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9 Tips To Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

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Did you know….

Many people who are overweight have an underactive thyroid.  

This means that the metabolism is s-l-o-w, and foods cannot be processed quickly enough into energy so it simply stores it away – yup, you guessed it – in fat cells.  

Treating the underactive thyroid can be as easy as eliminating fluoride from your drinking water, adding iodine (NOT TABLE SALT) to the diet, or eating seaweed!  

Did I just say that?  YES!  Kelp is great for an underactive thyroid!

Many people who are overweight often have a malfunctioning pancreas.  

The pancreas secretes hormones that determine whether the body’s main metabolic function will be anabolic or catabolic during a particular time.  

When you are done eating for example, more anabolic activity occurs because eating just increased your level of glucose.

The pancreas senses this and releases insulin (another hormone) which signals cells to increase their anabolic activities.

Many people who are overweight have TOXINS. Toxins must be diluted as they are poisons.  

There are two substances that can dilute a toxin – water and FAT.  

Oh no, there it is again. That word fat.  

Fat is used to help dilute poisonous toxins, so the more drugs you take (prescription and nonprescription), the more artificial sweeteners you eat, the more food additives you digest, the more chlorine and fluoride you add to your water, the more MSG you eat, THE MORE FAT YOUR BODY HOLDS ON TOO.

Many people who are overweight have an acidic pH. When your body is given all the nutrients it needs from your food, it is able to fully focus on metabolizing food rather than having to compensate for the lack of nutrients.

When the body has a low pH, it needs to focus its energies on balancing the pH of the blood and organs (often the body depletes the bones and muscles of minerals to do this).  

By increasing the pH of the body through diet and adding minerals, the body can start refocusing on YOU! Building a better, stronger, detoxified you.

Calories come from carbohydrates, fats and proteins (all of which are called macronutrients), while nutrients come from everything else in the food: vitamins, minerals, bio photons, phytochemicals and even a little is found in the fiber.  

Diet plans that count calories often fail.  This is because the source of where the calorie comes from is FAR more important than the actual calories themselves.

Think feeling fat is all in your head?  Think again!  

Researchers at Canada’s Lawson Health Research Institute discovered that your abdominal fat tissue is a source of an appetite stimulant.  

Your very belly has the ability to reproduce the same hormone your brain does called Neuropeptide Y (NPY) which stimulates fat cell production!

Dr. Yaiping Yang states in (The FASEB Journal (ANI)), “This may lead to a vicious cycle where NPY produced in the brain causes you to eat more and therefore gain more fat around your middle, and then that fat produces more NYP hormone which leads to even more fat cells.”

Here Are 9 Steps You Can Take Now!

1. Drink your water! 

Your body is 70% water and your brain is 85% water because you are an ELECTRIC being!

Every single cell in your body communicates with other cells and glands and organs using electricity.   

WATER CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY!!!  That’s the reason you need to drink more water!  

Plus, water is a natural appetite suppressant.  

If you grab a quart of water and drink it when you feel hungry – wala!  No more hunger pains. 

When you drink water your cells can cleanse and communicate FAR better than when they are dehydrated.

2. Enjoy produce until noon!  

Unless you are following an intermittent dieting plan, breakfast should not be skipped!  

Our bodies are a crazy monster protein machine, and we cannot expect them to run on air. If you do not have fuel in the car before work, you sure aren’t going anywhere! Every machine needs fuel, and your little cells making you into YOU, are no different. 

Our bodies are ending the elimination stage and entering the appropriation stage first thing in the morning. Eating living foods during this time is essential.

Drink green drinks, eat fruit salads, enjoy fruits and veggies plain, create smoothies, and make fresh juice in the morning hours.  

If you want meat – eat it a bit later in the morning and try to make sure it is organic and grass fed whenever possible.

Treat the body well in the morning for a fantastic day! Cleanse it, then nourish it, and results will start appearing.

3. Exercise and Move the Lymph!  

With all the caustic cell invaders we eat, our cells must detox and cleanse.  

The word exercise seems to scare people, but it just can’t!  

Muscle burns fat period.  

When you exercise and add muscle, you actually increase the body’s metabolism!  So when you exercise, you increase your own body's’ metabolism, burn fat and move lymph.  

The lymphatic system takes all the refuse from the cells and dumps it, but it doesn’t have a pump. YOU are the pump!

