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We teach the science of natural healing. 

We're on a mission to educate and empower 20 million holistically-minded people worldwide to deliver life-changing health education to their families, clients and communities by 2030. 

A few of our top courses and certifications:

Why do we do what we do?

For over 110 years, holistic health education has been removed from medical school and public health school curriculum. 

Before 1910, holistic therapies comprised 50-100% of most medical schools' curriculum. After Rockefeller and Carnegie funded the 1910 Flexner Report, medical schools were required to remove 100% of naturopathic modalities from their curriculum in order to focus on the clinical development of "modern medicine," or else the school would forfeit funding and accreditation.  As a result, the U.S. went from over 200 practicing medical schools to less than 30, and all naturopathic healing modalities were removed. 

The effects of this separation have never been more apparent, costly, and devastating to our society. It's time we re-integrate. 

Want to hear more about our school from a current student or instructor? 

“I believe one reason our recent public health policies have contained so many anti-health suggestions is because several foundational health topics haven't been taught to our policy-informers and healthcare professionals in over a century. Therapeutic nutrition, functional mobility, lymphatic motility, emotional trauma care, microbiome diversity, etc. - these don't get talked about. How can you heal the human body without them? If we can get this information into enough households, healthcare institutions, and governing bodies, we'll have the backbone we need to re-integrate holistic and allopathic medicine.
People often need to hear the science of natural healing to get on board. That's what we're here for."
-Amy Sprouse, CEO Holistic Health Educators

What's it like to be in our community? Some of our students can tell you!

Dr. Shanna Briggs, DC

I wish that I would have known about this education 15 years ago... What I really appreciate about this education is it's not just how to short term fix somebody, but really [how to be] looking at the whole picture. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to help others live a better life and experience vitality. 

Jeanette, Reiki Master, TNC

I am so proud to be a part of such an empowering program and team. They have a wealth of knowledge and take the time needed to answer questions and give support. The curriculum is easy to follow and build knowledge on. I love that it's all online also, that makes it convenient to study anywhere I go. 

Jade, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

The 10 step program is a well crafted map that can lead you to vibrant health and ultimately inner freedom. This school leaves no stone unturned. Their approach is clear and packed with “life giving” information. Since practicing the 10 steps my health and energy have improved greatly.

Mattie, Rancher, Holistic Health Coach, Mom

I loved loved loved it all! The instructors were amazing, (especially Amy’s little head toss😉). The course is so doable and amazing!!!! I really like being able to explain it all in both simple and yet complicated terms! 

C. White, AO Technician, TNC

The instructors are high energy and full of relevant knowledge with relatable experiences and explanations. The material is simple but impactful in its application. It is well worth the time and money to bring anyone’s health into alignment with an elevated more rewarding lifestyle.

Amy, Gemologist, Holistic Health Coach

I am thrilled to have found your HHC program! The information I am getting about how bodies function is invaluable and empowering. The love that you have for the human body and the joy with which you teach care for it is infectious! 

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