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[Bodcast Episode 27] Understanding Your pH: What is pH and how does it affect my body?

alkaline bodcast
THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: Understanding your pH!
A lot of marketers have hopped on the pH/alkaline lifestyle bandwagon. We see alkaline water, hear about alkaline-promoting foods and supplements, and may have heard evidence from both sides of an alkaline diet. In this Bodcast, Karen and Amy will cover:
✔ Misconceptions about pH: Where do you WANT acidity in the body and where do you want alkalinity?
✔ Historically, what role did pH and ash play in a diet?
✔ What else affects the pH of the body besides food?
✔ What are some of the best & most affordable things we can do to support the body's pH balance?
✔ What does clinical research say about the "acid-base hypothesis"?
✔ 5 things to consider for teeth & bone health.

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