You dancing around the home or pumping iron is actually pumping your lymphatic system!

4. BEWARE of the Dark Side…..insert evil laugh here…..

They linger in 89% of all the food found in the grocery stores; they hide in the food you purchase at most farmer’s markets; they exist in every fast food chain in America; they sneak into 99% of all restaurants across the nations –caustic cell intruders.

Caustic cell intruders are those man-made lab creations that come in forms such as (but not limited to) chemicals, preservatives, larvicides, insecticides, herbicides, colorings and the wide assortment of additives to make your food something it wasn’t originally.  

MSG is one of those CCI’s which is addicting and is proven to make you hungrier.  

It is an excitotoxin, and disrupts your neurological system.  It makes you gain fat and it has over thirty five different names to disguise itself, because if you knew what it was you would not buy anything with it in it!

5. Bottoms Up!

To lose weight, detox the body starting with your bottom! Your colon!  

You can do a series of colonics, a colon cleanse, an herbal body cleanse, lower bowel or just plain prunes and fiber, just clean it out and up!   

Get on some great probiotics to strengthen that gut as well.

Give the Six/Seven Diet plan a try! OK, there really isn’t such a thing – I made it up, but eat your produce in the morning until noon (first six hours of the waking day) then enjoy more produce with your other foods until 7:00pm.

7. Sleep!

As the day unwinds, so does your digestion and so should you.  

When the sun sets, digestive enzymes and other hormones in the body are receiving signals from the sun through the retina of the eye, as well as absorbing frequencies from the earth that tell the body evening is at hand.

Your body literally switches into a different internal frequency and starts preparing to assimilate – and sleep.

Your pineal gland makes melatonin to do just that, get you sleeping because your body needs to get to work!

Depending on the season this starts at different times, but in general the key is to eat as little as you can after 7PM.  This little trick can help you start losing weight and sleeping better today!

8. Eat Fabulous Foods   

Although most every living produce item not altered by heat could be listed here as a fabulous food for weight loss, there are a few items used with great success while on the quest for losing weight.  

  • APPLES – fresh apples each day, raw apple cider vinegar before meals.


  • Hot spices and hot peppers (increases blood flow)

  • Celery & zucchini (both loaded with water and able to make you feel full with few calories)

  • Lentils and beans (make you feel full for longer periods of time)

  • One of my favorite diet foods is grapefruit.

When I was just out of high school and living on my own, my first diet was the grapefruit diet.  Yum! I am drooling already!  

But DON’T add the sugar your grandmother always did to those perfect grapefruits! Ruby Reds are my favorite…..


AHH I love enzymes!  But you already know that after reading the digestive system explanation! Your enzyme making pancreas ROCKS the body!

Enzymes are naturally present in raw fruits and vegetables.  

Cooking and processing your food destroy the enzymes.  

Looking at most diets then, we see most of the food we eat is enzyme deficient.  After age thirty five or so, there is a decline in the level of digestive enzymes produced in the stomach, pancreas and small intestine.

This lack of enzymes leads to an array of health issues stemming from poor digestion, poor absorption, buildup of undigested food and material, metabolic waste and that lovely putrefied fecal matter stuck to the walls of the intestinal tract.   

Health issues such as food allergies, weight gain, parasites, yeast and unfriendly bacteria, indigestion, inflammation, decreased energy, autoimmune conditions, arthritis, chronic diseases, pre and post-surgery and multiple sclerosis, headaches, fatigue, constipation, bloating and other becomes yours to select from due to all this “backed-up-ness”.  

Enzymes are also vitally important in preventing excessive blood clotting and reducing the “stickiness” of the platelets and red blood cells.

So take your enzymes!  

Eat them, make them (fermented foods), and get the body back in shape chemically!

  1. Emotional Relationships with Food – EFT and Tap it Out!

Yes, I am one of those tappers you hear about, releasing built up tension, additions, feelings all through my fingertips!  

It didn’t take much too completely hook me on tapping.  

Try it today!

While this is a LONG list of TIPS, start with one. Focus on your water, then your sleep, then the foods you eat. You will notice that with better foods going in, you will sleep better. 

Weight loss and expereincing good health really are a domino effect. 

Know that you can do it!

You CAN lose weight and keep it off forever!

You can be health, active AND HAPPY!

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