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Virility – A Man’s Nightmare?

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Facts: Infertility may now be affecting more men than women. 1 in 3 pregnancies now end in miscarriage. Sperm concentrations have dropped from 73.6 million per milliliter to 49.9 per milliliter and the number of normally-shaped sperm dropped 33.4 percent in just 16 years. Since 1940 sperm count has dropped 60% and by consuming trans fats it may increase your risk of infertility by as much as 70 percent! 

Men, the health of this planet is dependent on your sperm, 

and the health of your sperm is dependent on their environment – let’s get that environment cleaned up and sparked into shape! (Let’s get you sparking too!) 

Man Talk: Testosterone. Testosterone stimulates metabolic processes such as protein synthesis and muscle growth, contributes to secondary sexual characteristics such as bone mass, musculature, fat distribution, and hair patterns. It also prevents heart attack, aids in sexual function, and creates red cell mass. Testosterone is serious business! WARNING: Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that naturally promotes muscle growth. Estrogen is catabolic, and promotes the breakdown of muscle tissue. In order to maintain muscle mass throughout the body, it is essential to normalize the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. 

Problem #1: As men leave their 30s, testosterone is often converted to estrogen. This is called aromatization, where the aromatase enzyme “steals” the testosterone. Results: low testosterone levels with the ever familiar symptoms of decreased libido, inability to perform sexually, fatigue, decreased muscle mass, lack of motivation, poor concentration, depression, and increased body fat. Men’s breasts may also enlarge as extra estrogen begins to promote female body characteristics (all those estrogen pumped chickens and steer from fast food restaurants and the grocery store doesn’t help……) 

Problem #2: Testosterone naturally decreases as men age. Low testosterone increases the risk of heart problems, depression, osteoporosis, dementia and may also cause a condition known as andropause. 

Problem #3: For testosterone to be utilized in the body it must enjoy a free, unbound state. Unfortunately, testosterone often binds with SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) reducing the amount of active testosterone. Men over 40 can see an average of a 40% increase in the capacity of SHBG to bind with testosterone. Bound testosterone is useless in performing any of the normal testosterone functions. 

There are countless men over 40 who have received testosterone replacement only to find their administered testosterone is being quickly bound by SHBG. Don’t worry now men…there is something you can do! European researchers have found nettle root constituents bind to SHBG in place of testosterone. This leaves testosterone to remain in the body happily in its free, unbound state. 


Bisphenol-A (BPA). 

Phthalates and other plastics chemicals. 

Soy (unfermented soy products = phytoestrogens). Note: When housewives in Japan want to decrease the virility of their husbands, they just give them more soy products! 

Prescriptions for men such as Propecia and Proscar (studies link these meds to: Ejaculation, Libido, and Orgasm Disorders, Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility.) 

Medications for depression, blood pressure and certain heart conditions lower libido and can cause impotence. Sexually transmitted infections. 


Brominated flame-retardants. 

DDT, mercury and uranium. 

Glycol Ethers (Men regularly exposed are 250 percent more likely to have sperm abnormality.) 

Pesticide and herbicide residues on food. 

Fluoride in water (adding fluoride to a city’s water supply should be a crime.) 

Radiation-emitting mobile phones & laptop computers. (yes, the laptop on the lap is a sperm killer.) 


Dairy – it’s loaded with hormones! 



Enlarged varicose veins in the scrotum. 

Genital injuries or defects. 

Pools disinfected with chlorine or copper-silver ionization. (One study shows boys who spent 250+ hours before the age of ten or 125 hours before the age of seven in indoor chlorinated swimming pools were three times more likely to have unusually low levels of total testosterone.) 

Heat. Sperm cells can only be produced at 96.6 degrees 

GMO”S! GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS!! Not only because they contain and cause numerous unrecognizable and destructive bonding elements to our bodies, but thanks now to Dupont and Monsanto, you get to deal with the Epicyte Gene! That is a gene that creates antibodies to sperm, rendering all life that eats it infertile. Gotta’ love the GMO’s! This is serious business, GMO’s are dangerous, but I suppose I will save that for another article….. 

Now don’t get all worried, there is much hope to be had! May I have a drum roll please…....... 

Virility Remedies Courtesy of Mother Nature! (I LOVE that woman!) The following are found at Karen’s Energy……where we help people with these sensitive issues every single day across America! 

Maca Root: Increases sperm count, shrinks enlarged prostates, increases libido, aids in sexual functioning, and reduces anxiety. Bee pollen: Increases sexual endurance and fertility, and sperm love bee pollen! They swim faster, last longer, and are more motile and viable. Goji Berry: AKA the “Matrimony Vine” has been shown to increase sperm count and the vitality of the sperm. Passionflower: Is used successfully in several parts of the world for fertility and virility. Chrysin, a bioflavonoid of the Passionflower inhibits the aromatase process. Zinc:The Real Man's Mineral. Fantastic for reproduction, testosterone metabolism, sperm formation, sperm motility, prostate reduction and increasing testosterone levels. Sarsaparilla Root: Both progesterone and cortin are found in the root. Historically, Sarsaparilla was used frequently by the Indians for physical debility, weakness, and impotence. In Mexico and South America testosterone tablets are still made from Sarsaparilla for impotence! Raw CaCao: Allows serotonin to remain in bloodstream longer, gives energy and reduces stress. 

And here are a few tips to increase fertility and virility men! Avoid hot tubs, wear boxer shorts, eat a nutritious LIVING diet, avoid caffeine, reduce stress, exercise, avoid meat with estrogen (most all non organic meat is pumped full of estrogen), Avoid melatonin, testosterone, Verapamil and Nifedipine. Use cayenne, take your minerals, get eight hours of sleep, stay hydrated, don't smoke, avoid drugs and alcohol, avoid ALL toxins, getting plenty of omega 3 fats, and eat plenty of broccoli and cauliflower to eliminate estrogen. 

A few more beneficial ingredients would be: MUIRA PUAMA (increases testosterone), the Chinese herb FO TI (used in Oriental Medicine as an aphrodisiac), TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS (has been shown to raise testosterone in chimpanzees by over 50%), L-ARGININE, and ACETYL-L-CARNITINE (has shown to increase testosterone. ) 

Remedies we have used with success: Love Potion from Karen’s Energy (that’s me, the author.) Within a week of getting this product on the shelves we had a couple share that within minutes of them both taking love 

potion, they were feeling the heat and enjoyed their evening! MHS by Standard Enzyme Company helps males increase testosterone levels. Male Formula by Standard Enzyme Co. Sumacazon by Amazon Herb Co: Assists hormonal balance, enhances libido, helps maximize youthful strength, energy and vitality. Male Reproductive Formula from Cellular Botanicals/ Dr. Robert Morse. Muira-Puama tincture – AKA Herbal Viagra! Also one of the products made for Karen’s Energy. 

On a personal note. When you eat well and avoid the host of toxins and chemicals that enter our lives on a daily basis, you will enjoy an active and healthy sex life. Not only do I know this because my husband and I enjoy this, but countless people we have worked with and millions throughout the world have been able to regain beautiful “love lives” again. Our bodies will make the liquids, the chemicals and the sparks naturally to create life on earth (and in the bedroom) when we eat clean, live clean and enjoy a clean life! 

Now men, wasn’t that worth reading? 

To your amazing health and GREAT love life! 


Enjoying the most powerful gift and responsibility given to us – the power to Create Life! 

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