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You Were Born To Stand Out, So Are You?

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There is an awesome quote we raised our kids with and it recently came to mind as my youngest sat struggling with a homework assignment.

“Why do you try so hard to fit in if you were born to stand out?”

See, all my children have been taught to stand up for themselves and to not be afraid to stand out.

To be different.

To not go with the flow simply because it’s easier.

Amy would take an entire cucumber or red pepper to school and munch on it in science class. At first, she was weird for doing this, but then she became cool.

She didn't care what label she was given.

Eric would leave the house with a huge, green smoothie and have to explain to friends what he was chugging.

He didn’t care about looking different.

He stood out with his healthy drink and loved it. He loved himself.

Those are the lessons we taught our children.

Yet, now with my youngest, more than ever, I see the struggle that comes with Standing Up and Out in the public school system. Or in society, in general.

LillyMay doesn’t leave the house with an entire cucumber or pepper and won’t be caught eating those in any class, let alone science, like her old sisters did.

Rather, my spirited 13-year-old fashionista is known for standing up for the underdog, those who can’t fend for themselves.

And lately, LillyMay has been Standing Up and Out for her extensive knowledge about the human body, how it can heal and just what it takes to be healthy.

Standing out so much that it’s gotten her in “trouble” with teachers. Let me explain.

See, LillyMay knows much more than many of her teachers about the human body, hormones, neurotransmitters, vaccinations, cannabis, dis-eases and more.

So, how does a young lady stand up to teachers and adults who teach misinformation and not be seen as disrespectful?

Well, it hasn’t been easy for her, that’s for sure. But she does.

On her assignment yesterday, she was to write down that diabetes could not be healed or reversed.


And on another assignment, that allergies and asthma could not be reversed.

She sat there and pondered what to do. She knew she could not write those statements, so she didn’t.

Each of those statements were incorrect, as LillyMay has seen with her own eyes, from our clients, since well, she was born!

The human body is amazing and has the ability to heal most anything when the cells are fed healthy, raw, superfoods, and the electrical environment is safe.

LillyMay has grown up knowing the power of the body. Heck, she’s experienced that healing power in her own little frame!

She could have made her life easier and simply conformed like so many people do.

She could have written the statements down, turned in her assignments, gotten her good grade while knowing it was all untrue.

When I asked her why she didn’t do that, she said she could not live with herself telling a blatant lie.

Talk about Standing Up and Standing Out!

Over the years, LillyMay has taught students and teachers in her classes about depression, neurotransmitters, vaccinations, body parts and bodily systems.

She’s also outspoken about the human body and natural healing to those teachers who call on her. Other teachers, however, simply stop calling on her.

A few years back, she had a science teacher who refused to call on her, even though her arm was up and she was wiggling in the back row.

See, the teacher was set in her ways and LillyMay always challenged her knowledge, showing the class a different side of the story - as respectfully as possible!

The other kids KNEW the teacher was ignoring my daughter. It was obvious!

The other kids trusted what LillyMay said about health because she’d helped them with things like cravings, acne, depression, and more on numerous occasions.

Our 13-year-old LillyMay is an example of one who Stands Up and Stands Out.

She is an example to her peers, teachers, the parents of her friends and to me.

When you stand up for what you believe in, your cells are happy, you're living in alignment with your beliefs, and you’re being YOU!

Positive, healthy, vibrant, forgiving, alert and full of JOY!

This is a call to STAND UP and OUT for what we know is right and not give in to the peer pressure of believing and answering as others would want us to. Even if it is easier.

It’s totally okay to be different.

It’s totally okay to stand out.

Go have an outSTANDING day!

- Karen

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