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10 Days to a Sexier & More Joyful You!

Watch an entertaining & educational series of videos focusing on creating JOY and rediscovering your SEXY SELF ♥

Each day you will have access to a new video!

DAY 1 | Molecules Of Happiness | Dr. Robert Gibson

DAY 2 | Turn It UP! The BEAT That is! | Gaynor Brunson

DAY 3 | BRAND YOURSELF How To Find Your Sexy Even When You Don't See It | Jenna Soard

DAY 4 | How To (Re)Invent Yourself! | Gena Horiatis

DAY 5 | Oil It Up! Ignite The Sparks Using Essential Oils | Dr. Scott Johnson

DAY 6 | LIVING A LIFE OF JOY (On Purpose) Following Grief | Dr. Jane Simington


DAY 8 | Animals are Messengers for a Joyful U! | Ana Maria Vasquez

DAY 9 | Beautiful Body Beautiful SOUL | Roxy Davis

DAY 10 | TOOLS FOR CREATING JOY In Any Relationship | John & Narelle Canaan