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charlie horses minerals recipe
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Tepoe again, comin’ atcha live from my laptop!  I’m fairly active on Social Media, including a couple of Holistic Living Groups and our growing business page: International Institute of Holistic Health and Education I2H2E (come find us!) and I’ve noticed influxes of posts on certain topics.  One of these common concerns is... muscle cramps.

In the TNC Certification Program, we learn that muscle cramps (aka: “charlie horses”) are due to an imbalance of Minerals and Vitamins, and Water!  You can literally lick salt or take a gigantic gulp of water with some apple cider vinegar to help alleviate the symptoms.

Beyond that you want to consider finding a source of easily digestible minerals. I prefer to add mineral drops to my water, or take another whole food sourced liquid mineral supplement. Look specifically for whole food Magnesium and Calcium (usually packaged together,) Selenium, and Iodine! To eliminate charlie horses forever, keep those minerals levels WAY UP! 


Karen here - and I am having a BLAST creating the Magnificent Minute Mineral Series!  In minutes you can master minerals, what they do inside you, what they are used for in industry, and where to find them!!

What smells like matches, needs to be stored under water, is added as a food preservative, creates HUGE health issues, and yet is needed to create all of your ATP (ENERGY), your bones, teeth and your DNA!?  WATCH ALL ABOUT PHOSPHORUS!

Bacteria take it from air and create ammonia, other bacterias mold it into amino acids that we eat in plants, it is 78% of the air we breathe, too much causes thyroid issues, and it is half of our urea? WATCH ALL ABOUT NITROGEN!

What is 14 times lighter than air, is needed for blood transportation, detoxifying, all nerve communication, with oxygen it creates water, with nitrogen it creates ammonia, can harden food, and you can die without it? - WATCH ALL ABOUT HYDROGEN!

What is the primary solvent in your body, is 65% of your mass, A tree can release enough of it into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings a year, has atoms 16 times larger than hydrogen, and it can make anyone happy? WATCH ALL ABOUT OXYGEN!

Plants breathe this in to make fruit, animals and humans eat the fruit to get it into their bodies, when we die our bodies release it back into the ground where it settles and makes coal and diamonds, and it was used in the tattoos of Ötzi the Iceman 5300 years ago? WATCH ALL ABOUT CARBON!

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Have a REALLY wonderful week!  

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