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TNC Danielle shares what she learned about "Earthing"

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The following was written by Danielle Muhr, a 2019 Graduate of the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC) program.  She has been a fitness coach for 6 years, is happily married, and has a 9 year old daughter, a one year old son, and two dogs.
Part of the curriculum to become a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor includes writing essays.  Each student chooses books or different modalities they learn about and submit essays. As I was reading a handful of them in the sauna, I had a thought: let’s get permission to share some of these with our readers!
Here is the first of our TNC Spotlights:  Danielle Muhr shares what she learned and applied from the book Earthing by Clinton Ober, Martin Zucker, and Stephen Sinatra.

Thank-you for letting us feature this, Danielle! What you learned and applied can help ALL of us!! 

Karen -  I2H2E

NOTE: You can find Danielle's bio at the end of the blog post.

Earthing by Danielle Muhr

The book Earthing is a fantastic resource for a TNC because what is more natural than nature?!  This book really spoke to me and is such an easy way to incorporate healing into your life.  In this essay, I will speak of three ways in which I was impacted by this book and how I think a TNC can benefit from this knowledge.  I will share the effects earthing can have on arthritis, autism, and epilepsy.

I come from an area of the country where the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) is normal and no one would even think of eating any other way.  I know quite a bit of people with rheumatoid arthritis that is crippling to their everyday life and I am a strong believer that it very much starts with what they put in their mouths.  I started this journey of becoming a TNC to help people.  It started with wanting a better understanding of how I can nutritionally help my athletes reach their goals, but quickly learned I can help many others! 

I have one athlete who has such terrible arthritis that she can barely come to the work-out classes.  Her job is to clean—imagine that every-day agony bending and scrubbing!  I met her around the time that I read this book.  It’s funny how the universe has a way of placing people in your life at just the right time.  After gaining her trust as a coach, I first tried to get her diet under control. She was so desperate for relief she was happy to listen to everything I had to say explaining how the foods she was eating was hurting her.  The diet changes helped but the inflammation was still pretty bad and she all but refused any medication (thankfully).  That is when I suggested earthing.  She had a large yard with many gardens.  I suggested that she go barefoot and get as much skin-to-earth contact as possible while she was out in the yard.  This really helped!!  From there, she was so convinced and scared of what would happen in the cold Midwest Winters, that she went out and purchased an earthing pad.  What a success story with such easy to implement changes and no side effects!

Earthing has also helped my friend whose son was diagnosed with autism at an early age.  She did a lot of research on how to reverse autism that she believes was caused by vaccinations.  Of course, we know autism does not go away but there are many steps to take to try to manage autism.  She discovered getting her son outside was a huge help.  At first, it was torture.  He hated grass.  The very touch of it would send him absolutely out of control.  Little by little, he spent more time outside and more time in the grass.  Although diet, I believe, has helped her scenario similar to above, she strongly believes that the wonderful sun and electrical pulse of the Earth have had a profound impact on her son’s life.  And it makes sense!  As a TNC, I am sure we will get asked what natural ways there are to help with autism, especially with emotional outbursts, and what better way than playing with your kids outside?  As this book states, earthing is the “door of hope”. 

Three years ago my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy.  It was one of the most heart-breaking days of my life to know my 6-year-old baby’s brain was not working correctly. Karen has mentioned having epilepsy in the past, so I won’t go into great detail about how terrible the side effects are from the limited medications used to treat.  From the initial moods swings, to possible liver and kidney damage...the list goes on.  I was desperate to find a way to get her off the medication as quickly as possible.  We moved her bed as far away from any smart meters as we could find, we bought a water distiller to eliminate harsh chemicals in our water, we ate a whole foods diet, and finally, we spent as much time outside as we possibly could.  I am not sure that a single thing that we did helped, but a combination of them all seemed to do the trick.  Two years being seizure free and she is also meds free!  This is such an amazing tool that a TNC can use.  Now that CBD oils are becoming more and more common, that is one way to naturally help seizures, but many states still do not have that option.  Wisconsin didn’t when my daughter was diagnosed.  A TNC can use this earthing knowledge to help clients ease seizures.  By using an earthing pad when sleeping and spending as much time connecting with the earth as possible, you really can live a more comfortable life if you have epilepsy.  I was also very interested in the pets portion of this.  My dog was epileptic as a puppy (what are the odds that one fur baby and one human baby of mine were epileptic?!). I reached out to the vet but they were sure he would outgrow it.  He did, but had I known about earthing sheets back then, I could have eased the suffering so much faster!

All in all, these are three relatively common issues that people deal with every day. TNCs will be able to use this treatment to aid in lowering inflammation that causes a wide array of dis-EASE, many of which were mentioned above.  It will also be a valuable tool in helping with mental health issues such as depression.  As a TNC, people put a lot of hope in us to ease their dis-EASE, naturally and effectively.  I am excited to continue to share this seemingly easy, natural treatment with clients, friends and family. 


About Danielle: 

I have been a fitness coach for 6 years which is what started this journey.  Some athletes would be so sore after each workout they could barely function, some would lose awesome amounts of weight and others none at all, even while eating the same diets.  All these experiences led me to the understanding that each individual person has a different chemical make-up and truly needed to be treated like the individual they are.
As I started down the rabbit-hole of health I quickly started to realize there is so much more than what the “general” information tells us.  From how different foods affect different people, to how what we were always told was “healthy” or “harmless” is actually killing us.  
It just took one or two clients looking to make changes in their lives, generally wanting to learn how to be healthier.  I am very excited to be able to help make those around me happier and healthier people.
You can reach Danielle at: [email protected]
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