes in a bunch of different flavors yep and you 
can also pop your own so you can grab your little

0:05:24.160- 0:05:29.120
popcorn popper instead of popping corn you can pop 
sorghum and then you can add different seasonings

0:05:29.120- 0:05:33.920
to it italian seasoning is really good on those 
kind of pop products this is a fun product

0:05:33.920- 0:05:39.760
because it's all sugary and salty and it's just 
very these these dang right products these are

0:05:39.760- 0:05:44.400
a coconut chip and there's many places that make 
a coconut chip i bought this for this presentation

0:05:44.400- 0:05:48.080
we were walking through the store and i'm like 
oh my gosh we should get some coconut chips right

0:05:48.080- 0:05:52.000
because they're easy to grab and they kind of 
satisfy that that munch munch and they've got

0:05:52.000- 0:05:56.080
that little salt you know i had a couple of these 
yesterday and you could almost make a little bit

0:05:56.080- 0:06:01.440
of a trail mix with the oh sure because they were 
like not thin but not thick but you could almost

0:06:01.440- 0:06:05.440
mix some of these together and just have it like 
a nice little handful or add some raisins and now

0:06:05.440- 0:06:09.520
you have sweet and salty so you keep you keep 
that kind of thing in the car don't you yeah

0:06:09.520- 0:06:13.600
this is like what i travel with a lot um i just 
noticed like all of a sudden when i get angry

0:06:14.240- 0:06:20.240
angry it's like pull over immediately 9-1-1 and 
so i always have things like this in my car and

0:06:20.240- 0:06:24.880
i have three kids and they're all in like where 
they eat the whole house stage so my oh this is

0:06:24.880- 0:06:30.960
almost 13. so having stuff like this in my little 
middle center council is like absolutely essential

0:06:30.960- 0:06:34.240
or they're like begging me to stop for places 
for things that they know they shouldn't have

0:06:34.240- 0:06:38.800
so having these types of snacks is awesome in my 
car and the one thing i love about it as a mom

0:06:38.800- 0:06:43.760
is they don't go bad so fast so it's like 
i can have these in there for a week or two

0:06:43.760- 0:06:46.400
maybe they don't need them but then all of a 
sudden they want them and it's not like check

0:06:46.400- 0:06:52.480
the expiration date oh it tastes bad now oh it's 
sour whatever like this stuff works so awesome i

0:06:52.480- 0:06:57.840
also okay really quick and move on in the back of 
my car i have a crate and it's like all my things

0:06:57.840- 0:07:02.000
that i always want to keep in my car which is like 
extra gloves extra hat because i live in wisconsin

0:07:02.000- 0:07:07.680
but extra snacks so i have unopened stuff 
pistachios nuts different things like that

0:07:07.680- 0:07:12.640
so then they're gonna keep longer but when they 
are hungry they just are like okay and they reach

0:07:12.640- 0:07:16.480
in the back seat and it's been such an awesome 
thing it's like why didn't i think about this

0:07:16.480- 0:07:20.000
sooner because every time they get home from 
school from a ski hill we're going somewhere

0:07:20.000- 0:07:25.120
everybody somebody's hungry the second we get 
in the car it's like we just were in the house

0:07:25.120- 0:07:29.440
how are you hungry now but it always happens so 
these are awesome things as a mom that you're easy

0:07:29.440- 0:07:33.600
travel easy win yeah and that's that's really what 
we want you to look at we want you to look at how

0:07:33.600- 0:07:38.480
can we make it fast and easy and realize okay i'm 
craving something salty let's make it something

0:07:38.480- 0:07:43.520
easy so it's not salty and fattening at the same 
time and something kind of fun if you have someone

0:07:43.520- 0:07:47.760
who's angry in the house who gets kind of just 
upset give them something crunchy crunchy foods

0:07:47.760- 0:07:53.280
release anger and so carrots and and sorry to 
say anything that's crunchy like that just really

0:07:53.280- 0:07:57.920
helps even these these are considered crunchy as 
well those really help get out aggression so it's

0:07:57.920- 0:08:01.680
kind of a fun thing and people love to hear that a 
lot of people like to hear themselves crunch right

0:08:02.640- 0:08:06.640
now yeah they just love hearing crunch crunch 
crunch they like to hear it in their head and so

0:08:06.640- 0:08:10.960
giving people that crunchy food sometimes also 
helps them just to alleviate a little bit of

0:08:10.960- 0:08:14.480
extra stress and who would have known you can 
de-stress by eating something crunchy you know

