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[Bodcast Episode 25] Staying Healthy on a Budget: Inexpensive ways to maintain health and wellness!

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Release date: 11/23/21

Staying Healthy on a Budget - IT IS POSSIBLE!

With the world around us getting more expensive, we are asked more and more often "How can I maintain proper health, feed my family, and keep fit, on this income?"

Join Karen (mother to 11) and Amy (was a broke college student) as they share their thoughts and tricks on the following:

  • How to use a limited budget and maintain optimal health and wellness.
  • Where to make sacrifices/compromises in diet and nutrition without giving up health.
  • Do you spend money on green powders, nuts & seeds, supplements, or organic foods?
  • What inexpensive practices (dry brushing, exercise, and more) would be among the most important things to be doing?


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