About The HHE Team!

Holistic Health Educators - HHE - is an online Educational Platform.  The Professionals and Doctors who are part of the programs have a combined mission to educate others how each cell, organ, gland and tissue within their bodies functions to create great health.

Armed with an understanding of nutrition, exercise, natural modalities of healing, electromagnetic frequencies, toxification and detoxification, one can help gain greater health - one cell at a time!

We believe education is the KEY to helping society at large, and it’s our passion.

We are working to translate our programs into Spanish and Mandarin.

Each member of the HHE team, Doctor and staff member has their own personal success story of naturally healing themselves. This success has driven each of them here to this point - sharing what they love with others!  

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Holistic Health Educators provides students with comprehensive education, tools, formulas and certifications that empower them to eliminate preventable disease from their lives and from the lives of family, friends and clients.

BELIEF STATEMENT:  We believe that preventable disease can be eliminated through empowering individuals to take control of their health.  We believe that good health is an individual decision that must involve individual commitments to physical, mental and spiritual practices of positive health.  We further believe that good health starts at the cell level and only through a commitment to cell health can individuals achieve complete and lasting health.

To your great health!

The HHE Team

NOTE: We are not Medical Doctors, and we do not intend to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. If a student chooses to make a lifestyle change, has current medical needs or constraints, is taking prescription drugs, or is pregnant or nursing, they should seek the advice and support of their medical physician prior to embarking on a new lifestyle program.




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A healthy, life, family and career starts here with you! Enjoy your journey!