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Give Yourself a DARK Journal....They WORK

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Happy Wednesday! 

Realized once again…. I was not Superwoman, but human.

We all get to the breaking point.

Some people live in this state, with daily emotions running wild inside.
Others feel it building up, but never let it out.  This gets them physically sick.
Then there are those like me, who every six months or yearly just come completely undone.

Even if only for a few minutes...

Today I would like to share that…... IT’S OK TO LOSE IT!

The boiling pot lets off steam.
The hurt child cries.
The fractured elbow creates inflammation.
The overheated car engine cracks.

And humans overheat too.....

I recently counseled a young boy who had stability issues, having lived in many foster homes.
He was once again feeling alone and angry.
He was mad at everyone and everything.
And, he was loud about it.
His mother got upset with his anger and internal frustration.

After a productive expressive meeting, I suggested he get a special journal.
A Dark Journal.
One he could write anything he wanted in, and his mom would never, ever, touch it.

I made her promise….pinky promise.

He could swear, ridicule, express whatever emotions were inside of him in this inner feelings journal.

But, he could not keep it.

Each week, he and his mother could burn or shred the pages one by one.
And then celebrate!

Have popcorn, a movie, a pineapple, anything special.

I have shared this suggestion with MANY other parents and children.
Because, it works.....It works for me too!

Of course today I also shared with whatever air molecules around me my inner feelings....


But the journal came next.

Please write on a sticky note to pick up your Dark Journal,

One for you, your spouse, your loud neighbor, the angry employee, and each of your kiddos, and start getting on to paper what’s eating you up on the inside!

It feels GREAT to get it out and LET IT GO!
Plus, grabbing that journal may just save your relationship and your health!

Wishing you a great angry journal experience!

Karen Urbanek!
Your sometimes frustrated get-it-all-out-and-feel better friend!

WISDOM:   “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.” ~Chinese proverb


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