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Heart Health - Natural Remedies for Spike Protein Damage & Myocarditis


Myocarditis is rampant and even more so are neurological side effects of spike protein. If you suffer from fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, neurological disorder, myocarditis, or any heart issues, watch this replay to gain valuable solutions that are working! 

The following are links and items discussed on the call including those in the chat:

Here’s where you can get: Capsol-T

In the plant kingdom, the following substances are spike protein inhibitors:

Selfheal extract, pine needle extract, dandelion leaf extract, rheum emodim, ivermectin

As for spike protein neutralizers, the following herbs and substances show incredible promise in remediating the damage caused by the injections:

NAC, glutathione, fennel tea, anise tea, pine needle tea, St. John’s Wort, lithospermum, vitamin C


Adrenal Tea 


Remove graphene oxide with the following  (take it in the morning):

NAC-Encourages the body to release glutathione, glutathione, zinc, astaxanthin 5 mg (also great for eyes), quercetin, vit D3, milk thistle, melatonin

Additional resources for treatment/protocols

Recipe for detox bath from Dr. Carrie Majid:

2 cups of baking soda - 2 cups Epsom - 1 cup of borax - ½-1 cup bentonite clay

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