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HEALTH HACK WITH AMY - Balancing Carbs with Other Nutrients for More Stable Blood Glucose Levels

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Amy's Carbohydrate Tip

When it comes to carbohydrates, one thing that makes a HUGE impact on our blood sugar level is whether or not the meal comes with proteins, fiber, fats and nutrients. The more proteins and fiber in particular that the meal has, the less dramatic the "blood glucose spike" will be. (We want to avoid dramatic blood glucose spikes, as they lead to energy crashes, weight gain, brain fog, and worsened vascular health.)

I encourage my clients to make sure that either their carbohydrate-containing meal is coupled with things that are high in protein and/or fiber (like a veggie chicken/tofu curry, or a huge salad and a protein source) or choose carbohydrates that are naturally higher in protein and fiber to begin with, such as lentils!

That is one reason I often sub out rice for lentil beans in my taco salads, burritos, and other dishes. *Expert tip- soak the lentils for two hours and then rinse before cooking. They turn out so fluffy!* Enjoy!

*Not everyone's body is suited for lentil beans, fiber, etc. Consult your body and practitioner before making dietary changes.

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