EMPOWERED Live is one of the most Jam-Packed-With-Health-Material-Classes you may EVER take! This class outlines and explains the numerous functions of the organs, glands, tissues and systems of the AMAZING human body and what YOU can do to live DIS-EASE free! Grab two notebooks, your fruit and veggie sacks and get ready to be blown away! 

Seeing so many people on medications, struggling with weight, depression and allergies, Karen was led to EMPOWER the people using powerful, insightful, you-can-do-it education.

The first EMPOWERED LIVE class was taught to a small group of excited individuals in a rural town in Wisconsin.

People’s lives improved dramatically when were EMPOWERED to take control of their health by understanding what’s happening inside their trillions of cells!

EMPOWERED is a fantastic course for anyone wishing they knew what was going on and how to control what was happening under their skin!

Anyone attending EMPOWERED LIVE will leave with charts, graphs, and a better understanding of how the body works, what foods do, and that they do not need to live in fear: that most dis-ease IS reversible! It’s a cell thing!

Anyone taking EMPOWERED ONLINE will have lifetime access to the full day of video recorded material, professionally shot before a live studio audience, several bonuses and the EMPOWERED BINDER.

The video presentation of EMPOWERED ONLINE is THAT vital to focus on that Karen really doesn't want your attention split between flipping between the videos and the amazing EMPOWERED BINDER of charts, graphs and delicious handouts you will love! 

EMPOWERED ONLINE is right for you if you want to get your health on, if you want to help your family and friends and if you want to be educated so you can make change. 

Join Karen inside now and become EMPOWERED! 


• Atom Basics and The Movement of Electrons
• Our Planet: Minerals & Bio photons Create Platform for Plant, Animal & Human Life.
• Bio Transmutation.
• Minerals; The Spark of Life!
• Enzymes Are Dependent on Minerals. The Difference Between Life and Death Is Minerals. The Human Body Needs Different Minerals for Different Mechanisms. “LIVE” Has an Easy Mineral Reference Section!
• Wholefood Vitamins Vs. Rock Vitamins
• What Makes Up a Cell
• Water and Electricity
• Preservatives Block All Enzymes from Functioning
• Metabolic Enzymes
• Body Overview and “Organ Renewal Not Organ Removal”
• Endocrine System; Chemical Messenger System of The Body. Dependent on Minerals!
• Hormone Inhibitors; Mercury - 2nd Most Toxic Metal Known to Man.
• Thyroid; T3 T4. No Iodine? No T4!
• Removing Heavy Metals
• Types of Salts
• Microwaves: Appropriate Uses!
• What to Do When Your Tonsils Are Removed
• Dairy & What Causes Osteoporosis Free Radicals
• Antioxidants
• Varicose Veins
• Nervous System
• Chiropractic Care
• Why Oil Is So Important!
• Food Allergies
• Inflammation
• The Important Difference Between Sympathetic & Para-Sympathetic Mode
• Cells Are in Growth Mode or Protection Mode
• Cell Memory
• Immunity Response
• Importance of Keeping a Clean Lymphatic System
• How Prayer Actually Changes the Cell Context of Your Food!
• The Work Plants Do to Give Us Life
• 3 Stages of Immunity; Required, Natural, Artificial Immunity
• Educate Before You Vaccinate
• Protein & Amino Acids
• Fermenting Man Syndrome
• Animal Protein Body Builders Vs. Vegan Body Builders
• Why We Eat Meat Sparingly
• Lymphatic System Broken Into 4 Quadrants
• You Cannot Live Healthy Without Sweat!
• The Sun Will Never Cause Cancer! Bio photonic Energy Bath!
• How to Dry Skin Brush
• Harmonic Resonance
• How to Remove Kidney Stones
• Are You Sun burning? What to Do!
• Become A Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC!)
• Understanding Ionic & The Doctrine of Science
• Frequencies
• Entanglement
• Negative & Positive Ions
• Is Cancer Sitting Next to You?
• International Peace Makers - What They Do to The Sun
• Harmonic Resonance
• Balancing Neurotransmitters
• The Meridian System
• Reversing Dis-Ease!
• Frequency Chart In “LIVE”
• Projecting Our Emotions
• You Are Already a Mind Reader!
• Frequencies Of FOOD!
• How to Build a High Frequency Home!
• Thankful Vs. Grateful
• Equal Exchange
• Your Receptor Sites Are 100x More Impacted by A Frequency Than a Molecule!
• EMF'S! Electromagnetic Frequencies
• CFL Lightbulbs
• Stray Electricity
• Transients
• Mercury Poisoning
• The Dangers of Pulsing Fields - The Out of Print Book
• The Dangers of Wi-Fi- Cell Phones, IPad, Computers
• How to Safely Use Cell Phones and Electronics
• Smart Meters
• Routers
• How to Stop Apoptosis - Is That Ok? Cell Death
• A Female Electromagnetic Frequency Will Not Give You Cancer
• Wi-Fi & Dis-Ease : Cancer, Depression
• Geographical Frequency
• Food Cycles
• The Power of Hydrogen
• pH Chart of Food
• Cancer Thrives on Sugar
• What’s Your Identity? “Hello My Name Is ___________”
• Mammograms Increase Your Risk of Cancer
• THC & why 80% Of Pharmacopeia Had to Be Re-Written When They Outlawed Cannabis
• The Body Clock
• Assimilation
• Purpose & Benefits Of PMMA
• Candida
• Scientific & Medical Journals Are Different
• The Differences Between Eastern & Western Philosophy
• The Truth About Fluoride
• Your Life Is Not Predetermined by Your Genes
• The Human Genome Project
• Your Pain Is a Warning
• Pharmaceuticals for Life
• There Is a Place for Surgery
• Chakras: What They Are, Why It’s Important to Be Balanced
• Kinesiology: We Have a Conscious and Subconscious
• How to Test Your Own Body!! “BET”
• Body Maps! You Can Read and Monitor Your Body!
• Hand & Foot Reflexology Chart
• Essential Oils Are Effective
• More Is Not Better When It Comes to Essential Oils
• Homeopathy: Like Heals Like
• How to Make Simple Herbal Preparations: ACV / Alcohol
• Gemstones
• How to Douse for Geographical Frequency
• Military uses Remote Viewing
• Details on Testing: You Can Test For EVERYTHING!!
• Tachyon; The Potential of All Frequency
• Thermotherapy
• Cancer Cells Can’t Grow in Heat
• Karen’s Q&A from Break
• Forgiveness Briefing
• The Who in You!
• We Are 2 Things: Intelligence and Physical Body
• When Sperm and Egg Meet
• Entanglement
• We Can Rewrite Emotional Response
• Change What You Think & Give, And You’ll Change What You Get
• Ho’oponopono
• Flower Essences

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