0:08:14.480- 0:08:18.080
but it's a lot easier to de-stress eating 
something crunchy than something soft and

0:08:18.640- 0:08:22.080
you know i will say someone that has struggled 
with anxiety in the past there's nothing better

0:08:22.080- 0:08:27.600
than hearing that crunch like there's something 
that happens like neurologically that it's like

0:08:27.600- 0:08:34.240
all of a sudden my serotonin in my brain is like 
oh like it's so satisfying to hear that like

0:08:35.280- 0:08:39.520
um and just know that that doesn't have 
to come in a bag of disgusting chips okay

0:08:39.520- 0:08:44.000
cool point on that note crunching from an apple 
what does crunching usually say to the body

0:08:44.000- 0:08:49.200
it's fresh right and so that's why people get 
so excited when they hear something crunch

0:08:49.200- 0:08:53.200
and i read an article on this quite a while ago 
but it was when they eat something fresh and

0:08:53.200- 0:08:57.520
there's a crunch to it they go oh my gosh it's 
so now even if it might be a potato chip their

0:08:57.520- 0:09:02.000
body thinks oh calm down it's something fresh 
even though of course this is not a proponent of

0:09:02.000- 0:09:06.880
eating potato chip idea right now that is part 
of the reason it's amazing what an awesome tip

0:09:10.080- 0:09:14.800
we keep these crackers in the house because 
they're fun and we'll have moodle avocado on it

0:09:14.800- 0:09:20.160
we'll have it with something we i we actually do 
quite a bit of raw crackers so i do the flaxseed

0:09:20.160- 0:09:25.040
the fatsy crackers i love flaxseed crackers but 
lily likes these and since we only have well we

0:09:25.040- 0:09:29.280
only have one child under 18 but we have lots 
of them living here anyways but now she's the

0:09:29.280- 0:09:33.360
only one i'm responsible for and so we keep those 
around because it's fun and then we found these

0:09:33.360- 0:09:37.280
and i only bought them because we're doing our 
show if i buy these more than once a month i eat

0:09:37.280- 0:09:41.920
them but anyhow so i buy those a couple times 
a year and they're so yummy but they're paleo

0:09:41.920- 0:09:45.280
they're grain free and they're a little bit salty 
and they're just yummy so they're kind of fun

0:09:46.160- 0:09:49.200
i don't do a lot of snacks but these 
are really good i think the biggest

0:09:49.200- 0:09:53.920
message here karen i'm getting from you 
is like don't over complicate and like

0:09:53.920- 0:09:59.040
just a little bit can not only satisfy that 
craving for something crunchy or salty but

0:09:59.040- 0:10:03.760
it's also helping your body on such a deeper level 
that you don't even know what's going on and so if

0:10:03.760- 0:10:08.000
you're craving those things sweet salty crunchy 
it might be worth investigating a little bit more

0:10:08.000- 0:10:12.080
because there could be a reason why you're craving 
that so maybe the doritos aren't the answer

0:10:12.640- 0:10:17.520
and maybe the pistachios or the seeds aren't the 
answer but these alternatives are going to be way

0:10:17.520- 0:10:21.840
better than the doritos and then definitely all 
of your programs like you dive so deeply into

0:10:21.840- 0:10:28.080
like the whys behind stuff so if you're curious 
definitely checking out more of what karen has

0:10:28.080- 0:10:32.960
with the holistic health practitioner program and 
the tnc total nutrition program like you're gonna

0:10:32.960- 0:10:36.320
be blown away with what you guys learned 
from this like this is just the beginning

0:10:36.880- 0:10:40.800
and we did do another video hoping i did on 
craving something sweet so make sure you go

0:10:40.800- 0:10:44.960
and check that one out as well and one thing one 
of the big whys and i'm going to end with this one

0:10:44.960- 0:10:48.720
of the big why's it you're craving something 
salty besides being traced mineral deficient

0:10:48.720- 0:10:55.440
if i can talk over the crunching over here would 
be also i love you you're so awesome because you

0:10:55.440- 0:11:00.080
might be low in protein and fats so just make sure 
that you have enough healthy proteins um you're

0:11:00.080- 0:11:05.680
looking at a plant-loving protein person so i've 
had our family plant proteins their whole life

0:11:05.680- 0:11:11.120
but look at your protein content look at 
your fat content and and may your taste buds

0:11:11.760- 0:11:20.000
be divine they thoroughly enjoy this 
new world of salt and crunch bon appetit

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