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YOU CAN Reverse Scoliosis! I DID!



YES!  I AM reversing my Scoliosis!

When I was 18, I bent over to pick up a bucket while washing my car at college and BOOM – I went down to the ground and could not stand or walk.  I literally crawled into the apartment building on my hands and knees and picked up the phone and dialed my roommate. (Yes, I am that old, and used to use dial phones!)

She came home from work and took me to a chiropractor.  We did X-rays and that was the first time I saw my back.

Within days my brother Paul flew out and drove me and all my belongings home.   

I had scoliosis.

Fast forward 36 years to 2020. 

I decided the multiple days down after an episode of moving wrong or picking something up slightly off was OVER. I had grandchildren I wanted to pick up, hiking across the country I wanted to do, and outdoor sports to play and could not do it with a worsening spine! 

I took matters into my own hands. 

After all, 30 years ago with diet and supplements I reversed the epilepsy I had lived with for over a decade and a half – so of course I could do this! 


  • I have always eaten an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET, so although the doctors called the day after my X-ray in 2020 wanting to prescribe incredibly strong pain meds, I never needed one. When they asked what I was doing with all the pain I replied, “what pain?” Daily pain is something I did not have because of my diet. I would also recommend my Golden Milk.  The recipe is found HERE with quite an informative blog post and entertaining video!
  • MYOFASCIAL WORK -  I went at least 35 times to have Myofascia work done. Myofascia is a multi-layered connective tissue in our bodies that stabilizes and connects every part of us.  It literally holds us together!  Myofascial tissue (fascia) is made up of water, hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, white blood cells, mast cells, fibroblasts, and adipocytes. PLUS, its full of highly sensitive nerve endings and pain, movement, and spatial awareness receptors. These tiny receptors can send signals back and forwards to your brain to stop you from injuring yourself, falling, or even colliding with things! I LOVE myofascial work, and just as there are different approaches to massage, there are different approaches to this, so find a therapist you enjoy best!
  • CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY CST- The structures of the central nervous system (skull, cranial sutures, cerebrospinal fluid, membranes of the brain and the vertebrae, spinal cord, and the sacrum) make up the craniosacral system. It is connected with the musculoskeletal system and both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Trauma anywhere in the body can impact the craniosacral system, restricting normal movement and inhibiting the pulse of the fluids. This may happen during birth, or in my case, most likely when I fell out of a TREE! I did grow up on a lake with dozens for boys as neighbors. CST uses a series of gentle techniques to remove blocks and restore the pulse, or subtle movement, in the central nervous system.
  • ACUPUNCTURE! – I LOVE acupuncture! This is by far one of my favorite ways of healing the body. The meridians that run throughout the body are literal channels of energy.  When they get blocked, when energy cannot flow (this is the Chi “chee” you hear people talk about) then the body suffers with symptoms.  I do not believe there is anything acupuncture cannot help! When I went in for acupuncture, the doctors would often have me lay on my side for some of the time and then my front and back during others. This released energy incredibly and was one of my favorite ways of healing from more than just scoliosis! Do NOT fear needles, this is therapy anyone of any age can do!
  • CHIROPRACTIC – I LOVE THE SPINE!!! Consider your brain a braker box, and the nerves coming out the wires. If you go to flip the switch and your lights do not come on, or if you have faulty wiring, you need to fix the wires. A subluxation in the spine is the same thing!  I recommend all my clients get their body adjusted as if our nerves cannot deliver the messages from the brain – then our body ALWAYS suffer! Do not fear chiropractic care. You can find chiropractic’s who do multiple types of adjustments, so if “cracking” scares you, do something different! Just get those nerves communicating!
  • EMOTIONAL CARE – Every emotion is either released or stored in the body. I have really enjoyed the emotional care I have taken. I LOVE meditation, guided and on my own. Check out Joe Dispenza to start! I also have two life coaches, Monique and Duss, as well as Lance Shipley, who used many forms of emotional release therapy to help me over the last few years.

Yes, I spent money on my body.  I did this because my spine was getting worse, and I wanted to live freely and fully for the next 50 years of my life.

Was it worth it? 

EVERY PENNY!  I can travel in my RV and hook up the water, electric, and sewer by bending over with no issues. I can pick up my grandchildren, swim in the ocean, play volleyball, hike, do my yoga (although I cannot yet sit flat on the floor or on a stiff chair, no pressure on my tailbone), walk, run, and play!!

And I am not done yet!  I will continue to care for my body so I can always LIVE WITH ENERGY and never be sick again!

Man, that sounded cool, I should use that as the title for a book….


If you want more information on how to heal your amazing body – please purchase the one book that teaches how cells function, all the systems of the body and gives you nothing but hope to live a fulfilling fantastic life! LIVE WITH ENERGY: Stop Sickness Before It Stops YOU! Yes, I wrote it and YES you will love it! Guaranteed!

Ok, enough sales, go and enjoy searching for those who can help you and your loved ones REVERSE SCOLIOSIS!

Because YOU CAN!

Can I hear a hallelujah?!





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